Sunday, 9 April 2017


Hello friends ,
Well this weekend as been hot , not like spring more like mid summer , I love it and we have been out most of the weekend or in the garden .
Not allot of stitching today that's the only downside of a hot day , you just don't want to miss the sun , we don't get it very often. 

First thank you again for the lovely comments I do love to read everyone of them .

Ok first up is a lovely little book mark I made I used a free chart .
Stitched on perforated paper and backed with felt.

I cut the paper so I could slide the ribbon through.
                                           Last time.
And now .
The time for myself by Soda stitch. 

Just a short walk into the garden .
Then I must rush and get the tea on.
No time for busy old me.

And I did tell you I may have a rose out in April now this is a first for me .
I have so many buds waiting to open but this looks like the first one.
Looks like it will be pink or will the red ones rush to be first .
Watch this space .
Have a lovely week all see you soon.


  1. ton jardin est magnifique
    très jolie ta petite brodeuse
    très bonne soirée

  2. Lovely little bookmark.
    I love your flower photos.
    Have a wonderful new week.

  3. Beautiful both your stitching and your garden. Enjoy the sun it just makes everything so much nicer.

  4. Your garden is gorgeous. I love all the flowers. I am still waiting for the snow to melt. Love the violet stitching or is it a pansy. big hugs sis.

  5. Bookmark is cute!
    Určitre your garden requires a lot of work, but the result is wonderful, really I like!

  6. I like your idea of the perforated paper for the bookmark :-) lovely photos as always xxx

  7. I am stitching a pansy like that right now too. What great weather you have. Your garden is just bursting!

  8. Oh your garden looks so beautiful!AriadnefromGreece!

  9. Love your bookmark, a lovely idea. The garden is looking wonderful.A lot of love goes into the care of it:)

  10. Hello dear Butteflye and plese excuse me not visiting here for a long time.Ihave beeb in pain because I have severe arhritis on my right foot. I will have operation soon.... Love all your stitches -the pansy looks lovely on yellow fel.

  11. We do have to make the most of this nice weather don't we :-)
    Lovely stitching.
    Have a great week!

  12. Piękne hafty. Hafciarka zapowiada się ślicznie.

  13. Cute bookmark, and a great idea with the ribbon.
    The Soda Stitch piece is turning out too cute.
    Love your gardens.

  14. Hmmm garden is divine and the stitching is so pretty . We too have been enjoying the weather and pottering in the garden.We spring cleaned the summer house last week and it was lovely to sit out there yesterday with a book,no doubt you will be enjoying yours soon too. We have roses in bud but not as close as yours to flowering. Birds are enjoying the spring too lots of singing,although we have had a casualty as I found a blackbirds egg yesterday ,I think the dratted magpies have found a nest. Oh well my friend have a good week and take care. Hugs to both.

  15. We get sun pretty much year round where I live, I can't imagine going more than a few days without it. Your garden is looking lovely, and how exciting the first rose to bloom for the season. I really love the Soda Stitch chart, her sweet face and such pretty colors.

  16. Sweet little crosses & very pretty blooms!
    Enjoy the sunshine :)

  17. Закладка очень симпатичная, а сад выглядит божественно!

  18. Aww I love the pretty bookmark and your stitching projects so sweet.
    Enjoy the sunshine
    It's raining here.
    Love you x

  19. Ton jardin est superbe et éclatant de couleurs !
    Déjà une rose ?
    Profite bien du soleil et de tes plantes ma chère June.
    Mille bisous et belle semaine

  20. Happy Easter !
    Cute bookmark and lovely WIP. The sun is doing wonders for your beautiful garden.

  21. So glad you are enjoying some warm, sunny weather, June! We did have a lovely weekend here, too--although a bit cooler than yours. Such a joy to see all of your flowers and lovely stitching. The bookmark is so sweet!

    Enjoy your week my friends--and I wish you a very Happy Easter!

  22. Your garden is so pretty! I love the Soda Stitch design, it just suits you to a T!

  23. Beautiful bookmark and WIP looks great too. And as always I enjoyed "walk" among yours wonderful flowers.

  24. What a pretty little bookmark, and a great walk through your garden.
    Happy Easter, Martina

  25. You have flowers in the garden for each moment of the year...very nice! I have just stitched a little pillow with "forget-me-not", for myself.

  26. The Soda Stitch is perfect for you. What a great idea for the bookmark, will have to 'bookmark' that idea just in case I need a quick gift idea.

  27. Your garden is stunning!!! Great idea for the bookmark, Happy Easter! Mary

  28. ohh it's a SODA pattern!! Looks adorable already :)
    Lovely bookmark, so simple and so elegant.
    Your flowers look gorgeous as always :) Here we had amazing hot sunny weather too :D but it's going away...
    Happy Easter my sweet friend =)

  29. June: It is always a pleasure to visit your blog, I love seeing your garden, it is in the 50s here good for this time of year.
    Love your bookmark, what a lovely idea.
    Your Soda design is coming along nicely I am sure you are excited to be so close to the end of stitching.


  30. Hi June,
    Your garden is gorgeous and I love the bookmark, very pretty.

  31. Great idea for the bookmark. Your other stitching is so pretty too. The garden is looking so beautiful.
    Wishing you a Happy Easter.

  32. So wonderful, all he pictures that you took in your garden. So many flowers, so many colours. I can understand that you spent all these warm and even hot days outside the house.
    Your new bookmark is so lovely. And now the puzzle of your new WIP is solved. I had already thought of one of these new designers who have these sweet designs. I love it, June.
    Happy Easter!

  33. Hello your garden is a paradise full of flowers!!Hope you spent a lovely Easter time!!

  34. Pretty bookmark June and I like the WIP too. Gorgeous garden flowers to brighten every day.

  35. Your garden is looking wonderful. The new WIP is growing quickly too, it's fun to stitch someone stitching!