Sunday, 20 August 2017


How are all my friends today , hope you are all enjoying lots of time stitching and enjoying yourselves .
For me it's been one of those weeks a busy one .
First up my PC is getting a little slow these days so we are having a faster line put in should be better this week.
At the  same time we thought about cutting the cost of our TV package  .
Hubby came back to me after phoning  and instead of cutting down it's gone up ! but with allot more added .
So I have had a week of engineers here first I needed my PC fixed   and we were talking about how long they last and we should really update about every 5 years I laughed and said well mine is about 7 years old now , that's why its getting slower.
So looks like I will be buying a new one before Christmas the same with my TV the new ones have been updated with loads of new things . So it looks like this year will be a expensive one .
On top of this we are looking at changing our car  sometime soon . Then yesterday the new washing machine stopped spinning oh no! but its ok now thank goodness .
So yes it's been an interesting week, now we have updated our package we have to learn all the things on there like getting the TV on for a start it's all so different , but great when you are up and running we watched a great show last night with Josh Groban, 
and I can just talk to my hand control and it will go to my program, so you can see not allot of stitching this week.
But a little on my WIPs .
I was a lucky winner of our dear friend Vickie's giveaway pretty chart , which will be added to my on going WIPs rotation in the next few weeks .
So back to my stitching .
Here is a peep at one I have finished and will put together soon and show you.

Just a peep this time .

 Last time

                               This time.

                                 Not much change .
                                          Next one 
                                             Before .

 Now .

Just a few stitches more .
Hoping I find more time this week I am just going to get my next box down exciting because I have forgotten what is in the next box I think I have about 6/7 boxes now and still adding a few more to 
them when I have kitted  some more up.
Well it is dull and raining today so we can't go outside but will leave you with these photos I took last week it's been very windy here .

 Well it's almost time to start the lunch , then I can stitch for a little now my ironing is done and this afternoon I want to watch my football team, they lost last week hope they will be better this week fingers crossed .
Thank you everyone who left me a comment always wonderful to hear from so many of you.
Have a good week enjoy , lets hope we get a bit more sunshine before Autumn comes in .


  1. We need to look at our broadband package too as they have just notified us of an increase, we have no tv channels as I don't watch a lot of tv (it only goes on when Mark is here at the weekend). Hopefully we can get it down otherwise i'm changing rovider.
    Love how your wip's are growing, it's amazing how just a few stitches added every week can make a difference. I will have to think seriously about using your method :-)
    Your garden still has plenty of colour, i'm afraid the rain has given mine a battering this week, we have had some quite heavy showers and even hail one afternoon! There has been some lovely sunshine in between so shouldn't complain really. Have a good week. x

  2. Lovely choice of projects June, the top one is very pretty. Enjoy your Sunday and all the new technology.

  3. Oh June, your finished piece is so lovely. I wonder if it is by Dani. Your garden continues to be lovely.

  4. How many projects do you keep kitted up in each box? It must be lovely to take them out for a new start. I am slowly working my way through several wips that have languished on the side for a few years, feeling rather guilty about them sitting there but sometimes I lose my oomph with a piece. x

  5. I got a new TV as well too this year but I do not have No Cable Channels whatsoever...I have Netflix and Amazon on my TV that I can watch now plus all of my local channels. That is enough for me. I have Internet with Mediacom and that is High Speed as well so I am real happy with what I have. I use to have Dish Network but I too have to cut down on expenses so I just have my local channels plus Amazon and Netflix. That is all I need. I too got a new car but I will have this paid off at the end of this year. I am glad that you got a new TV, Computer, and a Car. Some years are more expensive than others. Mine has been highly expensive this year.

    Your Stitching is so pretty.....I love it. The colors are so bright and cherry looking.

    Happy Stitching
    Linda K

  6. Your stitching progress looks great.
    Have a nice new week.

  7. We need to look at your internet provider, letter received this week of yet another increase, Dh will no doubt be trawling the internet for a good deal.
    Lovely little crosses you have been putting in this week.
    Hope your team won today.
    Have a lovely week xx

  8. ohhh dear I hate those kinda weeks ...we need to decrease our tv package too as nobody really watches much of it here at the mouse house ... lovely stitches as always, I like the sneak peep ... hope your team won too :) love mouse xxxxx

  9. Oh dear a costly week :-( Your WIPs are soo pretty - well the design I started the other week is nearly finished - go me!!! Just on with the backstitching lol. Ooh hasnt Josh Groban got a fantastic voice. Have a lovely week xx (and dont spend to much ;-) xx

  10. Yes, sometimes you would like more time to embroider. But even small progress leads to success. Beautiful works. I always look forward to it.
    Thanks for the beautiful garden pictures, with me it blooms at the moment only very little.
    Hugs, Martina

  11. Oh June, your finished piece is so lovely. I wonder if it is by Dani. Your garden continues to be lovely.


  12. Where is my comment to the last post?…Somewhere in the web I think!It is always a pleasure to watch your pictures of cross stitch and flowers and leave a comment. I love very much the stitched flowers in the first picture.

  13. Dear June, first of all, I'd like to thankyou for your lovely comment you dropped on my humble blog. It is obvious that you are an avid stitcher and made lots of beauties ♥♥♥

    Warm greetings

  14. What a week - so many technical issues all in one week, wow! Good to hear that most of all is fixed. And I am sure you will enjoy your new PC, when you will have it. Although I do not think that it is necessary to change a PC every five years - that's only what the manufacturers want us to do.
    I love your WIP-Rotation ... you never get bored on stitching and I never get bored on looking at your progress-picts.

    Wish you a wonderful weekend and relaxing next week, my dear friend!


  15. Oh no all those problems in one week. I hope things rum smoothly now. Wow I did not know we were supposed to replace our PCs every 5 years! The one we have just got rid of was about 8 years old. I now have DH's laptop which is 4 years old and he has a new one. He was running out of space for all his photos!

    Lots of lovely stitching as usual and the flowers in your garden are so pretty.

  16. Oh, my, it sounds like an expensive next few months for you, June! My computer is now 7 years old, too, and I just keep hoping it keeps plugging along! I have to say, I do use my phone a lot now--not for blogging, but for online shopping and reading things. It is much faster than my computer.

    I love the pretty header you have--such a lovely lady :) And all of your stitching is growing nicely.

    We're having a rainy evening here and it is already very dark. Autumn is just around the corner! Enjoy your last week of August, my friend...

  17. I know what you are talking about - one never has only one problem with household devices but it's always two or three, lol. We had one year during which we had to replace the washing machine and the dryer because both broke within several months :(

    I love the band of flowers that you stitched. Such a beautiful piece. Great progress on your WIPs as well. I hope the next box of WIPs could motivate you just as much as the previous ones.

  18. We had to buy a new toilet seat this week! Not very exciting LOL But I have learned how to fit a new loo seat so that's a skill I might need in another 20 years time.
    We don't watch much TV but reliable broadband is essential with my two boys and my dedication to the world of blogging!
    Nice to see that you got some stitching done this week as well as playing with the new TV.

  19. beautiful work and what attention to detail! I admire and congratulate:)

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