Sunday, 1 October 2017


 Hi friends ,
We are back from a late summer holiday .
It feels so cold after being in the sun.
I have been busy and washing and ironing  and packing away.
We had a great time met so many new friends and caught up with old friends , now we are all relaxed we are ready for the Autumn and Winter.
I now need to start stitching some Christmas stitching .
I will pack away some of my WIPs for later but may work on one or two of them .
My PC needs a little work on it so will get that sorted this week.
I can't seem to read my emails or send them a few have gone but not all, when this is done I will catch up with you all.
So a big sorry until I get this sorted.
I have not stitched for a few weeks and can't wait to get back to it .
I did stitch on one of my WIPs the week before we were away , so will show you .

So many colour changes on this one.
Sarah Kay exclusive DMC.
From World of Cross Stitching mag.
Well better go and do more ironing DH is outside pulling out the bedding plants.
I will leave you with a couple of photos from where we stayed.

Many of the shops here are under ground .

Coming back on the plane we hit 95mph winds so yes a bit bumpy.
Well I can't leave you with out a couple of flowers now can I.

I will get back to you all soon once I am up and running with my emails , have a fun week . Can't wait to get my needle in my hand , so must get some Christmas stitching going , see you next week.


  1. Oh June, good for you and Ron! You two look so good and so relaxed and so happy. What a lovely time you had.

  2. Goad you've had a lovely holiday xxx batteries recharged :-) xx

  3. Awww! that looks like the perfect place to relax and recharge your batteries before winter :)
    Glad you had a good holiday. Love your Sarah Kay project

  4. Glad you had a good holiday June, it looks like a lovely place to stay. Yes autumn is definitely here.

  5. Good to read you have had some relaxation time in the sunshine.
    It's decidedly cold here today and damp!

  6. Hi June,
    it seems to been a great holiday, and the pictures looks great. A great holiday place and you look very recovered.
    I am happy you are back, best wishes - Martina

  7. I'm happy you are back.
    Wonderful photos from your holiday.
    The update on your stitching looks great. I love Sarah Kay. It is a memory of my childhood.
    Best wishes Manuela

  8. What a lovely place to stay! Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

  9. It looked a lovely place in your holiday photos xx

  10. Merci pour le partage chère June.
    Vous êtes très beaux et élégants tous les deux.
    Mille bisous et bonne rentrée

  11. I love the Sarah Kay cross stitch project and can't wait to see more.
    Remind me of so many memories of when I was younger :)

  12. June, what a lovely spot to vacation, you look so relaxed!! Lovely flowers and looking forward to seeing more of the sweet little girls. Mary

  13. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday. You both look so relaxed.

  14. What great vacation pics! Looking forward to seeing more of the Sarah Kay stitching....such a sweet design.

  15. June: Your vacation photos are beautiful.
    Thank-you for sharing with us.
    Your Sarah Kay design is so sweet.


  16. Sarah Kay è meravigliosa. Che bella che sei :)

  17. So nice to read you again, June. And you brought wonderful pictures from your vacation place. I must have been gorgeous there. And nice to see you and your hubby in some of he pictures.
    Great progress on your Sarah Kay project. These cross stitching magazines have wonderful big designs from time to time, don't they?

  18. Lovely holiday photos June and the Sarah Kay piece looks very pretty.

  19. It looks like such a wonderful spot to truly relax, June! So sorry about the bumpy plane ride, but glad you are safe at home. I don't enjoy flying, but have had to get used to it now that our son lives all the way across the United States :)

    Very pretty stitching--I'm sure you were so happy to get back to it once you returned from your holiday :) Happy October to you--it is just a gorgeous month here!

  20. It sounds that you have had a very nice time. Well done!

  21. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday, good to take time to relax. Great progress on your WIP. Have a good week.

  22. Lovely stitching I do like the orangy colours.I wish it was as warm here as it looks in your holiday photos :)

  23. That definitely wasn't an English holiday! How lovely to have some sun before the long winter ahead.
    Of course June always finds beautiful flowers to photograph where ever she goes!

  24. Wonderful photos of the hibiscus flowers, we can grow them here but they need a lot of watering. Love all the different colors. Looks like a fun vacation, though the bumpy flight did not sound fun.