Sunday, 2 July 2017


Hello friends ,
I am so running behind I am still in June and it's now July ! 
Where did this last week go ! I really don't know.
Well this is a lovely weekend it is lovely and warm not to hot just right .
I have a busy week coming up lots going on with family and friends. 
So I am going to be a busy bee. 
So lets get started with my sewing, then I have more gifts that my sweet friends have sent me , how lucky I am to have so many special friends from all over the world and also at home.
 So here is the first little stitch .

So cute love this one it was from a magazine and should have been a card but I thought it was a great one for my strawberry display .
The backing material was ideal makes me think of strawberries 
Designer was Lesley Teare.
 I could not start my Humming birds I sent for material and it was damaged so I have just reordered .
So I have pulled out this one to work on .

Fell in love with this one the sewing set is just beautiful .
               And here is my lovely sewing girl 

Gifts from Friends.
I also have just finished my Victorian Lady for our show 
I backed stitched her dress and beaded and stitched the lace gloves.
Can't show you yet but in a few weeks , I must say I am so pleased with her.
From my lovely friend Sally .

From our sweet friend Vickie from the USA  such a sweet stitched card.

From our sweet friend Carol from the USA

From my sweet friend Nancy USA

And the below all from my sweet friend Titty from Italy 
 Lovely scarf ready the the winter .

Oh my so many wonderful gifts from my darling friends
I love you all .
And there  are more next week I can't get them on to one post .
So just before I love and leave you a little gardening.

Already turning red.

Cucumbers and baby tomatoes.
Peppers by the dozens

We found this in a garden tools sale it was a dirty green colour So hubby sprayed painted it.
Makes a great plant hanger.

Well before I over grow my post today ha.
I will leave you hope you all have a wonderful week.
Thank you once again for all the lovely comments .
Just going up to the summer house to read the paper and enjoy an ice cream , well why not it's summer. 
leaving you with a new rose we took from a cutting.



  1. Enjoy your Sunday June, another lovely post today - so many pretty things.

  2. I love your new stitch June. It is so cute. Beautiful little bird finish too.

    Lots of lovely gifts from friends for a lovely lady. Happy Belated Birthday.

  3. Love all of your finishes - your WIP' do beautiful stitching and finishes...

    I love all of the gifts that you got from your Friends...they are so lovely.....

    Happy Belated Birthday....

    Happy Stitching
    Linda K

  4. Oh i love this little pillow, the sweet little bird. It looks great. Your new work looks interesting.
    So many vegetables in the garden - you do not have to go shopping anymore. I should try that. Last year I had many small tomatoes, this year I thought too late, and no more plantlets bought.
    Hugs, Martina

  5. First off, I love the strawberry pillow, the little robin is so sweet, you got allot of great gifts, your stitching is superb. And your garden never ceases to amaze me. I can never get cucumbers that long or even grow peppers which I eat all the time. And your flowers are so beautiful I want to come and pick a banquet for my table. Hugs

  6. Wonderful WIPs and finishes. Lovely cards and gifts from friends. Your garden is full of beauties. I know I'm enjoying strawberries from the garden too at the moment. They taste so much better than shop bought. :)

  7. Lovely little finish and a wonderful progress on the stitching lady.
    Beautiful gifts from your friends.
    I wish you a wonderful new week.
    Best wishes Manuela

  8. What a sweet, little bird you stitched up. And Alpha Betsy is so cute!! I am so very, very impressed with the rose you have from a cutting! I tried that once years ago with no success.

  9. June: What lovely gifts, you are loved.
    The bird stitch is so sweet.
    Love the Alpha Betsy and the Sewing Girl is almost finished she is lovely.
    As always your garden photos are beautiful.


  10. That little bird pillow is so sweet, and so are the strawberries in your header.
    Nice progress on Alpha Betsy and your little stitching girl. I always love to see your WIPs.
    You have wonderful friends all around the world. Enjoy the lovely gifts they have sent you.
    Great to see the vegetables and strawberries in your garden. Peppers and tomatoes from your own garden are the best.

  11. Dear June,
    what a cute little bird pillow. And how pretty Alpha Betty already looks. Unelievable how busy you have been stitching although there are so many other things for you to do!
    Sweeg gifts for you - but you really deserve them all!
    Hope your new week won't be to stressful!


  12. Merci ma chère June pour ce beau billet fleuri !
    J'aime beaucoup la plante dans la petite cage repeinte.
    Je t'embrasse et te souhaite un bel été.

  13. Oh June, what a delight to read your post, I love the strawberry header can you tell me the designer as I like summery strawberries too. Those dear little bunnies on the dish are just so cute. Your new Alphabetsys house has me thinking I have that somewhere. Also meant to ask you the designer of the little wren last weeks header. You have become an enabler , I just love that spring basket off now to try and find it. Hugs and all good wishes for a fabulous week my friend.

  14. The little bird pincushion is adorable.
    Great new stitching finish on your Summer header too :)
    Lovely progress and new starts. Plenty to keep you even more busy!

  15. Another post full of prettiness! You obviously share a love of crafts and a good eye with your husband. The plant holder is so sweet!

  16. Oh, I always love your posts June! They are like a sunny day! 💜
    Beautiful gifts, wonderful stitching and fantastic garden pics, thanks for sharing

  17. So many pretty pieces. Love the garden pictures.

  18. Lovely little bird, June--and you're right, that fabric is perfect :) I'm sure you are enjoying all of the wonderful birthday gifts... and I hope your 70s bring you every happiness (along with lots of good health!).

    Your garden is WAY ahead of ours--we are just starting to get tomatoes. Hopefully, we'll have better luck this year than we have over the past few years. They got a fungus and just didn't produce at all. Enjoy your day!

  19. Lovely gifts, super stitching stitching, wonderful gardening& a magnificent rose.

  20. How many nice cards you have received and how lovely the "Alpha Bethsy's "! :-))

  21. Happy birthday June! You have been spoiled as always by your talented and generous friends.
    Your little angel for Grace is so sweet, I'm sure it will bring her some comfort.