Sunday, 21 January 2018


Hello friends how are you all  ?  Where did this last week go !
Sunday is my day , I don't like to do much work on a Sunday but catch up on things and rest .
So here we are again time for another post and a giveaway thanks to Sally.

I know lots of you have had such cold weather and I must  say our weather is really not to bad  this week ok we have showers but with  the showers comes rainbows and yesterday must be a record.
We were watching football and I said to DH look at that rainbow it was so big and bright  outside our front , and wait for it it stayed there for 34 mins WOW most times they just go at the blink of the eye ,  I kept one eye on it and the other on the football DH said take a photo but I didn't want to miss the football I said I will in the break well it left just before by 7 mins .

The other wonderful thing happened this morning I looked out of the back bedroom window because I could hear some funny sounds , and there in a tree was the biggest buzzard and all the birds were dive bombing him then the seagulls started by then he was fed up with it all and flew right over my bedroom  window so I could see all his lovely colours on his wings and under his body it was so wonderful.

Well I had a bit of a head cold this week and could not see to stitch very well  my eyes and head hurt so much .
But the last part of this week was much better , so here is a new finish .

Sally sent me this chart so now thanks to Sally I can offer it has a giveaway .
So if you would like this chart let me know and next week I will put all names into the hat to see who the winner will be.

Snowman ' 10 
By Lizzie * Kate 
Stitched on 32 evenweave using DMC threads 

Now it's been so hard to stitch on the stocking when DH is around , it will be better in the summer months but I made a start .

I am using adia because it is a little firmer .
Look at the last post to see a picture .
 Two sweet gifts came this week .
First a lovely little new year card .

Thank you so much Debbie so nice of you so send all the way from Canada .
And from Catherine such a lovely sweet gift .

Such pretty bead work , it is amazing love the soft colour and he will now hang on my bird tree.

Thank you Debbie and Catherine.

 From my lovely girls at my club what a wonderful gift .

So sweet thank you my friends .

Talking of flowers we went out for lunch after our shopping last week and I saw snowdrops out and in a few garden's daffodils ready to open ! 
So when I got back I rushed up the garden to see if my snowdrops were out but no .
In stead I found a lonely crocus .

There were two but the slugs or birds had been eating the heads.

But we did buy the first bunch of Daffodils this year .

And here are my hyacinths my friend Mary brought me for Christmas the smell is just wonderful in the porch .

 I will leave you with a book I have been reading,  I so enjoy reading these books by Debbie and watching the TV series of Cedar Cove on TV this last Christmas. 

Once again dear friends thank you for your kindness and your lovely comments .
Have a happy week .


  1. Your snowman pillow is so sweet. Your crocus won't be alone for long I think.

  2. Love your stitching, and the flowers. Spring is my favorite time of year!

  3. I love Debbie Macomber books. She is such a feel good writer, I enjoy her stories every time. Daffodils are so lovely, will keep my eyes peeled to try and get an early bunch. Beautiful stitch make as always. Xxx

  4. Hi June, What luck did you have - to see a buzzard so close? This is only available at the zoo here. I hope you feel better again. Oh yes, a nice finish for the snowman, I like that.
    Hugs Martina

  5. Oh my - hope your cold is gone by now....and what sweet gifts! Love your snowman!!

  6. your snowman by lizzie Kate has been finished in a marvellous way, with that blue fabric and White lace! I love the contrast of blue and White. It gives energy! we need a lot of energy in winter time! love your flowers, as usual!!!! have a nice week! titty

  7. Your snowman finish is beautiful (as always, all your finishes are beautiful)!!! I will pass on the giveaway as I do have this chart in my stash :) Have a lovely week.

  8. The snowman looks wonderful. You have made a lovely finish.
    Your new start looks beautiful.
    Have a nice new week.
    Hugs, Manuela

  9. I love to see the Spring flowers June, it reminds me that Spring is hopefully not too far away. We've had more heavy snow falling again today but it's set to go very quickly thank goodness.

  10. Your snowman is jus perfect, I love the way you have finished it, the colours of the fabric and lace set it off really well. x

  11. Love your snowman and your finish is beautiful as always. Love the pictures of your flowers, just waiting on spring and for all my plants to start growing, something about daffodils just want to make me smile, they are like a smiling face looking back at you.

  12. What a sweet snowman and you did a fine job finishing. How brilliant yellow those daffies are! I have not seen them for sale here yet.

