Friday, 12 May 2017


Hello everyone ,  I do hope you are enjoying the beautiful month of May .
I love this month the best of all.
 You see lots of May blossom on the trees everywhere you go and the garden is bursting out everywhere.
I have never known a year when we still have spring flowers out the same time as summer flowers , it's wonderful.

Well where have I been , well we are so busy right now and I am doing some catching up on family and my lovely friends so it's been a nice week , we even had lunch out twice  this week .
So not allot of stitching but I am still working on my WIP and just stitched another Christmas Ornament , I have a big basket of ones to finish sometime.
I have lots almost stitched but will show you soon.
So better get this blog on and I may stitch for an hour , I have been catching up with  some cleaning today . I keep telling myself hurry then you can stitch , but it's funny you start one job and then another and so on , so now I set a time , I think it works better.
So here I have a wee little Christmas stitch.

             Gingerbread Cookies by JBW Designs 

 I stitched over one on 28ct you can see the sparkle on the material
                           With DMC  threads .
                                 And here a photo of my WIP 
                                              Last time .

                                        And now .

I told you not allot of difference.
Come on we must go outside , so much to see.

Lots of green fly and black spot this year. 

Also I have had lots of flowers this week from friends
Photo taken of  just one vase.

And I just wanted to show you these flowers DH cut them for me from the garden, look at the size of the tulip !

Thank you my friends once again for the lovely comments , always means so much to me .
Enjoy your week , I will be coming to visit your blogs soon .


  1. Oh, am I really the first to comment? Usually, I am the last :)

    I love May, too, June! But, our weather has been rainy and gray this month. Not very spring-like. Thankfully, I can visit your blog and see all the gorgeous flowers and stitching--they make me smile every time :) What are the first two flowers you show? The red and the purple--absolutely stunning!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Your stitching is sweet June. Your garden is just bursting! Min is just waking up. :D

  3. Beautiful flowers already. Your garden must be so bright and colourful. Great work on your stitching :)

  4. Such sweet stitching! Your garden must be delightful....we still have very little colour here as it's been so cold, hopefully the next few weeks will bring us some blooms.

  5. Beautiful photos!! I like your timer idea for getting things done!! We are in the middle of getting the kitchen replaced omg there is soooo much dust and stuff everywhere. I dont normally get bothered about cleaning etc but its reaching the point where I may go mad lol but it will be over soon :-) Have a lovely weekend xx hugs xx

  6. Your pieces are so cute. What beautiful flowers! You must have a good size and beautiful garden.

  7. Lovely finish and wonderful progress on your WIP.
    Have a nice weekend.

  8. I love the cute little JBW design and your Soda Stitch is looking good too.
    Is your garden very sheltered? I still have my Spring flowers but my early bedding plants got frost bitten this week.

  9. Some beautiful flowers in your garden, it's so good to know that summer isn't far away. I love your stitching xx

  10. Sweet little christmas Pattern, i love it. Thank you for the walk through your garden, you have beautiful Akeleien. Have a nice weekend, Martina

  11. Quel plaisir d'admirer toutes ces belles fleurs !
    Ton jardin est superbe !
    Beau mois de mai ma chère June et belle fin de semaine.

  12. A sweet Christmas finish and nice update on your wip.
    Beautiful blooms as always!

  13. Gorgeous photos of your garden, June. I have just been re-potting my hydrangea cuttings from last year. I'm sick of finding slugs in my greenhouse. 😬 They have devoured most of my marigolds. Stitching is slow and steady for me, too. But at least I'm getting a few crosses in every now and again!

  14. Hola! Acabo de conocer tu blog y me ha gustado mucho todo lo que he visto, tus trabajos están llenos de delicadeza! Realizaste unos bordados preciosos, me encanta cómo te está quedando!
    El mes de mayo también es mi preferido, lindísimas flores!
    Me quedo de seguidora para no perderme nada, un beso!

  15. A sweet Christmas finish and pretty update on your wip..
    Love your bloom..
    Smiles and love x

  16. Your garden is looking stunning! Beautiful little stitches too. I do love the girl with her embroidery.

  17. Such a collection of beautiful roses.
    Sweet stitching.

  18. Your flowers are superb, don't you hate the blackspot. It is an awful problem here where I live.Your stitching project is making lovely progress.

  19. The little bake shop is so lovely, but the flowers...doesn't exist the right word for them!!!

  20. Oh my, June, your garden is delightful! Love seeing all your flowers, but especially the roses. Mine are just beginning to bloom - finally!

  21. Such a great post! Thanks.

  22. hai sempre dei fiori meravigliosi e che belli i ricami!

  23. Beautiful photos of your flowers and such lovely stitching, too. xxx

  24. Such a lot of sweet stitching projects, June. And you always find the loveliest monthly designs, like the one in your header.
    Not a bad idea to set the alarm when doing housework as we all know that it's a never-ending task. And before you know it you have used up your stitching time for housework.
    Such wonderful pictures from your garden.

  25. You're right, your garden is bursting with colour. Wonderful stitching projects too.

  26. I found it interesting how your notes only focus on website..