Saturday, 10 June 2017


  Well hello my dear friends, 
Since my last post we had a few Gails that smashed my garden to bits , so if it stops raining tomorrow I need to get outside and tidy up.
We have had another busy week but things will be slowing down a bit now . 
I made another Christmas gift for a sewing friend I love stitching on paper , and want to stitch allot more on paper .
I already knew what I wanted to do , I wanted to stitch a card , gift and ornament all in one and I think it worked and it will cut down the cost of postage.
So this is what I made .

                          A card , gift  and a ornament 
Free chart found Here 

 Well I have picked up another WIP I have so many but wanted to stitch something to get my mojo going again and here is one.

I have had this one for ages and I do love it I lost it and just found it again so yes I could not wait to start it again.
Last time  

And today .

Also a few stitches on my sweet cross stitch girl .

She's coming along and she is so happy to be stitching her rose.
Oh dear we were in the path of a few bad Gales last week and it ripped through our garden , our roses were looking so beautiful . 
But we only have a few left on my pink one I need to cut it back , to encourage more new growth for next month.
 My garden is pink everywhere , you would love it Vickie  pink paths .

 Lots of plants ripped apart and knocked to the floor.

                    Rose heads just ripped off the bushes.
                            But there you go that's nature .
Things will be better once we get outside and repair the damage .
 It's a good job we have many roses and this one is just coming out.

                          Some flowers stayed strong 

So after a good tidy up in the next few days we will be back to normal.
Thank you again for your lovely comments .
Wishing you all a wonderful week .
I will catch up with you all very soon.


  1. Oh, what a magical angel. And the new pattern is so cute, the little mouse at the picnic. Pity for your garden, but you're right, so is nature.
    Greetings, Martina

  2. Oh, the damage in the garden!! But you are right, there is a wonderful pink beauty to it also. Take it easy and don't overdo while cleaning up all that mess!

    Your angel is darling. So is the new pattern. How very sweet!

  3. Fab stitching - you find the sweetest designs :-) oh your poor garden - my poppies have been blown to the ground and stems snapped with the wind :-( have a lovely weekend xxx

  4. Hope sun return soon in your your cross stitch works there is always sun I love them very much!!Happy

  5. Love your stitched pieces, they are beautiful.Upsetting seeing what happens in your summer garden when a freak weather system comes through, like you say that is Mother nature and she is in charge. I hope it won't be too long before you have it back to all it's glory. Have a good week June.

  6. I love the cross stitch girl piece! What is the name of that pattern? So sorry about your garden.

  7. Your poor garden, you never can tell what the weather is going to bring in England. I haven't tried stitching on paper yet, I worry about it bending or creasing when I am using it. x

  8. Hello June,
    the little card is very cute and I like the progress on your WIP.
    Your new project is wonderful. Many Years ago I have stitched it too, but not finished, because I have stitched a big mistake.
    Happy Sunday.

  9. Oh dear, we also had a lot of wind too and combined with rain it did finish off my peonies. Beautiful little crosses as always. Your new start is perfect for the season, have fun.

  10. Love the little stitched card, what a great idea. Your other stitching progress is coming along too.
    It's been very windy here too this past week and my garden too has taken a battering, such a shame as everything was coming on lovely, sigh. Never mind, hopefully the weather will pick up this week :-)

  11. Thank you for visiting my blog, yours is very nice and interesting, too!
    Hugs from Berlin, Jutta

  12. Oh June, I am loving the mouse picnic, I have not done a large design for ages and even small ones are taking me ages.We too had the gales and storms with them .Today it is still windy ,but at least there is sunshine. I wandered down to the garden centre today and bought some lavender plants , hope I am not being too optimistic.You too have a wonderful week .

  13. That's a great way to stitch the L&L Angel. It makes the perfect ornie for a stitching friend too.
    Your garden steps look like there has been a wedding with all the petals on the ground!

  14. Love the pieces your are doing. The girl you are stitching, what pattern is that. The flowers are so pretty.

  15. Our garden resembles yours, June. 😕 My lovely delphiniums snapped in two and a lupin that I have just bought is now leaning -very much - to the side! But atleast the gardens got lots of water!

  16. it was a tad breezy wasn't it ... love the roses that stayed intact ... do you know their name?? well done on the stitching front .. love the wee card/needlebook ... what a lovely idea :) not stitched on paper as yet ... love mouse xxxxx

  17. I love everything about your post
    Love your stitching
    Big hugs x

  18. Super little gift.
    Loving the new header picture.
    Poor roses, we had high winds too, a blackbirds nest blown out of the tree :-(

  19. Pretty designs you are working on, I like the little cross stitch girl - beautiful work. Looks like you have a lot to do in the garden, pity about the gale.

  20. Oh my, June, these gales must have been very strong to rip your garden apart so much. But as you say - that's nature. And I'm sure that a lot of your wonderful flowers have survived.
    Nice Christmas gift that you stitched for your friend.
    I'm totally in love with the WIP that you pulled out, the Vera Mouse patterns are so cute. It will certainly bring your stitching mojo back. And nice progress on the sweet cross stitch girl.

  21. Ohhhh...poor garden and poor you after the gales, but I ma sure you will be a le to stare beautiful pictures with us.
    I like very much the little Christmas gift.

  22. Love the gift. Your WIPs are coming along a treat. Not much you can do about the wind in the garden.

  23. You stitch some really cute designs... the angel will be appreciated, the Mouse Picnic would be my oldest daughter's pick, and the stitching girl is progressing nicely. So sorry to see that the storms damaged some of your garden. We look forward to pictures of it during the summer... But like you said, it will grow again next month! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

  24. Beautiful flowers and cute cross stitching design. I don't have a garden, but now in my town a jasmine blossom....mmmm...

  25. Congratulations to you and your husband for your show success! Well-deserved. Glad to hear the show was well attended too.