  13. What a happy time for you and some friends--love all those flowers--I miss spring flowers, we don't get them here in Florida unless you buy some in a store--none grow outside--!!!
    and what a charming snow fellow you stitched--how cute--
    enjoy, di

  14. Love your snowman but will pass on your giveaway, hope you feel better now.

  15. I'm sorry to read you've had a cold, June! That really slows you down, doesn't it? But, your snowman looks so cute--what a happy guy :)

    Nature provided you with some lovely moments this week--how wonderful! I just love looking out at my yard, even in this snow. I always see some amazing bird or animal or a beautiful sky :)

    Take care now--and get well soon!!

  16. Such a sweet finish on your snowman! I hope you're feeling fully recovered from your cold this week.

  17. At Christmas I have a little corner of snowmen ornaments,some are stitched and `Snowman #10` would fit in so well so please add me in. Love your finish of him too. Happy Stitching.

  18. J'espère que tu ne souffres plus ma chère June.
    Ici, les perce-neige sont sortis de terre malgré la pluie et le froid.
    Je t'embrasse et te souhaite une belle semaine.

  19. Sunday is my favourite day of the week. I get to cook and stitch and relax before a fresh week starts. Lovely stitching, I would love to throw my name in the hat for the Lizzie Kate chart, the snowman is so charming :)

  20. Always beautiful your sunday with all your craft and flowers have happy week

  21. Hi there June,what a lovely post as usual full of wonderful stitching and finishing ideas to drool over. The primroses are lovely in your header as well as your vase of daffodils. Hope you have a lovely week and that cold has left you now.

  22. You have already nice flowers and I like the colors of your little pillow.

  23. What a beautiful post as always June. I have stitched this lovely snowman, he's one of my favourites.

  24. Lovely post June, how lovely to see the bright colour of the Spring flowers, it always gives me such happiness. I love flowers and also love that Izzie Kate design. It's lovely. I would love to be entered into the draw. Thankyou and have a good week.

  25. I love the retro colors in this snowman. Very sweet finish!

  26. I do love your snowman June. He is so happy and you finished him perfectly. Such lovely gifts you received. I love the color Catherine used on your pretty beaded ornament. Your flowers are beautiful and bring so much beauty into your home. Love how you spend your Sundays...great idea. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  27. Lovely snowman stitching and finishing June.
    No sign of Spring in our garden just yet, still getting quite dreary weather.

    Please don't enter my name in the draw for the chart as I have this one in my stash already.

    have a good week, hope your cold is better.

  28. Oh, I can easily understand you on Sunday. I also try to do only me-things on Sunday, nothing else, and particularly no household chores, lol.
    That's such a beautiful new winter ornament that you stitched. And your finishing is a dream. you couldn't have found a better fabric and lace for it.
    Enjoy all the lovely gifts from your friends.

  29. Hello, June, from a Kentucky admirer of your beautiful blog. I'm an unabashed Anglophile who has yet to visit your country (but it's my dream). I have to content myself with British literature, Brit TV (I love BBC and ITV), and 'Downton Abbey' reruns. Anyway, I would love for you to place my name in the hat for the giveaway. Thank you. Email me at

  30. Hello June,
    very nice photos, I love all designs from Lizzie Kate, your snowman is so cute.
    And you have spring!!!!
    Happy stitching, Jutta

  31. Spring flowers are always so cheerful looking! Love your stitching.

  32. He's a cute snowman, your finish is fabulous as always June.
    Debbie Macomber is very popular at the book group, she does write a nice easy read story you can loose yourself in.
    A spring flower already, lucky you.. I think the squirrels have been stealing my bulbs this year, we planted lots in the autumn but they don't seem to be there :-(
    Hope your head cold is better
    Have a lovely week dear June x

  33. che bello il pupazzo di neve! Adoro Lizzie Kate

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  35. A cute snowman and finished so wonderfully. I do hope you are feeling better. I seem to be surrounded by people with the cough and cold that is going around. touch wood I haven't had it....yet.
    Have a good week.

  36. I love you’ve finished the snowman June. He looks lovely.

    Your flowers look so pretty. I noticed I have one lone snowdrop in the garden. I always seem to have such problems with them not growing very well.

  37. Wonderful gifts from your friends and lovely delicate bead work. I like your snowman ornament and the pretty finish. Gorgeous daffodils to brighten this sad month of January.

  38. Hello June: I love Debbie Macomber, she is one of my favorite writers I have read almost all her books, I have not read this one yet but will look it up soon.
    Your Snowman is adorable, finishing it into a pillow is perfect.
    I am so happy you like the beaded ball.