Sunday, 8 October 2017


Hello everyone on this nice sunny Autumn day .
I have made the best of this lovely weather and I have planted some bulbs ,  and cut lots of plants back. 

All my washing is done but still some ironing to do after the holiday .

I went into town this week and they already have lots of Christmas things for sale , I really don't want any more decorations unless I see something that pulls on my heart strings then I will be buying .
My Christmas colours are changing a little I like pinks silver and soft blues more now  in the lounge , and plum in the kitchen .
Reds now go in the conservatory and porch and hallway .
I may keep it simple again this year but then I may go mad ! I will have to see how my time go's I already have a full calendar for October .

Well I have had time to stitch this week and I have a finish from last years stitching.
So here's what I have been stitching  .

Just a little more stitching to add .
Bonne Annee or Happy New Year.
By our lovely Dany from 2014 chart.
And now a finish from last years stitching 
By Cuore Battiecuore .
From part of her Autumn design.

You can see here the backing Material .
Stitched on 28ct using DMC threads

                         Added a few leaves from material .

This has been lying in my box far to long .
I really need to finish all my stitching , maybe I will set a new goal for myself.
I must get a few Autumn bits out this week ,like this one.

Two little mice sitting in a leaf how cute is this.
Not sure if I showed you this plate I brought ,  I love little children ones,  takes me back in time.

What lovely words .
I also brought this flowering can in the sale for a couple of £s .
Look's great don't you think.

 And I  cut a few fresh flowers to bring inside.
After we had our first frost this week.

Thank you for your lovely comments .
I do love to read everyone of them.
So thats all for this week . will leave you with the last of the flowers in the garden .


  1. Lovely stitching and great pictures.

  2. Love the beautiful simplicity of your deer piece, June! And your little fall finish is adorable--you chose the perfect fabric to accent it :)

    Glad you are getting back to normal after your trip--it is always so hard to catch up. I was with my mother all last week and still feel behind even though I've been home since Thursday night!

    Sounds like you are doing the same garden cleanup that we are here. My husband was out most of yesterday cutting back and pulling out things from his vegetable garden. Rather sad to see things go, but nice to have a "season of rest" upon us :)

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  4. Third time lucky leaving a comment Kolb- gorgeous stitching and I love your mice ornament xx

  5. Oh June what a lovely post. Wonderful are your works, quite charming as you have worked the little pillow. Last year I embroidered the autumn quilt of Cuore e Batticure.
    How nice that there are so sunny days, you can still work a bit in the garden.
    Big hugs, Martina

  6. Wonderful stitching as always. Lovely little finish. The little girl is very cute.
    The mice are very pretty.
    Have a nice new week. Manuela

  7. Lovely photoes especially mices and cross stitch works
    Have happy week

  8. Lovely autumn colours June, so nice to see some flowers left at this time of year.

  9. Love the mice so cute and your Autumn pillow, looks like you need to stitch a few more for your box.

  10. Beautiful Cuore e Batticuore design. I like her crosstitch designs. The Autumn one is lovely and love your finish. Love the blue jug/can as well. Have a good week.

  11. Dany's charts are always worth stitching and you have already stitched many of them. This one will be so nice when the words are added.
    Cuore e Batticuore have wonderful designs as well. Whenever I am on their website I could buy them all, lol. The one that you stitched is so lovely. And oh, all these autumn colours, just great. I also love the finishing and the leaves for embellishment.
    Good that you work a bit in the garden. We still have to do that but during the last weeks it just was too cold outside. But this week it will be warmer (hopefully) so that we can do the necessary cutting back of the bushes. You still have such lovely flowers, June, it's always fun to take a walk into your garden through your flower pictures.

  12. Such a pretty Christmas stitch, June. I love the all white stitches. And your autumn stitch is so adorable...just such a sweet, sweet pattern. Love how you finished it too. It's a great time of the year for stitching. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

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  14. Les petites souris sont trop mignonnes.
    Je te souhaite un bel automne chère amie et t'envoie de gros bisous.
    Merci pour toutes ces belles couleurs.

  15. I love your little autumn pillow June! What a clever idea to add the fabric leaves. It's just perfect.
    Your little mice ornament is adorable. Years ago I stitched a chart from a magazine with 3 mice sailing in hazelnut shells. It still hangs on my younger son's wall!

  16. Your little Autumn pillow is lovely June, and those little mice are so cute!
    A couple of my Dahlia's have decided to flower now the weather has turned, but we haven't had any frost yet.
    Have a good week

  17. The little Autumn girl is so cute, and are the mice! Too darn cute!
    Pretty flowers.
    Have a great week.

  18. What a great finish! Love the addition of the leaves, are the edges raw or edged? The little mice are just adorable and I love the Dany stitch, I'm stitching white on a linen and wish I chose a darker linen, I love the color of yours, could you share which linen it is? Very striking. Your flowers are gorgous! Mary

  19. Oh I look forward to your color changes for Christmas. They sound lovely. Your finishes are sweet my friend.

  20. Great stitching and finishing!!! Perfect for this autumn and fast approaching Christmas!

  21. Such a pretty Fall finish, dear June! I love the colors and you have chosen the perfect fabric and embellishment. Your "Happy New Year" stitching looks great too! Love to see how you will finish this.
    The first frost? That early in the year? I hope that won't come to us, all my summer flower potts are still outside.

    Have a wonderful rest of the week, my dear friend!


  22. It is warm and nice here in the South of Italy...sweet as your Autumn finish by Cuore e Batticuore.

  23. Hi, June! Once again, a lovely post filled with lovely stitching and flowers. Take care, my friend.

  24. Love the idea of theming each room! I am sure your decorations look beautiful too.
    Love the fabric leaves that you attached to the little pillow. I have visited their website and rather like their designs too.

  25. Beautiful autumn colors stitching and you finish it beautifully. Your Christmas room theme colors sound wonderful. The mouse is too cute.

  26. I like how you appliqued? the leaves onto the little Cuore Battiecuore pillow, very nice autumn colors. I am looking forward to Christmas decorating, but hate how they start so early putting it out in stores.

  27. che bello l'ornamento di Cuore e batticuore, hai aggiunto le foglie, bravissima

  28. Hi June,
    thank you for visiting my blog. Your little girl is so cute, a beautiful small pillow!
    Hugs from Berlin, Jutta


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  31. Such pretty finishes June. The deer one is so lovely.

    Your plate is so sweet as is your mouse ornament.

    I keep saying I'm not going anymore Christmas ornaments but then we go to the local garden centre and I come home with something! I need to stop now as where I store it all is full. I've had to put one box under our bed!

  32. Very pretty autumn finish, the addition of the little leaves is perfect.

  33. Beautiful stitching! I love the look of the white on the rustic fabric on Happy New Year, it looks great.