Sunday, 16 July 2017


Hello friends ,
These weeks come around so fast.
Anyway how are you all enjoying your summer I hope .
You all know the song Summer time and the living is easy  ! I wish  
there is so much to do , and in and out of the house , I can see dust everywhere but can't be having with it on a sunny day it can wait a bit longer .
I have been in and out most of this week but did a little bit of stitching .
I forgot to take a photos of my beautiful cards so will do this next time.
 DH is out shopping so thought I would pop on here for a moment.
So enough of me lets get on and show my stitching, and I know lots of you love to come walk with me into the garden.
                       Here's Betsy from Alpha Betsy's House 
                                   by Needle Notions 

I still need to stitch a few more stitches on her then I can make her up into a pin cushion.
Time for myself by Soda stitch is coming along .



                                A few more gifts from friends.
From my lovely friend Carole this beautiful swan cup candle , thank you so much.

  Another beautiful candle from my club thank you Liz for buying the gift , it's just beautiful with all the dried flowers around the candle holder.

Are you ready to walk into my garden , I wish you could just smell all the scents right now.
 First up the roses.

            The one above and below were from cuttings.

Do you want more roses well we take lots of cuttings ,
When you cut back your roses in the Autumn or Spring , my DH put the cutting in a bucket of soil , then months after, lots of them had taken and we have lots more rose bushes, we done the same this year and here they are in a bucket flowering away.

 They are true to form and we know which roses they came from and they are just like their parent plant.
So what you do is fill a bucket up with any soil , take a cutting say about 10ins and just push 3ins down  in towards the edge of the bucket take a few more and do the same and pop in a corner and forget about them , some will die but allot will have shoots you can remove the ones that don't shoot , now leave for a year then the second year you can pot up into it's own pot and leave to grow on , once it makes a nice size just pop into the garden . Don't forget in the winter months they will look dead all roses do, so wait until the summer to do this , we have made now about 12 new roses and if your friends have a nice rose ask them for a cutting when they prune their roses , it's really simple we don't use any thing else.
   So that's my tip of the day ha.
      And now my lovely Lily's but be sure to watch out for that red bug that attracts this plant.

Well that's it folks  I wish you all a lovely summers week
Thank you all my dear friends for the wonderful comments you leave me.
I am just off to do a little weeding and cutting back then I have an ice cream Magnum waiting for me , what could be better.
We will have music later there is a big show on down the road with lots of bands one is UB 40 so I may be dancing around the garden  ha.


  1. Hello dear June! The swan cup candle from Carole is gorgeous. I shall remember your rose tips and hints. Thank you. Your garden is just a wonder!

  2. Dear June, first - Your progress is great, your lady is almost finished. Thank you for your garden tips - I will try it with the roses, nothing can happen. And maybe, when I'm lucky, I get new, small roses for my garden.
    Kind regards to you - Hugs Martina

  3. Oh i just love the lilies! There are some in our garden but we have to be careful because of the cats.
    Thanks for the tip about the roses, I have put a couple of roses in this year and will try and remember what you said when I cut them back.
    Have a good week x

  4. Thank you for sharing your rose growing tip, it's one I shall definitely try. Beautiful lilies xx

  5. Hello June,
    your progress looks great on your stitching lady.
    Your other lady is almost finish.
    Thanks for sharing your garden tips. Your Roses looks great.
    Hugs, Manuela

  6. Pretty stitching
    Lovely selection of blooms in your garden June.
    Enjoy the music at the show.

  7. Lovely!! Thanks for sharing your tip on roses guess what I'll be doing in autumn lol xx

  8. I love Miss Betsy with her alphabet apron.
    The roses are lovely too and such an easy way to grow new ones.
    Hope you enjoy the free concert!

  9. Beautiful stitch cross, beautiful flowers, gorgeous cup laugh!

  10. Oh your stitching girl is wearing a very pretty dress, June. Thank you for the tip on the roses. I would have never thought to do that. Just today, I have had my little boy Isaac opening the 'pods' from one of my lupins that has already flowered. I have hundreds of seeds! I have around 20 new lupins from the seeds I took last year. One has even flowered!

