Saturday, 26 August 2017


Hello everyone from a hurt little butterfly, yes I have had some bad pain this week I pulled my hamstring very painful, but today seems a little better, I don't do pain very well ha and have been very lucky in the past.
I am being very careful today not to over do it .

What a beautiful couple of days we are having back to summer for a short while , the last few weeks have not been very nice.

I was hoping to show you a finish today but no with the pain I have been in there was no way I could sit and finish things never mind when I am better I will .
The garden is closing down too now for the autumn but I did take a few photos if you want to walk out with me after.

But first my stitching I am working on a box of smalls and two WIPs rotating every week and I am enjoying it so much . I hope tonight I can stitch again last night I was in too much pain.
So here we go,  the first is a new one added to the mix of WIPs 
                   Sweet Judy was getting so fed up not being pulled from the box , so yes she is happy now to  join  my WIPS .

               Lots of beading on this one but it's a nice change.

And my next one.

 Summer Nesting box 

Ok not that much stitching again but it's not for wanting to stitch more, hoping this coming week will be better.
Ok lets go outside but wait! 
Look can you see my cheeky sparrows sometimes there are twenty taking a bath so funny .
You have to look really hard to see them in my bird bath.

 Makeing the most of the last flowers of summer.

                       Allot of the roses are flowering again , when they finish cut the dead flower back to the 2nd leaf .

This summer is almost over , I feel it went by way to fast.

Below  this was one of those cutting I told you about already flowering .

Thank you again my friends for you kind comments .
Our days are getting shorter , so not many more garden photos .
We may get a few more but looks like the last few weeks .
Have a wonderful weekend .


  1. Wonderful progress on your WIP stitching.
    I like your garden. It is so beautiful with all the flowers.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Hugs Manuela

  2. Ouch, sorry to hear about the hamstring, that's what you get for playing too much football!
    The garden still looks lovely, the fuschias will last a while yet I think.
    Nice start on Judy, she will keep the days colourful as the flowers fade.

  3. Thank you for sharing the lovely garden June. It brings me such happiness as I cannot garden much at all anymore.

  4. Your garden still looks so pretty June, very "English country garden" compared to the bare look we tend to have up here where it is so much cooler. It makes me envious:-) My sister was boiling in the twenties yesterday and we drove to Edinburgh in the very low teens!!
    I hope you feel much better very quickly.

  5. Gosh June hope that wretched hamstring heals quickly, it is so lncapacitating in more ways than one. It's lovely watching birds in a bird bath. We have one outside our kitchen window fairly close and watch the birds. We have blackbirds which are a large bully of a bird and when the little sparrows or Finches arrive they are always carefully looking out. Lovely flowers for end of season, sad that the days are shorter for you. Good for us down under, the days are drawing out longer and don't need so much heating on inside��

  6. Wonderful stitching and wonderful garden walk...sending good wishes for a speedy recovery.

  7. Lovely stitching,I like the colours in Summer Nesting Box.
    I also enjoyed a tour of your beautiful garden.
    Hope your hamstring heals soon.

  8. June your stitching is so pretty but your gardens are gorgeous. You must have a wonderful green thumb! Sorry about your hamstring...they can be so painful. Hope you feel better quickly. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  9. Dear June,
    Pain is something bad, I hope you are doing better.
    Gorgeous WIP's and I look forward to your progress.
    You have a beautiful garden, I would like to make you a companion.
    Wish you a nice Sunday, and a good week
    big hugs, Martina

  10. I hope your leg heals soon.
    What a pretty garden.
    Love the yellow Glads.

  11. Sorry I have not been in touch June, I have to blame a new member of the family for the time wasting, not alot of stitching done, even less blogging or photo snapping ,yes we have another golden retriever ,she is coming up 2 and needs a lot of attention. Your garden looks so lovely as does your lady on the header. Your beaded stitch is going to be so different and the other flowery one is just so you. Hope you get some relief from the pain and soon be able to stitch etc. Take great care my friend and have a good week.x

  12. I hope your feeling much better, sounds very painful. Your gardens are gorgeous!!!They are magazine worthy!! The perfect place to stitch on your sweet Judy, I hope you enjoy what is left of the summer weather. Mary@stitchingfriendsforever

  13. June: So sorry to hear about the pulled hamstring ouch did that once do you ice it or just leave it alone?
    Beautiful gardens I am jealous.
    I Love Sweet Judy she is adorable.
    The Flower Box is amazing and lovely.


  14. Hope you are feeling better. Lovely garden photos!AriadnefromGreece!

  15. Oh poor you June, I hope you are soon pain free and feeling much better.
    Judy is a pretty lady as is your lovely garden, what a treat to look at the at from the window.

  16. Oh June, a pulled hamstring can be so very painful and sitting down and stitching is nearly impossible, I know. I hope that you are on the mend by now and that your pain meds have been working well.
    It was time that Sweet Judy became a WIP, lol. Now she certainly is a happy fairy. And nice that Summer Nesting Box came out again, too.
    I love all the pictures of your wonderful garden.

  17. I hope you are well on the way to feeling much better now June.
    I love to see your WIP's growing, so pretty, as is your garden, you still have lots of colour,
    my dahlias are only just beginning to flower, the slugs ate a couple but the others are quite disappointing this year.

  18. I hope you feel much better soon! The stitching is looking great and your garden is absolutely beautiful :) Best wishes.

  19. I hope you are feeling better now June, that sounds very painful! Still plenty to see in the garden. We have some bird feeders but the birds haven't been visiting much this month. I enjoyed seeing your sparrows.

    Your sweet Judy should be sweet June - the design is so you!

  20. Quanti fiori sui tuoi ricami bellissimi. Tanti auguri, spero che tu guarisca presto.

  21. Oh no, poor June! I really hope you are feeling better soon! Well, maybe your body wants to tell you to slow down a little bit - and sit and do more stitchings ;-) Joking aside: Get well soon, my dear friend.
    Pretty good progress on your WIP. The new one is very cute!
    And I love your garden picts (as always). Especially the ones were you show us a more overall view. What a beautiful garden!


  22. How pleasant it must be to sit outside on your patio and enjoy the loveliness of your garden!
    Healing thoughts and prayers for your poor hamstring!

  23. Uauuu, qué bellísimo jardín, me he quedado embobada contemplándolo! Espero estas maravillosas vistas te ayuden a ir recuperándote!
    El bordado es precioso, qué bonitos quedan los abalorios, me ha gustado mucho!

  24. Oh, dear--a pulled hamstring is certainly very painful, June! I hope you are feeling better by this time?

    Love your newest project although I am not a fan of beading--I always drop the beads everywhere! Your garden is such a gorgeous sight--full of eye-popping color and a feast for the eyes. I'm sure you will miss it in the coming winter months, but it is nice to have a bit more time for indoor activities, too!