Sunday, 28 May 2017


Hi there friends , 
It's been warm and sunny this week a little windy too.
Everyone of my roses are now blooming , I am rushing to do the gardening,  flowers are popping up before my eyes .
Do you believe in talking to your flowers I do .
This story is so true I had brought a Kiwi fruit tree 7 years ago and it never fruited , so I told my DH we need to buy a female one but how do you know if they don't say on the package .
Anyway I brought one a week ago and popped it next to my other one and I told my DH if it has no fruit in the next two years you can cut them  both down. 
The very next day ! I have fruit I called out to my hubby and he just could not believe it , I will show you photos next week when I take my camera back outside.
So there you go ,  plants have ears so try talking to them .
                            ------------  ⚘ ------------

Here are my two Wips can't show anything else at the moment.

                   I will let you know next week what my design is called  

                          Just a little more stitched on this one

           First cucumber , I have cut another three they are growing like crazy.

Lots of blooms out every where the garden is bursting out .


Thank you again for the lovely comments and I am hoping to catch up with you all very soon.
I have almost planted all the plants out that I had grown this year I can sit back and enjoy now , just going to stitch for an hour .
I am getting withdrawal moods I need to do more stitching  ha.
Have a lovely week .


  1. Your plants always look so lovely, well done with the kiwi tree. x

  2. Ha ha--maybe I'll have to start talking to my plants and they will be as pretty as yours, June! I do talk to my finished stitches--strange, I know! (Usually something along the lines of "You are so cute!").

    Lovely stitching and how nice to already have fresh vegetables appearing in your garden. Enjoy!

  3. Oh June how your garden is blooming, we too have all our roses out and all is growing frantically.Thanks for the comment you left me ,I have lots more Outer Hebrides to share, when we had our Ollie dog we tended not to leave him for long when we went out. We miss him dreadfully and are still undecided as to if we get another. At the moment we are out as much as possible.Have a good week.

  4. The plants are beautiful! I love your stitching pieces. That girl one is so cute. Great job on both pieces.

  5. Your cucumber looks great - fresh from the garden:-)
    Seeing your flowers makes me so envious - you are way ahead of us for blooms once again. We've had a gorgeous few days but it's set to change.

  6. Such beautiful flowers! Thanks for sharing!

    Sandra in Texas

  7. I shared the kiwi story with Brian. We both had a good laugh. ;)
    Oh June. I am always so glad for your garden pictures since my horrid headaches. My garden suffers and I cannot tend to it. Oh! I took your advice and gave up the chocolate and cheese for a week. I tried the chocolate again and it made no difference at all. No headache appeared from it.

  8. awwww lovely flowers and well done on the cucumbers too ... love fresh produce from the garden .. I always talk or sing to my plants :)hope you get more stitching time now :) love mouse xxxxx

  9. Cucumber sandwiches for tea then lol.
    Your blooms are always stunning. Nice stitches you have managed to put in too.
    Have a lovely week June xx

  10. I love your two WIPs. The one of the cake made me hungry for something sweet. I really enjoyed all of the pictures of your beautiful flowers. I would love to have those all growing in my yard.

  11. Yes I do believe in talking to plants, flowers, trees. I'm sure they respond to love. Your flowers are so beautiful and lovely stitching.

  12. Nice start of your Wip, and so many lovely flowers. All those different Colors.
    Greetings Martina

  13. Merci pour toutes ces belles couleurs ma chère June.
    Gros bisous et belle semaine

  14. Beautiful stitching June. Your flowers are blooming beautifully. I hope they are getting the much needed rain.

  15. Your flowers always looks so pretty
    I love your stitching so much
    Big hugs x

  16. I always thoroughly enjoy your posts and pictures, June - the projects you choose to work on really speak to my heart, too. And your flowers - wish I had a green thumb. I can only grow silk flowers - HA!

  17. Wonderful stitching, your WIPs are coming along beautifully. Gorgeous flowers.

  18. Nice progress on your stitching projects.
    Your garden is really bursting with flowers and colours. What a treat to walk around there. And why not talk to plants - they definitely seem to have ears :))

  19. I always love your bright flowers. It is finally warm enough here to put some of my own out!

  20. You are always surrounded by colors. This is great!

  21. You always stitch the prettiest things! A post full of loveliness.

  22. Beautiful photos, beautiful flowers! Beautiful your embroidery!

  23. Gorgeous stitching and flowers. Is it possible your trees needed to cross-pollinate each other? I know for vegetables they say you have to have some of each.

  24. Pretty little crosses!
    Your flowers look so pretty, they sure must have enjoyed the recent heatwave and lovely weather.

  25. Your flowers are breathtaking! What a show they must be in the garden!

  26. Too ho just catching up on posts as had a few days away. I an honestly say I never thought you could grow kiwi fruit at home!! Gorgeous photos as always have a good weekend xxx

  27. So threatening the plants works well? LOL
    The cucumbers look great, homegrown cucumber is so tasty compared to shop bought.
    Nice work on both your projects too.

  28. An enjoyable post, as always! Quite a good story about the kiwi plants...Cannot believe you already have cucumbers! You have so many beautiful flowers too! Thanks for sharing! Your two WIPs are adorable and I cannot wait to see them completely. Hugs!

  29. Thanks for sharing this with all of us.