  11. Love your roses and lilys,my lilies are blooming now as well,as are some of my roses.My next door neighbor has a lavendar rose and a really pretty orange one,will have to get some cuttings from her and start my own.Thanks for the tip.

    Can't wait to see that cross stitch of the little girl stitching completed,very nice.

  12. Beautiful flowers, Suzi.

  13. I really like the colourful lilies, they have always been one of my favourite flowers, i had them my wedding bouquet many years ago. Betsy is very sweet. x

  14. Nice stitching again. And more lovely gifts from your friends.
    Your lilies are just wonderful, I particularly love the white ones with the red and pink sprinkles on the petals.

  15. Betsy is too cute, and I love the Soda Stitch piece, so cute.
    As always, your flowers are all so beautiful.
    That Rose in the first pic is just gorgeous!
    Have a great week!

  16. Your roses and lilies are beautiful! We have a very small garden and not much grows there successfully so I enjoy admiring yours.
    Your stitching is gorgeous, I love the Soda Stitch one more every time I see her!

  17. The Soda Stitch is coming along so nicely, what a sweet design!
    Gorgeous blooms as always :) We had plenty of roses this year but due to the recent rain, they have really suffered. It should bloom again later in the year, but they are nowhere near as nice as yours, that's for sure!

  18. Both of your stitching pieces are coming along nicely. I do adore the Soda Stitch piece. I love the colors in it. Your roses are quite beautiful! I can almost smell them from here. When will the internet have smell-o-vision? It would come in handy right now with your roses. Have a great day! --Andrea

  19. Hello June,
    beautiful embroidery and wonderful roses.
    Have a nice week

  20. Beautiful stitching. Your gifts are lovely. A wonderful walk around your garden too. Hope you weren't kept awake by the music. :)

  21. I love to stroll through your garden. Beautiful stitching and the tea cup!

  22. Your roses and lilies are so beautiful. I would want to sit near by and admire for a long time.Love the time for myself crosstitch, it's a dear wee design. The tea cup is also so beautiful, I like to have things like that around me. I burn candles or perfumed melting wax most days. Love to have a nice smelly home:) It's cold, grey and wet here in N.Z. today so I will stitch for a while.

  23. Che gigli meravigliosi! Quello color arancio era il preferito di mio papà perchè fiorisce nei giorni del suo onomastico, infatti si chiamano i gigli di San Luigi

  24. Oh June, your stitching projects are going on so pretty although you do not have so much time for them now. I love the song too and sometimes I really wished, that summertime would make life more easy, haha!
    Thanks for your rose-cutting-advice. We also made this once - but per accident. We put a cut of a rose into soil (but not in a bucket, into our garden directly ...) and next year it started getting leaves AND flowers. We were very happy about that. So well, I think, we should try this mor often ;-)
    Have a wonderful rest of Summer week, my dear friend.


  25. Krásne výšivky, nádherné motívy!!!

    Beautiful stitching!

  26. What a pretty summery post, June! Love that little girl stitching--she is adorable!

    I'm sure all of the rose growers will appreciate your advice on how to start new ones. We have horrible clay like soil here and roses just don't do well no matter how much you amend the soil. But, I thoroughly enjoy seeing your beautiful roses and lilies :)

    Hope you have a lovely day!

  27. Betsy is very nice and the rose in the first picture wonderful!

  28. Hello dear, its good to hear back from you. Thanks again for the beautiful stuff you have to share with us and i really like the pictures in the post. Good stuff!

  29. Betsy is so beautiful June. Looking forward to seeing her made up into a pin cushion. Are you going to stitch the case as well?

    Your garden is so pretty. I can almost smell those roses. My Dad loved growing them and oh how I wish I'd taken a couple when we sold his house as the new owners dug every single one up.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  30. Beautiful stitching and flowers. That orange/yellow rose is absolutely beautiful! Enjoyed your post so much. LindaLee

  31. Very very nice stitching and beautiful post. Mariuccia

  32. Beautiful stitching. Your gifts are lovely. A wonderful walk around your garden too.