Sunday, 15 October 2017


 Hello to all my followers , and thank you so much for the lovely comments from last week.

 Well we have worked in the garden all day today and I am so ready for a cup of tea and to put my feet up .
We have a hurricane coming in tomorrow so I needed to do more cutting back in the garden and put a few more bulbs in .
The weather is so mild at the moment and we still have lots of butterflies dancing around the garden, so I have left a few flowering plants in. I even saw a humming bird moth yesterday , now I have not seen one of these for a few years. 
I have two beautiful doves come to feed at 3.30 most days and my little robin and little wren have been playing in the garden .
All the black birds are back too they were missing for a couple of months. 

My hubby had another birthday , we are not going to say numbers any more ! just go with it at the moment we are still fit just hope it lasts . My ham string injury is better now just the odd little pain .
I must be better I climbed on top of the wall to cut back my plants today. 
We have been out a few times this week and went to a lovely Cheese and wine event the over night that was fun.

I have another finish to show you and a couple of projects I have finished stitching.
So here we go .
The finish first , this is my Autumn pin cushion .

                             Another lovely chart by Dany.

                  Naughty squirrel he just found an acorn.

                       Stitched on a cream 28 ct threads assortment from my box .          

                 Almost finished just a few stitches more .
                 LHN "Needle Lady Pocket "
The colour of the material is more like the top one I used again various threads .  

               All done, ready to make into a needle book.

I will make some Christmas hearts from these , Mini makes from CS Crazy mag .
         I picked a few more flowers from the garden.

And a few more left in the garden.

Won't be long to say good bye to the flowers .
Have a lovely week all .


  1. Belated Birthday wishes to your hubby :-) Oooh Cheese and wine evening sounds good - that might be tonights snacking!! Gorgeous stitching the mini makes are very cute xx I have a butterfly friend in the garden at the moment I feel it looks out for me to peg out the washing and then comes flitting by and then settles on the line, its lovely :-) enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a great week - stay safe if the storms come xx

  2. I will miss those lovely colours over the winter - flowers are so special.

  3. I love all your stitching, I too will miss your beautiful flowers. I hope you don't get hit too hard by that storm. hugs

  4. So many wonderful little stitching.
    Here is warm and sunny weather.
    Enjoy the sunday.
    Hugs, Manuela

  5. Stay safe with the approaching storm. Love the stitching and of course your garden flowers are beautiful.

  6. Pretty little autumn finish, we have squirrels here that are running amok in the garden and up the bird table!
    The yellow rose is so vibrant, that pic did make me think WOW
    Belated birthday wishes to hubby.
    Hope the storm is not as bad as they say it will be, its been quite dark and dismal here today.
    Have a lovely week, good to read the knee is much better. x

  7. Beautiful stitching I love the little squirrel.Your garden is still so colourful.
    We are in the North and it looks like the storm is heading over here with a vengence,I hope not and I hope it is not as fierce as has been forecasted in other parts of the country.
    Hope you have a good and not too blowy week.

  8. Oh, I'll bet you'll miss your pretty flowers when they are gone, June! I hope the storm isn't too bad in your part of the country! It is so scary all of the horrible natural disasters that are going on in the world. Those horrible wildfires in California are so heartbreaking after all the damage from the hurricanes and earthquakes elsewhere...

    Love your little squirrel piece and your other finish is just lovely, as well. And what cute little hearts those will make :)

    Take care now and stay safe, my friend!

  9. June you always have such lovely stitches and beautiful flowers. Belated birthday wishes to your husband. I hope he had a great day. I really love the LHN stitches and the squirrel is adorable. I can't pick a favorite. Stay safe! RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  10. Love all your little stitcheries, you manage to get so many completed. Always love your flowers and they seem to be still giving you good displays. Gosh I hope the storm doesn't get too bad, so many bad things happening on our planet earthquake, hurricanes, floods. Our Spring in N.Z. has not been very nice and is still very cool temperature wise. Hope you have a good week and so glad your pain is going or gone from your injury.

  11. Merci pour toutes ces belles broderies colorées et pour les fleurs magnifiques.
    Profite bien de la douceur du temps ma chère June.
    Je t'embrasse et te souhaite une bonne semaine.

  12. bellissimi i ricami e anche l'idea dei cuori per Natale

  13. I hope the hurricane won't destroy anything in your garden. We also have some wonderful weather here, sunshine and warmth, just perfect for some garden work.
    Nice new stitching projects, June. That autumn pincushion looks so nice. And so does the needle chart that you already finished stitching.

  14. The squirrel is not the only naughty one over there!! You climbed the wall again June?! Now, now. What are we going to do with you? You be careful! No more injuries. We love you too much! Your stitching is so sweet. Love the dotted fabric my friend.

  15. Oh June, what lovely little stiches, i love the little squirrel, it has to be stitched in autumn.
    And you have so many flowers in your garden - great.
    Have a nice day.

  16. Great finishes, your Autumn pillow is lovely. Pretty flowers still blooming in your garden with a beautiful arrangement inside. Have a good week.

  17. June: Happy Birthday to your husband.
    Love the pillow so sweet, the Needles design is adorable.
    As always your floral photos are stunning.
    Stay safe in that weather that is heading your way.


  18. Oh how I love all your stitchings, June. I think I am still a "smalls"-addict. Expecially the Christmas minis are looking so cute. But the little squirrel with the acorn-charm also touched my heart. Oh I need to stitch something. Soon.
    Thank you for showing all these lovely works, dear friend.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week .... and happy belated birthday wishes to your dear husband.


  19. Great stitching and finishing! The little squirrel is just so cute!!

  20. Lovely stitching, as always......hope the storm wasn’t as bad as anticipated. I’ll be watching for your next update.

  21. hai le mani d'oro, escono sempre cose bellissime da te!
    è solo un piacere passare di qui a salutarti
    un abbraccio

  22. Lots of little favorite is the ccn “ Needle Lady Pocket “ and the little doily crocheted :-))

  23. Love the Needle Lady Pocket and the little squirrel, very seasonal.