Sunday, 6 August 2017


Hello friends ,
Here we are into August I must say I am still in June but never mind I am sure one day I will catch up .
So far it has been a busy year but this month is looking more of a relaxing month.
Not so much to do in the garden now we just keep the grass cut and de-head the flowers .
So maybe a little more stitching time for me .
At club this week we made up gift tags from old scraps , this is so much fun and very relaxing for a change , comes with a warning ! you can't stop when you start , there are a few I made at the end of the post ,
Also our friend Jo asked me if I would like to be blogger of the month , so if you want to read more about my life take a look.
Jo thank you so much for asking me , Jo has a lovely blog with lots of things going on and I would love to join in some but my life right now is far too busy , but if you would like to join in some fun take a look .You will find Jo here just click.
This week I must kit up some Christmas smalls ready for gifts.
I am still having fun with my WIPs and here are two new ones I popped into the mix . 
                         This is so sweet and will be made I think into a pillow.

Bumblebee by DMC

 Now the next one is one I have had in my stock for a few years  and I love it but really could not face sorting out all the threads  but I sat outside and did it .
I also have the plate of this one , not sure if this one will go in a frame or pillow or on top of a box I should know by the time it is stitched. It will not be an easy one lots of tweeding and one and two threads.
Sweet Nectar  by The Gold Collection.

I am stitching on smalls too but need to finish them first.
Ok lets walk outside our weather is up and down right now lots of wind and rain but so far this weekend not to bad the sun has been out.


Lots Of tomatoes .

                                   And Peppers yummy .

We need a new green house next year I don't think ours will stand another storm so all needs to come down in the winter.

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments again .
I really do love to hear from you all.
Now just before I go we were making gift tags at the club great fun, I can't stop making them now, a great way to use up left over paper , ribbons , cut up card from old Christmas cards , and even stamping and colouring in , this is what I have made so far.

That's it from me this week , have fun and I will be back soon.


  1. Oh June, what a nice post. I really fell in love with your new embroidery, Bumblebee is so sweet, and the other motif looks really elaborate but beautiful.
    Thank you for your garden pictures, in my garden is currently only the stork's snout. The roses need a little more, until they start their second petal.
    Big Hugs, Martina

  2. I love all your gift tags - how creative! Your new starts are lovely, I really like the bumble bee.

  3. Beautiful floral pictures. Your lady piece is beautiful and the bumble bee piece will be so cute when finished. Loved seeing the pictures.

  4. Very busy hands June, I don't know how you find the time to fit everything in:-) Lots of lovely needlework and your tags are very clever.

  5. A sweet little post bursting with creativity. I really like your gift tags! So pretty and unique, they will finish up your wrapped gifts beautifully.

  6. love the humingbird piece. Your garden looks awesome. The colors on the flowers are just amazing.

  7. Two sweet new starts to add to your basket of WIP's.
    Great selection of gift tags, you are organised June, although I have just finished a pair of winter socks for dh's Christmas stocking, they were more of a mindless knitting project than a planned Christmas one though lol.

  8. Hello June,
    your header looks great. I like the lady.
    Your two new projects are wonderful. Happy Stitching.
    So many wonderful gift tags. They are all so pretty.
    Have a nice new week.
    Hugs, Manuela

  9. Great tags and your garden is looking gorgeous x

  10. Lovely work on everything and I'm sure I've seen someone else working on the hummingbirds recently. Great cards too!

  11. Oh June, I am in love with those close up pictures you have taken of your flowers. Just divine!

  12. Your header looks beautiful. Such vibrant colours in your garden, happiness is-----flowers to look at and smell:). Your tomatoes are looking superb. Love your gift tags and so useful for giving special gifts. Have a good week June. Still cold, foggy and wet here down under. Lots of stitching and knitting achieved, that's happiness also.

  13. So much beautiful eye candy going on here. Those tags are so fantastic. It's never too early to work on Christmas. Your new projects are both great, but I find Bumblebee so adorable. It melts my heart. Happy stitching! Andrea

  14. Oh, you have a new header, June. Good that you show the Victorian Lady, she deserves it.
    I love your new starts. That bumblebee is so darling. And Sweet Nectar will be so great when you will display it maybe next to the plate that you already own.
    A wonderful and very creative idea to make these gift tags in your club. I can easily understand that you can't stop making them :)

  15. Awesome blog, i always enjoy & read the post you are sharing!
    Thank for your very good article...!


  16. Lovely stitching,your plate is going to be gorgeous, as are your flower photos.The close up detail is beautiful.
    Your tags are such a good idea.

  17. What a great idea for gift tags!
    I must get into the habit of kitting up things, i tend to jump in when i fancy making anything, not the best approach really.
    I'm off to read more about you :-) Have a lovey week

  18. Wieder sehr interessanter Artikel, den ich immer gerne alle Artikel bekomme. Danke für diesen großen Artikel

    Mein Blog -

  19. So glad to read that you are going to have a more relaxing month in August. Oh and I enjoyed so much to read the interview with you on Jo's blog. Very interesting.
    Your new WIPs are looking gorgeous, especially the little bunny dressed up as a bumble bee - so sweet!

    Thanks for this wonderful post!


  20. Thank you for sharing those gift tag ideas with us, June! I love that and will have to start saving more cards to make my own :) Lovely little bunny and good for you for undertaking that huge Sweet Nectar finish. Wow! That won't be a quick one, but it will be stunning when all finished up.

    Always a pleasure to walk through your garden--wish we had even half the number of tomatoes that you do!

    Enjoy your day, my friend!

  21. So cute the bumblebee new start and the bird one is so pretty.

  22. What a nice and rich post June! Thank you for are always very good with cross stitch and in the garden.

  23. Great stitching on your WIPs. The garden walk was a joy as always. A good use for recycling crafting bits and pieces.

  24. Love that little hummingbird you have started. I always recycle the previous year's Christmas cards into gift tags, it's a fun way to spend an afternoon!
    Glad that you enjoyed being our Blogger of the Week too.

  25. I must get into the habit of kitting up things, i tend to jump in when i fancy making anything, not the best approach really.