Sunday, 4 June 2017


Hello Friends ,
Well I wake up to another very sad day for our country .

But the good of others is over whelming . 
My heart goes out to the injured and families yet again. 
 We need to carry on and not have our lives stopped for the few.
They will never stop us , we are strong and will always be.


So forward and onward , hope you all had a good week .
I have been working on my two WIPS  and other sewing .
 so first up here is a peep of ?

   Sugar Stitches , Cherry Sampler , stitched on 28 ct natural .
                            dmc threads .

And a little more on my other WIP.

I am still stitching on some smalls  which I will be showing soon.

Now I told you the other week I had fruit on my Kiwi,
well these little balls opened up into flowers  ! and the bees have been all over them . This is the first time my plant has flowered in 7 years. so I am still talking to my plant hoping to see fruit in the Autumn.
Here are the flowers.

Look they started to open .

And the next day they were out.

Also our first tomato from the small var .

Our 5th &6th cucumbers  

 And as always my garden flowers.

Not a good day today it's raining hard at the moment.
Hope we see a little sunshine later.
Thank you friends for the lovely comments .
Always lovely to have you visit .


  1. Good Morning Dear June. The extremism and terrorism is horrid. Thank you for sharing your sweet stitching and beautiful garden.

  2. A beautiful little sampler you're working on. And you have great flowers in your garden. With us it finally rained, so that also my flowers can soon show themselves in all their splendor.
    Again, this beautiful country has been hit, but the wicked can not win.
    I wish you a beautiful Pentecost.
    Greetings, Martina

  3. I love your beautiful stitching so much and cute flowers
    Love you x

  4. sad day..Yesterday night I went to bed at two o' clock in the morning because I was watching the news on the television. sad day.
    anyway, your garden is marvellous and your stitching too! kisses. titty p.

  5. Yes June, we are all sad today. We can only pray!

  6. It's not often that I can say that the sun is shining here when you have rain June. It almost never happens:-)
    Yes it's a sad day once more - there's nothing really that can be said that hasn't been already.

  7. Yet another cowardly act, terrible, we can't let them win and we won't.

    Such sweet stitching and beautiful flowers, as always, in your garden.
    Have a great week x

  8. Beautiful WIP. Kiwi flowers are so pretty. Enjoy your garden harvest.

    The bridge attack was terrible, horrid and frightening. Shocking too

  9. Lovely stitching and flowers June.I am so sorry for what is happening in your country. So evil, cowardly and really horrid.

  10. Your garden is blooming marvelous!! I really hope your kiwi fruits that will be amazing - have a lovely week xx

  11. Une pensée pour toutes les familles meurtries.
    Merci pour toutes les belles fleurs ma chère June et pour tes beaux légumes.
    Je t'embrasse et te souhaite un beau lundi.

  12. Love the little Birdy on your header.
    Cherry sampler will be so cute, and the little girl stitcher is coming along nicely.
    Beautiful flowers, love that purple and white petunia.
    Have a great week!

  13. Hello June,
    I am so sorry for what is happening in your country.
    Wonderful progress on your stitching.
    Best wishes Manuela

  14. Great progress on both WIPs and lovely blooms.
    Hope you'll get fruits on your kiwi.

  15. Great stitching progress. Wishing all the best for your country. Great to see the kiwi bloom! How exciting.

  16. Two lovely stitching projects. Your garden flowers look stunning June. We've had lots of rain, good for the lawn but the blooms look so untidy when it batters them.

  17. Great progress on your WIPs. Hope you manage to get some kiwis....that would be amazing!


  18. You have been busy with your two absolutely beautiful WIPs and made some nice progress on them.
    Your garden looks so great again, all these lovely flowers. And the vegetables are growing, too. It seems it has just been the perfect mixture of rain and sunshine for them. Maybe you will be able to get the first kiwi fruit this year?

  19. Oh, June, it is just so sad--every morning when I wake up I turn on the television only to hear about another senseless act of terrorism in England or Europe. It breaks my heart...

    Lovely progress on our stitching and I'm so impressed with your growing kiwis! I never knew they could be grown in England :)

    I hope your coming birthday will be filled with happy things, my friend! Thinking of you :)

  20. Not going to mention the awful events of the last few weeks, but comment instead on your lovely flowers and stitching a source of inspiration as usual. Is the white plant a hydrangea , if so has it got a name. Have a good week ,birthday time soon? Hugs.


  21. This is a really good idea that you have going on.