Sunday, 28 January 2018


Hello friends ,
 How are we today , I feel better after my head cold .
Well my garden thinks it is Spring and it's not it's still January . I just looked outside and more plants are coming alive I will have to show you next time.  but will show you what came out last week .
But first up you want to know who the WINNER of the snowman is drum roll please ..................
It's Shirley from NEW ZEALAND congrats Shirley you will enjoy stitching this one, and thank you to all who emailed there will always be more through out the year.
Thank you also to our dear friend Sally .
Ok moving on to my stitching it's been a up and down week of stitching with my head cold but happy to say I am better now , it would make me so giddy at times I could not sew .
But I did manage to do some stitching and a finish .
So first my finish , I wanted to make a box just for my packs of needles , I have many lovely needle books , some have been made by wonderful friends.
But it is nice to keep the others in their packs . So I was looking for a small box that is not to deep and I found one in my craft room , my DH goes mad because I keep everything well why not ha.
Any way here it is .

                    Needle Lady Pocket by LHN  stitched on a raw 32 evenweave and mixture of threads .
           I set it on to a gold box that was just the right size and for holding my needle packages.

My cherries will take a rest now so I can work on one of my other UFOs for Feb
This way I never get tired of what I am stitching and it's fun.
Dh came home with more flowers this week  it really does lift your spirits having flowers all around you.

 And in the garden .

A Christmas rose about to open

                         Snow drops just coming out and crocus .

They have taken allot with the rain and winds .
But so mild here today.
 But these flowers below should not be open yet.


I could not believe it when my DH said they were out .

Thank you for all your lovely comments have a fun week .
I am just going to do some lunch and then get ready for an hours bird watch , like many of you are doing today .


  1. I agree with you June, flowers do lift the spirits, they never fail. I'm so amazed that your camellia is blooming. I've tried to keep a camellia several times but it's just too cold up here with us.

  2. Oh your little needle lady is wonderful June. And your flowers! Wow!

  3. LOVE your new needle box!!!

  4. Glad you are feeling better. Lovely stitching makes and congratulations to the winner too xxx

  5. Great stitching and a simple but fab idea having a needle box :-) I haven't ventured into our garden as it is waterlogged :-( but need to get out and check what seeds I can get sorted xxx big hugs xx

  6. Piękne hafty. U nas też już wiosna w ogrodach.

  7. The little needle pocket design is beautiful, a super finish to hold your needles.
    No flowers on my camellia, buds are still tightly shut ... loved seeing your flowers. Its been a nice warm sunny day today, so much better after the recent rain and winds
    Enjoy your week June, good to read your cold has finally left you. xx

  8. Love the needles finish. Just look at those blooms....lovely.

  9. Flowers, flowers every where I love them. Your box is fantastic. Glad you are better. We have had all our snow melt because of some rain, but it is still cold out. hugs

  10. Wonderful finish. Happy Stitching at your WIP.
    I like the tulips and the daffodils.
    Have a nice new week. Manuela

  11. June: What a sweet needle box, the stitched design is perfect.
    Cherries is a lovely stitch, I look forward to seeing the finish.
    Your flowers as always are beautiful.


  12. The finish on your box is lovely June, perfect. A really great idea, I would like to use your idea as I'm a hoarder of pretty boxes which are filling up places in a spare wardrobe and have a perfect box just for that. Thank you for the idea. Thank you so much for the giveaway. I blinked and looked twice at seeing my name appear.Thank you and also thank you Sally for the gifting of the chart. I will stitch it when it arrives and send you a photo June.I think it's a lovely design.I love flowers and love having them inside. It's a real pleasure to see yours every time you blog and show your garden or vase of prettiness. Have a wonderful week and kick that cold to Arizona. Hugs.

  13. Love your idea of a box for all your needles, might have to make one myself. Love your stitching that you put on the box top, and I'm glad your feeling better from your cold.

  14. June, I love your sweet needle lady. She looks perfect for the top of your needle box. It is such a great idea too. Love your other stitches too...pretty! And all of your flowers are so beautiful...I especially love the tulips which are one of my very favorite flowers. Glad you are feeling better and happy stitching. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  15. I can't keep my eyes of the cute teddy ! You finish the box beautifully and the WIP look great.
    The blooms from your garden are simply gorgeous as always and I can't decide which is prettiest, the tulips or the camellia. Have a beautiful week ahead

  16. Oh what a lovely little finish, a sweet little needle lady. And a nice for a needle box. You have so many flowers in your garden, i can only find snow drops in mine.
    Have a good week.
    Hugs, Martina

  17. I like your Needle Lady,so pretty.
    Your flowers are very welcome in what has been a month of incessant rain here in nw England.
    Glad you are feeling better:)

  18. I love the pretty yellow of your Needle Lady and lovely flowers in your garden already - how gorgeous.

  19. WOW che belli i tuoi ricami! E adoro i tulipani :)

  20. Lovely, lovely tulips from your husband, June! I can't believe how many things are blooming in your garden already--lucky you. Our snow had melted, but last night we got a fresh four inches of the white stuff :(

    Just love your little box finish for your needles. I should do more box finishes--I always admire them when others make them. Love your cherries, too--will look forward to seeing more stitched on them after they rest for a while.

    Hope you have a lovely month of February, June!

  21. I need spring. Your flowers are so pretty. The needle piece is so cute.

  22. Such a pretty box finish. Your flowers are beautiful and so many blooms already. I was looking out of the kitchen window the other day and I spotted snowdrops starting to appear.

  23. A lovely needlebox, and such lovely flowers too! x

  24. So wonderful to see all the blooming flowers in your garden. I wish we had them here as well. But there's still snow ...
    Good to read that you feel better and can stitch again. I love the box for the needles you stitched and finished.
    Nice progress on your cherries.

  25. The needle box looks perfect, what a great idea. It still doesn't feel much like Spring, hopefully it will warm up soon :)