Sunday, 25 June 2017


Hello peeps, 
Did you all enjoy last weeks heat ! well it got to me in the end I just wanted cold weather what! me wanting cold that is not me I love hot weather , but no it was just a little wee to hot even for me.
my garden was getting burned up , I just wanted to do nothing just sit and drink not wine just juice.

I spent some lovely time with family and friends and feel so blessed, at this moment in time of my life I feel so happy and I must say I am enjoying life enjoying every day because I know how it can all change just like the click of your fingers .
I have been there when life is not so good.
So I am hoping to have more happy days that I can enjoy to my fullest .
I would like to say thank you to all the lovely comments you leave and your friendship it's been a wonderful journey on my blog meeting so many wonderful people from all over the world .
And I am staying in blog land I love it the best , so here I am with another weeks update.
Sewing first what would I do with out my sewing ? 
 First up a little pretty flower small .

            Chart by my lovely friend Dany , she always designs such beautiful charts, I backed it with the material you can see. 

                                     Dmc var threads and 28ct 

Here you can just see the sparkle on the material.
Now I am going to become a WIP nerd 
I am going to be starting so many old and new large deigns in the next few months I will blow your socks off ha.
WHY because I want to .
If you want to join in with a WIP or two a week join the fun.
So once I order the material for this one this will come into play , 
I didn't like the colour of the material so I am changing this one.

I already have this has a plate so thought it would be nice to stitch it.
You are going to be shocked at some of my Wips I will be showing in the next months some you will have seen before and some you won't have.




The names of these designs can be found on my last few posts.
This is where you would find me when I had time sitting under an umbrella  

 Just a few garden flowers before I show you a couple more gifts .
Flowers and weeds and insects that you may spot .

My lovely friend Ann came to see me last week and we had a lovely time catching up on all our news .
She came with a armful of gifts for the time we could not get together so Birthday, Easter, and Christmas gifts .
 From Ann 
Thank you Ann love the diamond butterfly.

How cute lovely stitched bunny and goodies.
And look at this Thimble themed gift . 

Christmas in June.
Close up

Thank you Ann looking forward to spending more time with you soon.
Look I used my vase.

Sorry about the long post I will be back with more sewing WIPs and still more gifts of my lovely friends , what a lucky lady I am.
Have a good week all.


  1. I love the small flowers on the charming little pillow.
    The new project is beautiful, and so many details, I am looking forward to pictures.
    You are right, you should enjoy every day, even if it is sometimes stressful, there are also nice days.
    I wish you a lot of good days.
    Big hugs, Martina

  2. The cross stitched flowers are just lovely, I always enjoy seeing designs made up with variegated thread. x

  3. What a pretty place you sit in the garden June. Long may your happy days continue - keep filling your days with good things. As always a lovely post today.

  4. Hello June,
    a lovely post.
    The little flowers cushion is very nice.
    I like your new project and I'm looking forward to see the first photos.
    Enjoy the new week and best wishes, Manuela.

  5. Hello June, Well you never disapoint a lovely post full of things to drool over Sorry about the mess.I love your little wren on the header and the pink gingham sets off your little flowers. Well I shall be looking forward to seeing those wips , my goodness you plan on being busy. Thanks for the update see you same time same place next week. Hope it is a good one. xx

  6. Beautiful stitching as always - your finishing is perfect, you always have gorgeous photos to share - have a great week xx hugs xx

  7. The pink bouquet by Dani is so wonderful June. It has cooled down here by us. It is so nice. I am glad you are having a good time my dear!

  8. I lost some your post I don t use computer from a is very hot and busy at work tired at to meet you again lovely works and flowers always...but sit under your umbrella it s fantastic!!have happy week

  9. A lovely post with lots of loveliness. Your garden looks wonderful after the storm you had. Cool temperatures down under June:)

  10. Dear June,
    you are so bussy stitching and sewing. Love the little pillow you finished!
    I am so curious to see all your new WIPs - I really hope that life comes into more calm water, that I have the time again to come back to your blog regularily.

    June - I also missed your birthday: Many many good wishes, luck and health for you, my dear friend!


  11. Ma chère June,
    Nous avons eu très chaud également et un peu de fraîcheur est bienvenue à présent. Bien que, comme toi, j'aime le soleil et la chaleur.
    Merci pour le partage ma douce amie.
    La finition de ton petit coussin est superbe.
    Je t'aime et t'envoie toute ma tendresse et mon amitié.
    Belle semaine dans ton magnifique jardin !

  12. June, Stitching under that umbrella would feel just heavenly to me. That is such a beautiful area. It looks like you have some very beautiful stitching pieces going on. I look forward to seeing more of your pictures. --Andrea

  13. I hope things have cooled off over there for you, June! We are actually quite chilly here today--they described it on the weather report this morning as "Cool weather coming down from the Canadian prairie." Hmmm... never heard that description before :)

    I just love your pink finish--the variegated DMC looks wonderful. Will have to give it a try. And your WIPs will keep you busy for a good long time--I especially like the cherries one. Enjoy all those lovely gifts from Ann. I'll think of you stitching outside in your garden :)

  14. Looks like the ideal place to sit and stitch. As I was on holiday last week I actually loved the warmer weather, actually for the first time I can remember. Your birthday gifts are wonderful. Happy Belated Birthday to you!!

  15. Beautiful gifts and great new stitching starts :)

  16. Great new little pillow with Dany's design on it. And here is your start of a new project. And it's so great. Nice progress on your cherry piece, too.
    I love the gift you received from your friend Ann.
    I wish you so many more of these happy days, June. I do it the same way as you - I try to enjoy every day as it comes, and even a not so good day has its good moments.

  17. Another beautiful post from you June. Your stitching, your garden and gifts are so pretty. I'm looking forward to following your progress on your new projects. Wishing you much happiness.

  18. Your garden looks so pretty, no wonder you want to stitch there! Here's to many a contented day sitting outside and stitching :)

  19. l'ornamento con i fiori è splendido e che bei progressi!

  20. They were nice the little flowers on the checked fabric too. And I like the mug!

  21. The entire post was lovely. I want to stitch the cherries pattern. I adore your flowers. So lovely to see everyday. Thank you for sharing all your progress

  22. What a lovely design. It must feel so wonderful to be sitting in your lovely garden sewing away, a little slice of heaven xx

  23. Your garden is so lovely and I like your stiching.
    I follow your blog.
    Nice greetings from Austria,

  24. June: What a sweet post, so many lovely things to se and enjoy.
    Love the pillow it is a beauty, the design is lovely.
    Wow your dear friend is so generous, so many sweet gifts, what fun to get them all at once.
    Your flowers and garden setting are beautiful.
    I am looking forward to seeing the hummingbird progress, it is a beauty of a design.


  25. Your Stitching is just beautiful. Your Pillow is so adorable...I dearly love your Pillow.

    Your Garden and your Flowers are very pretty....

    Happy Stitching
    Linda K

  26. Such a beautiful post June. It was definitely too hot for me and although I like the cooler weather I really want the sun back rather than the cloudy days we are getting. We have seen a little sun today but now it's dull and cloudy.

    Beautiful stitching.

    Have a wonderful week.

  27. Lovely little bird, June--and you're right, that fabric is perfect :) I'm sure you are enjoying all of the wonderful birthday gifts... and I hope your 70s bring you every happiness (along with lots of good health!).