Sunday, 30 July 2017


Hello peeps, yes the show goes on even thou it was raining most of the day.
Our Garden and Craft show was wonderful and yes we got wet but who cares . 
We were so pleased that allot of people came after all the hard work every one put into it .
No photos yet but I can show you what I put in to show first was a little felt heart with a pocket to add a gift at Christmas.

I didn't think I would get any thing for this one but yes I got a 3rd.
And my lovely Victorian lady 
 by Lesley Teare  

I won a 2nd 
Do you like the beading and the way I stitched her glove over the cross stitch , I had so many people saying how much they loved her.

                                And my funny sheep won 1st 

Don't you think he is cute 

             I had some wool over so knitted him a scarf.

Well there was a lady from the local school waiting by my picture and asked me about the pattern , she wants to knit it for a show at the school  , so I told her she could have it ,  she was so happy.
 The knitting pattern is Sirdar 4610.
I also won a 2nd for my rose bloom.
It is in a different vase now but this is my rose.

And again a 2nd with my miniature arrangement in a teacup.

And my DH won 5 x 1sts & 4 x 2nds 
For flowers and veg .
So we were very happy . I was so happy for my many friends who also won .
So yes it's been a busy week and with the bad weather we had this week we were both running in and out trying to save the best flowers so it was not so easy this year.
So no walk in the garden this week but I will show you one WIP I worked on this week and some lovely flowers my club brought for me.

Winter Stamp by Veraco.
So yes this week most of my friends at the club and I went out for a summer meal , it was wonderful, I love everyone of them they are all so sweet and we always have a ball , laughing all night .
And again my naughty friends brought me these beautiful flowers.

                 So beautiful, they spoil me all the time bless them all.

                                               And such a beautiful card and words.

So that's it for this week dear friends , we will try and rest up a little bit after such a full on week.
Thank you all for your kind words and I am so happy you enjoy my blog , have a happy new week every one.


  1. Congratulations on all your wins - aww the sheep is sooo cute!! (Well done to your hubby too!!) Can I ask what the pink and white candy stripe flowers are in your teacup?? Have a lovely week ahead (I'm going to enjoy 2 days at the Lakes :-) ) xx

  2. Dear June,
    Congratulations on all your placements, you really deserve them. So beautiful things. Your Victorian Lady is so enchanting.
    So an exciting week, maybe next week you'll have time for a walk through your garden and embroidering your beautiful work.
    Hugs, Martina

  3. Hello June,
    congratulation on your wins. The Victorian Lady is amazing and the lace glove looks great.
    The little sheep ist very cute.
    Have a wonderful new week and Best wishes Manuela

  4. Well done to both of you on your achievements. Love the sheep. x

  5. Congratulations June to you and your husband, well done. The little sheep is a delight:-)

  6. Your lady is so pretty and you always have beautiful flowers to show love your pretty posts, and congrats on your wins.

  7. Wonderful achievements,your rose is beautiful as is the teacup decorating. I love them. Your Victorian Lady is also beautiful and certainly deserves an award. Beautiful flowers from your stitching friends.

  8. Congratulations, dear June, for you and your husband. You have been quite successful at the Garden & Craft-Show. But you really deserved. Although I would have given a 1st to your pretty Victorian lady ;-)

    Enjoy the new week my dear friend! I hope it will bring you some time of relaxation!


  9. Thanks. You reminded me of some bands that I haven't listened too for a long time.
    thank you for your sharing!


  10. Good to hear that many people came to the Garden and Craft Show wanting to see what you all showed. Congratulations to you, June, and to your husband as well on your successful entries to the show. I love all your pieces. Particularly the elegant lady with her laced gloves and all the beads on her dress.
    Winter Stamp is a beautiful WIP and certainly a fun stitch.
    Great flowers that the ladies of your club gave you.

  11. Dear June congratulations!! I am just enthralled with your teacup arrangement! It is positively gorgeous. Well done to you and Ron.

  12. Hello June

    I started to follow you a few weeks ago but managed to lose my blog. I'm trying again!
    Congratulations on your prizes - your exhibits are beautiful. Gorgeous flowers from your friends too.

  13. Congratulations on all your successful entries to the Garden and Craft show. The little sheep is adorable and your lady is stunning, I love the beadwork. THe little teacup is darling too, so many great entries!! I'm glad you had a large turnout, so nice to hear that people appreciate handwork. Mary

  14. Congratulations June. All of your exhibit wins are so well deserved. Love the sheep, so cute! Put your feet up now. :)

  15. Very good for you both. Congratulations! Wonderful hydrangeas.

  16. Congratulations to you and your husband for your show success! Well-deserved. Glad to hear the show was well attended too.

    Those are lovely flowers from your friends, and they look perfect in your fireplace!

  17. Congratulations to you both June, well done. Mr Sheep is adorable and your lady turned out so pretty in her frame, I do like the glove idea, that's really effective.
    I bet your home smells wonderful with the lovely flowers.
    {hugs} xx

  18. Nice to see your blog and congrats on doing so well at the fair! That sheep is adorable.

  19. Oh, what fun to see all of your fair entries and even more fun to know that you and your husband had so many wins, June! Well deserved and I am in awe of your pretty lady with her beading and stitched gloves.

    It is always nice to be appreciated and your friends obviously treasure you by the looks of those gorgeous flowers!

    Hope August is off to a great start, June!

  20. Your Stitching is just beautiful. Your Pillow is so adorable...I dearly love your Pillow.