Friday, 19 May 2017


Hi everyone how are you all .
Enjoying May I hope soon moving on to Summer !
Well I have been doing a little Spring cleaning but not really in the mood for it.
I thought I would put on a new post , I am just waiting for the lock smith , to see whats wrong with my front door it is not locking .
So he should be here soon. 
We have showers again today and sunshine for moments.
The garden is growing away and I just can't keep up with it this year  it's all growing so fast or is it me getting slower ha.
OMG yes it could be that I am getting slower I have a BIG birthday just around the corner , I am just hoping I have it wrong but no I just counted the years and yes it's right .
Oh dear I  have so much to stitch and I need a life extension. 
Can anyone help.
The only good thing people don't believe me ha.
Ok I just thought I would start another WIP so here we are just a little peep .Oh dear now it's making me want some cake .

I have been stitching but can't show you yet but will soon, so here is my other WIP  Growing slowly.

 I just found this needle book from years ago 2006 ! thought you might like to see it , always a nice gift to make for a stitching friend, this I think was a free chart but I added my own bits on the 

Just stepping into the garden before another shower of hail.

 Toms are green and growing soon be picking.

I thing the cucumbers are ready I think I will pick one for tea .
Well that's it for this week , but hope to show you more soon .
Thank you once again for the lovely comments it means so much to me , enjoy a lovely week.


  1. Hi Sis, boy, your cucumbers and tomatos look great. We just have had two days of warm weather but mostly rain and cold. I do so love your garden of flowers. My roses are coming back. Love your stitching and the girl is looking great. I have gotten the chart and plan to stitch in the winter after my shoulder is fixed and healed. I finally got an appointment to see the doctor for my breathing problems, only took 3 years. Have a great weekend, we get three days this weekend. Victoria Day. big hugs Lynda Ruth say hello to Ron for me. Bye xxx

  2. Wonderful start on your new project.
    Nince little needlebook.
    Beautiful photos from your garden as always. I like your roses.
    Have a nice weeken.

  3. Oh wow June your garden is way ahead of ours, i can't believe you have so many roses already!
    Everything looks beautiful and I love your stitching and the little framed stitched piece in your header, so lovely :-)
    Have a good weekend

  4. Love the start of the cake, looks delicious but I do hope you have the real thing for the actual birthday! Lovely progress on the Sodastitch design and the garden is as beautiful as ever.

  5. Holy smokes your garden is growing!! Love it so much! I am so glad for your pictures June. I miss going out in my garden so much from these darn headaches!

  6. Your garden is galloping along, far ahead of ours, not a cucumber in sight yet. Beautiful stitching as always xx

  7. Ton jardin est un petit paradis !
    Je ne comprends pas : tu mets le concombre dans le thé ?
    Je t'embrasse ma chère June et te souhaite un beau weekend.

  8. A great start of your new embroidery work, it really makes you want cake. I like your needlebook too, it makes me smile. Thank you for the beautiful flower pictures.
    Have a nice Weekend, Martina

  9. Great stitching and blooms. Enjoy the tasty crop!

  10. Aww love your stitching so much ..pretty blooms
    Big Beary hugs x

  11. Your flowers are beautiful and I can't believe those cucumbers. Your stitching is adorable.

  12. Love your stitching. The stitching girl is coming along beautifully. Gosh your garden is superb. Could almost smell those lovely cucumbers.

  13. What a beautifull post againg,The stitching and all the roses and other flowers are so pretty..I am recovering after the surgery so I am back in blogging..

  14. Oh I can smell the bouquet of flowers in your garden. You may keep your tomatoes and cucumbers, don't like them, so you're safe with those.
    Wonderful stitching. Have a good week.

  15. What gorgeous photos June. That cake looks so tasty, and I love how your girl and her embroidery are coming along.

  16. Hello, hello - sorry I'm late commenting life has been getting in the way - Im fed up of making decisions as I've read on facebook or a blog post once - my brain has too many tabs open lol. Beautiful stitching and gorgeous flowers your fingers must be very green :-) Ah dont worry about your age - its just a number!! xx Enjoy the rest of the week xxx hugs xxx

  17. I wish we could grow cucumbers here, it's too warm for them to survive. Your garden is lovely, I can just imagine the scent of all those blooms in the air.

  18. Oh, June! What beautiful stitching and such a lovely post. Your garden is are your creations with needle and thread.

  19. Your garden is very nice, full of colors and the little cake...delicious!

  20. adoro il tuo ricamo. I "cucumbers" in italiano si chiamano "cetrioli" :)

  21. Your toms and cucumbers are way ahead of ours. Such a fully blooming climbing rose.
    Cake... you can never have too much cake lol.

  22. How lovely your flowers are! We haven't even bought any of our annuals as it has been so rainy here. Just a few perennials are coming up and they seem to get eaten by the deer... sigh!!

    You know, I never wish I were younger except when I think about all of the lovely things that I won't get to stitch due to my age. Sure wish there was a pill I could take to speed up my stitching--ha ha!!

    Hope you are enjoying a lovely last week in May--can hardly believe June is almost here! Your special month :)

  23. Your vegetables are growing like mad, June, I wish our garden would be just as far with all the flowers. But my rose buds are all still closed ...
    I love doing some spring cleaning, it's always a pleasure to empty the shelves and then to think about what to declutter and what to keep.

    Nice stitching as always.

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