Saturday, 2 September 2017


Hello to all my friends ,
Thank you for everyone who wished me well.
It's been a hard week for me with the pain I have been in this week. Sitting down was the worst so I have spent most of this week standing up or lying flat. But the last few days I am slowly getting there , but not fully healed yet 
I have done a little stitching and some before I was in pain .
So will show you in a moment .
Well didn't the summer go fast this year everyone is saying how fast it went , can't believe we have moved into Autumn , but you can tell there is a change in the air.
We had a couple of nice days this week and I saw some lovely butterflies in the garden. 
So here we go first a little gift I sent to our friend Andrea every year she stitches and sends friends little gifts she has such a big heart  , and it was on my to do list I must send her a little gift sometime this year .
So here is what I stitched for her .
 I know it was by Lizzy Kate but I packed the chart away and can't find it , that's me all over just too many charts and if I don't keep them together they get lost in chart land ha.

I stitched it some weeks ago but didn't know how I would like to finish it. But then I found some new calendars and thought yes this would be handy so here we are.
It was very enjoyable stitch .
So now my WIPs I am so into these now every Saturday I get a couple out from the box and this is what I stitch on this week.

                         This is the other part of the stitching set .

 Here we are if you forgot.

Last time 

 This time.

Still lots to do on this one.
Last Sunday we went to the Classic motor show but after 4 hours I was in real pain and had to come home it was boiling hot.

Well sorry I am not walking in the garden with you today but I did take a few photos early this morning.

And still the roses bloom .

The garden is still in flower .
But you can see flowers are now burning out.
Well my sweet friends have a wonderful week .
Thank you all .


  1. Dear June,
    I hope your pain will soon leave, so you can move freely again. I know this also when you all hurt, and you can not sit, but can only lie.
    But at least you could make small progress on your WIP's.
    It is still beautiful in your garden.
    Big hugs, Martina

  2. I hope you get some relief soon June, it's not much fun going through each day being limited with pain.

  3. I hope you can be better soon June, I've discovered your blog just recently, but I like your work so much.
    Annalisa of

  4. Beautiful stitching! I really like your calendar finish, very cute! I hope you heal fast, it's no fun to be in pain.

  5. Just catching up on blogs after being away for a week - sorry to read you've been in pain I hope you are on the mend so I'll send a gentle hug. Gorgeous stitching as always and you've still got lots of garden pettiness. I've made an executive decision to dig out one of my borders and start again...gulp!!

  6. A lovely post June, hope you improve quickly with your pain issue, it can be so debilitating and tiring. Love your new header.

  7. Alphabetsey is looking good. The Lizzie Kate gift is a really lovely way to present a finished piece. Hope you are feeling better. x

  8. Dearest June, I did not know you were in pain. Hope you keep improving and will be fully healed really soon.
    Lovely stitching you have there, colorful and so pretty!
    Take it easy and relax
    Love xxx

  9. June, so good to read that you are slowly feeling better and that the pain is going away.
    You are right, we are starting autumn now, it really goes rather fast. But I love autumn with everything it brings.

    Such lovely idea how to finish the little L*K design. That's really a great chart with so many nice details. And the WIPs you pulled out of the next box are just beautiful. Nice progress on both of them.

  10. Here it's the start of spring, so must get in the garden. Love your stitch every day, I keep seeing the chart on 123 stitch like it wants me to buy it or something. I also love your stitching girl great progress even with you being in pain. Hope you get better soon.

  11. I hope you feel better soon.
    What a cute idea with the calendar.
    Very pretty WIPS, love the stitching girl, so colorful.
    As always, your flowers are just beautiful.
    Take care.

  12. Hello June,
    I hope you are feeling better, soon.
    The calender looks great. Wonderful idea.
    I like your WIPs. The little stitching lady is so beautiful.
    Enjoy the Sunday and have a nice new week.
    Hugs, Manuela

  13. I love your calendar idea,a lovely gift.
    I hope you are healing and have less pain todday.

  14. Oh June, I am so very sorry you continue to be in such pain. You are in my prayers.
    I just love the gift you made Andrea. Your garden is still going strong.

  15. Oh, June! I've been so remiss about checking my friends' blogs, I had no idea you were feeling poorly. I hope you get better soon.

  16. So sorry you have not been feeling well. Lovely stitching and beautiful pink in the garden.

  17. June: I am so sad for you, I hope you find relief soon.
    Love all your stitching, what a great idea for a calendar.
    Beautiful floral photos as always, I love seeing your garden.


  18. I do hope you're feeling much better soon. I absolutely love the Lizzie Kate design, I'm going to have to hunt that one down :)

  19. I hope your pain is diminishing each day, June--that sort of injury can take a long time to fully heal. At least you are able to sit and stitch a bit :) Your gift for Andrea is so sweet--I love those tiny calendars! Lovely WIPs, too...

    Take care now and I hope to read in your next post that things are looking up for your leg!

  20. I am sorry to hear that you have been and still are in pain and hope that you will be much better very soon. Pretty stitching and finishing on the LK design and I like the interesting AlphaBetsy´s House pattern.

  21. Dear June,
    I am so sorry that you are still in pain. Hope you are feeling completely healed soon.
    Nevertheless you made good progress on your pretty WIPS. And I love the Lizzie Kate, that you stitiched for Andrea.

    Get well soon, my dear friend!


  22. I hope that you feel bitter June and thank you always for your pictures! I didn't know the Alpha Betsya's House pattern.

  23. Hello June! So sorry to hear you are still in pain and hope it will be gone very soon. I have been out of town this week but so glad I was able to see your lovely post today and we are probably going to lose electricity very soon from the hurricane headed our way. I love all of your stitches but especially the one by Lizzie Kate. I need to find that one and make it up. I really like how you turned it into a calendar. What a lovely gift it made. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  24. I hope you feel a little bit better now. I love the calender finish, what a great idea!