Thursday, 7 December 2017


 Hello friends , 
Oh my it's been so busy here with everything , I knew it would be but now I am catching up a little so thought I would pop in to say hello.
It's been a fun few weeks but it had it's sadness too.
We had a fun time at club with our last couple of meeting . 
I stitched lots of ornaments but no time to finish them so I will finish them next year , I hate rushing things.
Are you ready for Christmas ? 
I am getting there just a few more gifts to wrap and a pile of cards that keep looking at me and I keep looking back at them saying yes I will be with you soon.
I was so lucky today to receive some beautiful gifts from our friend Andrea  and it came just at the right time after our sad week to lift my spirits .

                      Such beautiful stitching and finish .

                            A beautiful hand made card 

     And some lovely threads even var's ones to go with the chart 
Thank you so much Andrea for your kindness .
Do you always start a new book in January to keep your stitching notes , I do most years . So this year here is my 2018 note book.

               A Single Rose So Sweet by Tokens and Trifles

Thanks to my sweet friend Reba who brought me these  token cards.
Just wanted to show you these Christmas cards that were given to me this week.
 This one is the work of one of my club members Lily she made cards from her own work that she stitched how cool is that.

  This one below is a small medieval town not far from where we live .    Totnes , has many cute shops I love going there .

Well my friends I will be back soon , we have lots of Carol services tomorrow and next week . Enjoy your time before Christmas .
They are saying we may have snow tomorrow ! 
Thank you for the lovely comments you leave me , makes me happy you care . Bless you all.


  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely :-) - keep an eye out for postie next week :-) I'm slowly getting organised. Why is it you feel yes, I'm organised and I know what Im doing and then boom everything just goes pear shaped :-( anyhoo, we'll get there in the end we always do xxx hugs xxx

  2. Hello

    What a beautiful blog! I love your stitching passed post - it's a treat to see what you've made. A very pretty gift from your friend and I love your new stitching book. Happy stitching.

  3. Here is a HUG to cheer you my dear June. I am sorry you have been sad. Oh my! I just love A Single Rose So Sweet! Wow! How pretty.

  4. Lovely ornament from Andrea and those cards are beautiful. I wonder if the weatherman will get it right about the snow.

  5. June, I'm sorry to hear that you have had some sad times recently. I am sure that receiving those beautiful cards have brightened your day. The applique card is so beautiful, will you frame it? Is the token card the perforated oval made for stitching? I think that is a lovely cover for your stitching journal. What a lovely gift from Andrea, the stitch is beautifully finished. The pattern she sent is a sweet one too. Stitching friends are the best!!

  6. So sorry to hear it was a week of sadness for you June. Glad your spirits were lifted by such a lovely gift from Andrea and the prettiest of cards from some of your other friends. I truly love your notebook to start the new year. Mary and I have two in the making to start the year off too. I love everything that you do and always enjoy my visits with you. RJ

  7. Andrea's makes are always a delight!
    You've received a beautiful handmade card from your friend
    Take care and wishing all the best for the festive season.

  8. Lovely gifts and cards June,the handmade cards are very special.I like Totnes too,I know it well.I used to live in Exmouth and my grandparents lived in Dartmouth.
    Hope you have happy times ahead.

  9. Все очень красивое и интересное!!!

  10. Beautiful gifts and cards.
    Andrea's work is always so perfectly finished.
    Enjoy your Goodies!

  11. Wonderful gift and cards.
    Andrea has made a bautiful ornament.
    Have a nice weekend.

  12. Lily has made the most incredible card, so much work. I am sending hugs and prayers for you and hoping that life will be more uplifting and not so sad. x

  13. Love your gifts and cards, warm wishes.

  14. Hi June, big hug, being sad is not nice. How wonderful are the gifts of Andrea, and all the adorable cards. You will certainly cheer you up a bit.
    Have a nice weekende, Martina

  15. hello, June! your gift from Andrea was beautiful, like most of your embroidery!! I can't wait seeing your ornaments, I know they will be wonderful! have a nice time before Christmas, enjoy your days!! kisses. titty

  16. Sorry to hear the has been sadness in your past weeks. Hope the coming ones will be cheerful for you.
    Lovely lovely stitching!
    Have a great weeknd

  17. I'm sorry to hear you have had some sadness recently, June--always so hard, but especially so around Christmas time. That was a wonderful gift from Andrea--sometimes it's the little things that help us get through the sad times.

    Your stitching journal for 2018 is so pretty! I only keep my notes in one notebook that goes back about 7 years or so--not nearly as pretty as yours :)

    I just love the card Lily made--so creative and unusual!

    Enjoy your weekend and try not to get stressed about Christmas preparations (I need to take my own advice!!)... Hugs from the U.S.

  18. Hi June: so sorry to hear you have had sadness.
    Love the gifts Andrea sent you.
    Your journal is love, and to have a stitched design on the front great idea.


  19. So sorry to hear that you have a sad week behind you, dear June.But ggod to know that even during sad times there are people who cheer us up. So nice to from Andrea to send you this beautiful ornament. And all the great Christmas cards that you received.
    I don't start a new stitching journal, I just continue my old one as it still holds many pages for the years to come.

  20. Such lovely cards, and a lovely ornament from Andrea. I'm sorry to hear you've had a sad week. Many warm thoughts are sent your way x

  21. Don’t talk about sad things: I have broken my left foot :-(( so I am sad since November 2th. So thank you for your posts and pictures. I like the card about Totnes. I have some from Bury St Edmunds.
    Hope all was good with your Carol service, last day,

  22. The quilted card is just gorgeous. Your 2018 stitching journal is lovely. Take care.

  23. What Lovely Gifts you received from your the beautiful cards as well. Your Stitching Journal is so very beautiful...I love this.

    Take care & God Bless
    Linda K, Buttercup

  24. Hello June, love your stitching journal. I start one off then don't continue after a while. Don't really know why. I started one this year and went great guns until March then the rest of the year got left. I have been stitching and intend starting new projects next year, biggish ones.Your Merry Christmas ornament is a dear wee ornament for the tree or a bowl/basket. Take care.

  25. So sorry to hear you've had some sadness June. I'm sure the package from Andrea lifted your spirits. The ornament is beautiful and I love the rose design she chose for you.

    I don't keep a notebook but I definitely want one after seeing yours! I have some lovely notebooks that I've been gifted by fellow stitchers so maybe I will start next year?

  26. I absolutely love your note book design, it reminds me so much of Cath Kidston. And I love your new header picture of the poinsetta too, so festive!

  27. Such lovely gifts from Andrea, I love the charms!
    hose token cards are great, I like that you added it to your notebook.
    The quilted card is so beautiful, it would be perfect to frame!

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  29. Gorgeous gift from Andrea. Pretty book for your stitching notes, I usually start a stitching journal each year too. lovely pattern.

  30. I just love A Single Rose So Sweet! Wow! How pretty...

  31. Bellissimi! Tanti cari auguri di buon Natale anche a te e alla tua famiglia ♥