Sunday, 18 June 2017


 Hello friends , are you enjoying the sunshine? it's been so hot here well up to 90 in our garden and over 120 in my summer house with the door wide open , so  it was too hot for me to sit in there .
So apart from doing a little bit of gardening in the morning I have stayed inside or under cover.
Well my birthday week was a lovely one with seeing lots of friends and family I am so blessed . 
We did get out for lunch twice this week how lovely it was to do no cooking . I could do this every day ha.
I have had some lovely gifts and cards from much loved friends .
Some I will show this week and some next week.  
I have also  felt allot of sadness these last few weeks we lost a couple of our friends.
Some of my friends are having such a bad time with health issues too and one of our bloging friends is also having a very sad time .
Our country is also having more sadness with loss of lives after a terrible fire. So yes it is hard not to feel  the sadness.
Thank you everyone for such lovely and kind comments about my blog and I know you enjoy seeing my sewing and my garden so I hope to bring you some sunshine into your lives.

So I start with a little card I made for gracie I stitched a little girl this time on plastic and I really loved how it stitched up, I don't have the name of this design but I think it was from an old US mag. 

Please send a prayer for our friend gracie .

My WIP 3 Vera Mouse.
You can see her little shoe almost .

                                                       WIP 1 

You must think I am made but I want to start another WIP 
And bring back a couple more WIPs so you don't get fed up looking at the same ones .
 Just want to thank my lovely friends for spoiling me with so many goodies I will show you over the next few weeks .
So don't worry if you don't see them all today .
Also the handmade and stitched cards I will show to in a few weeks time.
 Ok in no order, here are some lovely goodies .

 From my sweet friend Margaret no blog 
Thank you so much .

From another sweet friend Reba no blog from USA
Thank you .
The dmc threads will be used this week ha. 

From our lovely Barb she knows me so well a nice gift voucher for my garden , and just look what she made for me BLESS .

                                                   Oh Barb I just love it 

And inside so much work went into this .
Thank you Barb.
So ok you all know my age now I really don't know how I got here the other year a was only 50 then I blinked and was 60 closed my eyes and  now 70 ! I think I will keep them open from now on .

From my sweet friend Shirley  no blog wait until I show you the card she made me next time  .
Thank you .

                                 From my sweet friend Nathalea no blog from France
                                                                      Thank you .

Well it is getting much hotter and I must leave you 
I need to help DH jet wash my cane furniture down 
And do my round of dead heading the flowers before lunch .
My roses are starting to bud up again and my sweet peas are just coming into flower.
So I will leave you with one rose saved this last week.
Have a wonderful week be good and happy stitching .
I will be back showing you more goodies I received .
Bless you all.

Rose time .


  1. Oh, you are having the hot, hot weather also. Yuck. Stay cool June.
    Your card to Gracie is just perfect. I am with you in praying for her and Dennis.
    Your gifts are super!! So are you. ;)

  2. The special gift from Barb is beautiful, there was certainly a lot of time and love went into this gift. x

  3. What a lovely piece to stitch for Grace. I'm sorry you've lost friends recently June - it's been a sad time all round with one thing and another.
    Belated birthday wishes for your very special day - keeping as busy as you do, keeps you young:-)

  4. Such a thoughtful gift that you stitched for Gracie. I hope it will lift her spirits a little bit in these difficult times.
    So sorry to read that you have lost some good friends lately.

    Happy birthday wishes, June, I hope I am not too late with them. You have received some wonderful gifts from your friends.
    Great to see the progress on two of your WIPs. And I can't wait to see your new start :)))

  5. Dear june, happy birthday!!!!! I am glad to know that you had a wonderful birthday week!!, I can't believe it. you can say to everyone that you are 55!!!lots of love! titty p.

  6. My dear June, happy belated birthday! Don't worry about age: that's just numbers!
    A big hug,

  7. Happiest of birthdays this past week. I looks like you've got quite the lovely things from your friends. The card for Grace is so beautiful! Sending prayers her way. --Andrea

  8. Dear June, Happy Birthday, so lovely Gifts. The card für Grace ist very beautiful.I am very sorry that your country is being haunted by so many misfortunes at the moment. People do not really come to rest. It is so close to my home and I pray for them. I hope you can still enjoy every day.
    big hugs, Martina

  9. Happy Birthday June. So wonderful gifts from your friends.
    Lovely little card for Gracie.
    I wish you a wonderful new week.
    Best wishes Manuela

  10. Ah pink roses, my absolute favourite. Happy birthday June and know what you mean re one minute you are 50 then hello--- you are 70, where on earth did the in between go. Happy stitching and yes I'm sorry what UK is getting in the last months.

  11. Oh, it sounds like you've had a busy week, June filled with all sorts of emotions. It is so hard, as we get older, to watch more and more friends fall ill, isn't it? And to read the reports of that horrid fire in London was heartbreaking--those poor people... Can't imagine how hard it must be for their families.

    Lovely, lovely birthday gifts for a lovely, lovely lady! And remember--70 is only a number! You seem like a very young 70-year-old to me :)

  12. Je te souhaite un bel anniversaire ma belle et gentille amie !
    Je partage ta douleur pour les tristes événements et pense très fort à toi.
    Je t'aime et t'envoie toute ma tendresse.

  13. I remember that little Angel, must stitch her up!
    Great progress on your WIPs.
    What great goodies you received, the orchid is beautiful.
    Pretty Rose!
    Have a great week, and a belated B-day wish for you.

  14. Belated birthday wishes June!!!
    You have been spoilt rotten by your friends, as always :)
    Great stitching update too.

  15. Thoughts are with those who are having a tough time June, Love the pink rose, your stitching is always perfect and a special lady needs to be sent special things and looks like your friends obliged. Have a good week my friend.Hugs.

  16. Happy birthday June! You have been spoiled as always by your talented and generous friends.
    Your little angel for Grace is so sweet, I'm sure it will bring her some comfort.
    Tough times at the moment but simple kindness towards each other will get us through, I'm sure of it.

  17. Hello and happy birthaday June!
    A special preyer for all the bad things of the last week.
    Miriam from Italy

  18. June: Happy Birthday, we are all really 39 remember Jack Benny said so, what a fun and lovely post, all your goodies are wonderful, you are truly blessed.
    Remember we are only as old as we feel.
    The beautiful card you made Gracie is so sweet, I am sure she will love it, she is a special lady.

  19. You received some lovely cards and gifts for your Birthday even if a certain someone gave away your age!

  20. Love the gift. Your WIPs are coming along a treat. Not much you can do about the wind in the garden.