Sunday, 9 July 2017


 Hello to all my friends ,
are you melting in this sunshine, I love sunny days but it is a little hot when you are busy , and not sleeping well in the heat.
But I love the morning sun and watching those little sparrows playing in the water and around the rose bushes they make me smile every day , one little sparrow was sitting on my window sill looking in the other day so cheeky .
Well what a week we have had we have been out most days and I only had to cook once last week.
I spent a lovely day with my family , we had friends pop in from Wales , and we also have our own day once a week where we go out for lunch .
So with that and lots of other things it's been very busy.
I did get a little stitching in and I have more gifts from friends , so my birthday is lasting a long time .
                                    Another WIP 
Friends in the sunshine , ( ha just like you and me ) by Sarah Kay .
I started this last Summer before I went on Holiday and then it was Autumn and had to rush to do my Christmas stitching, so it went into that box where I love to go into now and again with my UFOs 

                            This I found in an old WOCS magazine , 
I just love any stitching with little girls on it like Sarah and Holly .
I am always looking for these type of charts , and oh Peter Rabbit don't you just love him, so you can see I often go back to my childhood .
                              So she is out of my box and I have put some stitching in this the past week .

 And also worked on Vera this last week . So before 

And now.

So lets see what I feel like stitching this week , this is so much fun.
I am also working on a few gifts too which I can't show right now.
Well I have more lovely gifts to show from my wonderful friends.
My sweet friend Ann brought me thimble themed  gifts and this week at club she brought in another gift she had just finished .
Look at this box she always makes her own and the pretty bows .

                       Love it Ann , I shall use this allot.

A back stitched thimble thread holder , thank you so much Ann .

 From another lovely friend Karen from the USA .
Beautiful charts and a lovely Angel charm to hang up in my conservatory  

Thank you Karen I love every thing and I am going to be very busy this coming Autumn with all my stitching .
Love the pillow backing to match my chart.

Thank you all my friends for your kindness , I still have the last few to show you next time.
Lets go outside for a moment .
I have had some beautiful roses this year , but it's a bad year for black spot the roses are so stressed with the hot weather.
I was talking to our friend Vickie last week and I told her we do take lots of cutting from roses and we have new ones to plant out each year,  also if some one buys me roses I never throw them away after flowering we pop the into the garden some take some don't but I do get some beauties that do , next week I will show you our bucket of new roses for next year and how to look after them.

The day lily.

                 I love this one above so pretty .
          Well I am back inside with a few cut flowers now .
                                Sweet peas the smell is so sweet .

Thank you again for all the wonderful comments , I am so happy you enjoy my posts .
My cup of tea is calling so is my Fry's Turkish delight oh dear I could eat these in 100's .
Have a good week all and try and keep cool.
Untill next week take care.


  1. June: Your floral photos are such a pleasure to look at thank-you for sharing with us.
    Love the thread holder, so sweet of her to send to you.
    The angel chime is pretty, you have so many lovely gifts from friends.
    Love all your projects, so sweet.


  2. Hi June, what a lovely Post. Great progress in your embroidery. I love the motifs of Sara Kay as well. I also look forward to the first pictures of the month houses of Stones Creek. I like them very much.
    Beautiful Sunday, Martina

  3. Hi June! We also have hot weather here around and I love it. But your are right, it is not the right weather for being active. Working in the garden is really exhausting now.
    Such a sweet Sarah Kay Design. I loved Sarah Kay when I was a teenager.
    Love gifts again for you.
    And of course I love your garden pictures as always!
    Have a wonderful week.


  4. Lovely bright post today June. Fry's turkish delight takes me back:-) I had an aunt who loved it.

  5. Hello June,
    I like Sarah Kay,too. It is a wonderful memory of my childhood.
    Beautiful gifts from your friends.
    I like your flower photos.
    Have a nice new week.
    Hugs Manuela

  6. Lovely stitching, I used to like drawing those Holly Hobby dolls when I was little!
    You have received some wonderful gifts, the stitched thread tag is so sweet.

  7. Oh what a lovely new header picture. Such lovely floral pictures today! I am pleased as punch to see you getting so many special gifts. YOU are special!!

  8. Your Sara Kay design is beautiful.I look forward to seeing it finished, I think Vera is going to be gorgeous as well. Lovely gifts you received, such a treat to receive especially made for you. Black spot on roses is horrible, we have an awful problem where we live despite spraying against it.I love sweet peas but can't have them inside, they are too strong smelling for me, same as Daphne, and I like them so much. Have a great week June, it's not hot here down under although today has been incredibly sunny and warm and had doors and windows open.

  9. June, your stitching is beautiful. I love those two little girls. You received some wonderful gifts. I like the floss holder with the thimble stitchery. It is always thrilling to receive some more cross-stitch patterns. Your flowers are beautiful. I am sorry you are dealing with excessive heat. Parts of the US have been also, but here on Long Island it has actually been slightly cooler than normal for this time of year. I am not complaining.

  10. I love Fry's Turkish Delight! Do you remember the advert for it with the Arabian man, or was that Bounty?!
    Love your sweet girly stitching and more wonderful gifts!

  11. I love your Sarah Kay piece. Memories! I used to love reading the books when I was younger :) Sweet gifts from your friends and wonderful blooms as always!

  12. Hi...I love Sarah Kay too...I had this pattern but sadly in our recent house move I seem to have misplaced it...or put it in the bin...Your stitching looks wonderful. I love the colours on this particular piece. I also love Peter Rabbit....anything Beatrix Potter to be truthful...I seem to have lost my lovely Jeremy Fisher chart too in the move...Ah well maybe they with surface eventually...x

  13. So much loveliness... Sarah Kay images are so pretty, I have a few stamps I use when making cards. Sweet peas smell so amazing and I'm intrigued to read about growing cut roses, I do love roses xx

  14. We seem to be stuck under a rain cloud at the moment so its nice to see some lovely flower pictures :-) Gorgeous goodies as always Im staying tuned for the next installment as I'm wondering if my card arrived :-) have a lovely week xxx hugs xxx

  15. Saran Kay, nice memories and your sweet peas, I don't have them here in Italy, I never seen them. I just know them from pictures.

  16. Hello June
    Just wanted to say how much I love your blog. Lovely stitching, I like your Sarah Kay wip very much.
    What great presents too. Beautiful blooms too. I'm waiting patiently for my sweet peas to flower and yours is in full bloom. I'm in NE England and everything takes longer to flower here. Hopefully I'll soon have enough to fill a vase too. x

  17. I envy you your sunshine, June! We have had so, so much rain here this summer that it hardly seems like summer. The good thing is that the plants and flowers all love it :) Your sweet peas are glorious! I had Tim plant some, but none of them sprouted... Probably the seeds were eaten by some of our squirrels or chipmunks. Next year we will start them indoors first.

    Lovely stitching--I'm not familiar with Sarah Kay, though. And more lovely gifts from friends--enjoy all those goodies. You well deserve them, my friend :)

  18. You picked such a beautiful WIP, June. It must be a lot of fun to stitch on the sarah Kay project. And you made some nice progress on Vera.
    What great gifts from your friend you received. You will be very busy stitching these charts. I love the Stoney Creek houses, they are so detailed for every month.
    Great flowers are blooming in your garden. We also have these lilies but ours are yellow. And when I go into the garden in the morning they kind of greet me like the sun. They are so gorgeous.

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