Sunday, 13 August 2017


Hello friends ,
Well it's been a nice weekend , better weather and the sun has just come out. 
I have been a bit lazy today, but I did work hard yesterday in the garden cutting lots of things back , and the sweet peas are now gone just had the last few . DH arms and hands are cut with the thorns from the roses , I had a few too we gave some of them a good cutting back there was allot of dead wood .
This morning we had so many birds in the garden a family of long tail tits , blue tits,  baby robins, baby blackbirds and just the cutest sparrows they are so funny and always make me laugh all trying to have a bath this morning about 20 of them all in the birdbath  together what fun they were having.

My DH has gone off to the car show to judge , I just wanted to stay put , I have so many little jobs to catch up on , but not many done yet ha.

I have been stitching this week but can't show you just yet only my WIPS. 
So first the last of my sweet peas then back to my stitching.

The very last ones of Summer I will miss them and the smell was so beautiful.
My WIPs 
This is how I left Vera Mouse .

 And now.

OK don't laugh it takes allot of time when you have to thread change every few stitches , but yes there is growth.

OK next one my little Sarah Kay 
Friends in the Sunshine.

And after.

I must say this playing around with different WIPs is wonderful.
Can't wait to get this weeks two out now .
 There is no way for you to get bored with your stitching doing this rotating , soon I will add a few more to the mix.
I am also stitching smalls and Christmas gifts .
We better go for our walk now .

                               Poppy in dusky pink how beautiful.

        Naughty month eating my leaves, but he is beautiful.

                              Still have some sweet smelling roses.

  Hollyhocks such a sweet lemon .

Well better stop or this will be one big post .
I am going to go and get a few biscuit crumbs for the little Robin and try and make friends with him.
I also need to do a couple of small jobs and a little ironing then I can stitch and watch the football .
Thank you again for your sweet comments .
Wishing you all a happy week.


  1. HELLO, dear June! Me and my family have been to the seaside Yesterday and today. We had fun! and I Always have fun reading your posts! your sarah Kay stitching is very nice, and your method of changing embroidery every day must be good. I will try! Your sweet peas are wonderful. I have never seen sweet peas except for foreign blogs or books or magazines, as in Italy this flower doesn't exist, but.....I've been to Amsterdam in July and I bought some sweet peas seeds!! I have tried to put them in my plants on my balcony, thinking of your garden as you talk about sweet peas very often and I want to smell them....some little Leaves are coming out, I hope to have sweet peas next year!! love. titty p. from Italy

  2. I do love Vera, she is such a cute character. There are some very pretty moths around, neat photo June.

  3. Wonderful progress in your embroidery, and thanks for the beautiful flower pictures. I have to start already with the Christmas embroidery, we have already almost September. But it is nice to see the sun again.
    Have another nice Sunday.
    Hugs, Martina

  4. Hello June,
    wonderful progress on your WIPs. I like them very much.
    Pretty flower photos.
    Have a nice new week.
    Hugs, Manuela

  5. So nice to read that you are having a nice weekend, or let's say the rest of it today :) Here is has been cold and overcast yesterday but today it has been warming up so that even the roses are pleased and are opening some new buds. After a rainy week it's so good to be able to be outside again.
    You have stitched a lot on two of your WIPs, how lovely to see the progress on them. Two lovely projects indeed. I'm looking forward to seeing the smalls that you have stitched but can't show at the moment.
    Such great pictures of the flowers in your garden. It still seems to be in full colours.

  6. I have never seen a yellow hollyhock like yours. It is beautiful. I do so love all your flowers and I showed my friend Jean your garden from blogs passed and she was so impressed. She just wanted to walk in your beautiful garden. Be too. I would love hollyhock seeds for my garden. As always your stitching is beautiful. big hugs lynda ruth

  7. Great progress!
    Beatiful flowers!
    I wish you beautiful days!

  8. Always beautiful stitch and flowers in your blog... I wish to you a lovely weekend... Pass to my blog for its birthday giveaway

  9. Ahhh, your flowers are so lovely. I too have ironing waiting. yuck.

  10. Love your stitching projects June, they are gorgeous. I rotate my crosstitch projects and enjoy every one of them. Your garden looks wonderful and really loved the hollyhock and your roses.

  11. Lovely WIPs I actually picked up a needle the other night - hubby got me a magazine with free gift I've done one row- shocking!! Have a lovely week xxx

  12. Your sweet peas are such beautiful pale, delicate colours. Love seeing your WIPs, exquisite work xx

  13. I always like sweet peas, they remind me of my gran. x

  14. Gorgeous photos of your flowers and your WIPs. Can't wait to see more of those 2 projects - they are both so cute ;o)

  15. Vera will be so cute.
    Love all of your flowers, that Poppy is gorgeous!
    But, my fav are the sweet peas, so darn cute.

  16. Love your stitching projects an love to walk through your garden.

  17. That must have been quite the sight to see all of those birds in the birdbath splashing away, June! You certainly have a lovely garden to attract them. I do love the sweet peas and am going to try starting them indoors next year to see if I have better luck :)

    Love your little mouse project--glad the rotation is working out for you and you never get bored. I think I need to get organized and try at least rotating two or three projects instead of just working on one. My problem is, if I leave one, it is hard to return to it!

    Enjoy your day!!

  18. You've made good stitching progress, June! And changing colors so often does really take a lot of time!

    I love seeing your sweet peas and other lovely flowers in the garden.
    Wishing you a wonderful day!

  19. I can see your progress. This are going to be so adorable. Your flower pictures are wonderful.

  20. Such great stitching June. They are going to be such wonderful pieces when done. And your flowers are gorgeous! Such a happy post to enjoy. I did not know you had a blog until tonight but will sign up and add you to our blog roll. RJ @stitching friends forever

  21. A good rotation is always inspiring! I like to mix up styles and themes of stitching so I don't get bored.

  22. Oh I just imagine all the little sparrows trying to sqeeze in all together into your birds bath - such a sweet pict in my mind, haha!
    You made good progress on your WIPs June. And it looks as if you had a cosy open-air stitching place, didn't you?

    All those flowers in your garden are amazing. So many in bloom! Adorable!

    I really hope you will have much time for your little jobs and stitching also this weekend!
    Have a good time, my dear friend


  23. You're whizzing along on those WIPs. Beautiful flowers. Have a good weekend.

  24. Always something pretty you are stitching on.
    Love the new header pic when your blog opened.