Sunday, 31 December 2017


 Hello friends ,
Did you have a lovely Christmas ? I did ,  but a cold left me with no taste and still no taste and all that lovely food I was so looking forward too.
On top of that my crown fell out so a quick visit to the dentist and I was sorted  I was so very lucky they were only open for a few hours .
So I don't think I have put much weight on I think I have lost weight .

I have enjoyed my time at home and we have watched lots of TV I found a series of my books I use to read Cedar Cove , we both enjoyed watching these , we took it in turns my hubby had on what he wanted on when I stitched and I had what I wanted on later.
The weather has not been very nice so sitting by the fire has been enjoyable .
Now I am planning out my stitching year and will let you know what I am planning next time.
But for now here are a few gifts I was so lucky to receive by lovely friends .
But first a little fluffy stitch for Barb.

A little ornament  I stitched up for Barb , I know she loves sheep.

The material is the one I backed it with .

Part of a chart from Homespun Elegance  called Merry Eweies.
Stitched on 28ct green with DMC threads 

Gifts from Nathalie  Thank you so much my friend lots of lovely goodies.

                           From Reba more lovely goodies I have been do spoiled

            I love this chart this will be one on my New Year list. And more from Reba

                                            Wow so much thank you .

                                          More and even more from Reba.

                 Thank you Reba you have been a good friend for so many years , and always spoil me .

                                   Above and below from my friend Barb . Another lovely chart to stitch next year .

I love the heart Barb .

                        Above from little mouse  I have been spoiled again from friends

Above from my friend Nancy a lovely scarf I have worn twice already .

                                   Above and below from my friend Ali , lovely stitched card and wonderful gifts.

                         This is my clubs swap gift from Liz thank you love everything

And below from one of my youngest GGS .
Sent me his little hand prints .

And a pot plant we brought miss my flowers so much.

Thank you to all my followers and readers this year .
Your lovely comments keep me going knowing there are friends out there who enjoy looking at my work and helping each other when we have stitching problems .
Thank you for all the wonderful gifts, charts  and cards this Christmas and throughout  the year .
You are all so very kind just the best friends .
I have made so many friends since blogging and we all care for each other in our ups and down times we are like a extra big family , and pick each other up when we have some life changing times .
I am looking forward to another year blogging and will be back with my New Years stitching plans ,
I try and make each year , sometimes I don't hit my goals or even get started with them but who cares .
I do hit some goals and do get some started , life gets in the way now and again but we start again.
There is just something about getting a new chart and sorting out the colour threads ready to start in these cold winter months and oh boy does it relax you I go into another world and just 30 Min's stitching I feel so good .
Well my friends I would like to wish you all a wonderful  NEW YEAR
Lets hope it's a good one for all , and my friends who are not to well lets hope the doctors can work some magic to make you feel better in 2018 .


  1. Oh June, such sweet stitching and gifts! I value our friendship so much dear. You take good care of yourself. Happy New Year!

  2. Lovely gifts and stitching. Love the hand prints. have a Happy New Year love Lynda Ruth and Dave. big hugs dear friend

  3. what fantastic gifts!
    happy New Year!

  4. Dearest June, you deserve to be spoiled! Thank you for another lovely post
    Have a very Happy New Year

  5. I really enjoy reading your blog, may your blogging mojo continue in 2018, so I have lots of great posts and lovely stitching to see.

  6. What a lovely lot of gifts June, and I just love the hand print picture your GGD did, so precious. I have a picture in a frame that my middle daughter drew for my birthday when she was about 8 years old and I love it :-)
    I hope hope that you have a great 2018, I enjoy visiting your blog and seeing what you have been making, thank you for the comments you leave on mine too, they are very much appriciated.

  7. Wonderful gifts! Happy New Year to you and your family.

  8. Such a lovely post June, A very happy new year to you both and thankyou for brightening the weeks through the year. So many lovely gifts for such a lovely lady. xx

  9. Lots of lovely things to add to your stash collection and use during the coming months with your stitching and crafting, kind friends.
    Wishing you a year filled with good time June.
    Thank you for your support during 2017 xxx

  10. June: I am so sad you were not feeling well, I hope you are better, ouch a crown, you were so lucky they were open.
    Love all your gifts, that ornament to Barb is adorable.
    I hope you have a beautiful New Years eve, stay warm, it only minus 1 degree here today.


  11. Happy new year, lovely gifts to add to your stash, so you can do a lot of new projekts.
    Hugs, Martina

  12. Happy New Year, June.
    Wonderful gift from your friends.
    I'm looking for your stitching plans.
    Hugs, Manuela

  13. Lovely gifts both sent and received
    Happy New Year

  14. You really can't beat the food at this place; they have the best vegetarian meals and the most adorable dishes for the kids. The service at venue NYC also was impeccable. The salad I had for dinner was delicious as well as the scallop appetizer. The main course of filet mignon and dessert soufflé was also awesome!

  15. You have sent and received really lovely gifts,I love your great grandson’s special painting :)
    Wishing you a very Happy New Year

  16. Happy New Year June xxx I'm hoping I have a more crafty 2018 ;-) xxx Enjoy playing with your new goodies xxx

  17. Lovely gifts. I hope you get over that cold soon! Happy New Years :)

  18. Beautiful gifts. Have a blessed new year.

  19. Such wonderful gifts from your friends, stitched ones and also other goodies. And the charts you received will keep you busy stitching for a while. Enjoy everything.
    To you and yours, dear June, a Happy and Healthy New Year!

  20. My many wonderful gifts!

  21. Happy New Year June! I hope you have a wonderful and blessed 2018'. I love that sheep ornament you made for is so sweet. And look at all of those wonderful gifts for such a kind and sweet lady. They are well deserved. RJ

  22. Happy New Year and happy cross stitch :-)), June!

  23. Oh, what lovely gifts you received from friends around the world, June--you are well loved and so special to all of us!

    I'm so sorry to read about your tooth and illness, but am happy that you don't have to diet like the rest of us this month :) I sure hope you are feeling better by now and enjoying some cozy winter days of stitching and looking through your stash--happy times indeed!! Hugs from the U.S.

  24. Such a lovely gift for Barb, and such amazing gifts from your friends. Happy New Year! x

  25. I hope you enjoy all of your lovely gifts! I hope you've had a wonderful start to the new year :)