Sunday, 14 January 2018


Hello to all my friends ,
Hope you are now stitching away into the New Year , I have been stitching away when I have had the time.
This week I have received two Christmas gifts how lucky I am to have such beautiful gifts .
One from Italy and one from the US .
It is always so exciting to open gifts from aboard the wrapping paper , cards and gifts are always so different and I get so excited , my DH said your like a little girl when you get a package ha.
 Our weather this week has not been too bad, one day of bad frost one day of sunshine and most days dull .
Stitching I have a new finish , and have been working on my WIPs and a few gifts can't show these just yet .
Well I have made a start on my DH stocking which I will show you next week . It's been hard to stitch and keep it a secret when he looks over I have to stick a book on top .
I may have to work on it when he is out from now on .
I am also stitching away on my UFO and will be until the end of the month and then I will take a rest from it and pick another one up.
My new start is also growing which again will show you next week .
I had my last Christmas meal last Tuesday night with my club and it was so yummy .
So now for me the NEW YEAR really starts .

So here we are with my 2nd Christmas stitching of the new year I started this at the New Year love the sweet chart from Casa Mia .

32 ct and DMC  threads 
And some of Carol's lovely trim she sent me at Christmas time.

                                  I backed it with this lovely material I do love spots .

Lovely Spring mag below I brought this week .


Lovely gifts from my lovely friend Titty from Italy .
Halloween and Christmas 

                                                    Titty made both of these beauties .

 Lovely lace ornament and such beautiful Materials in this box take a look below.

Thank you Titty so much I love everything . 

 And another gift came it was so much like Christmas had come back again .

From my wonderful friend Karen from the USA 

 More Wonderful goodies , and below
Karen those chocolates were so yummy  Love the kit and the tea , beautiful cards 
Lovely scarf and how cute is this picture  it lights up at night and twinkles love it .

Thank you all my friends to everyone who sent me gifts , cards and beautiful emails .
I have had a wonderful holiday Thank You .
Just a quick look outside , Spring is on it's way and there is movement out there.

Have a Happy stitching week my friends and thank you again for all your lovely comments .


  1. Hi June, A really pretty motive, the little girl and the fat snowman. And a great finish.
    You got very nice presents, and I am like a little child too, for gifts you are never too old.
    Hugs, Martina

  2. Hello June,
    wonderful little finish. Very cute winter motiv.
    Two beautiful gifts from your friend.
    Have a nice new week.
    Hugs, Manuela

  3. Lovely gifts and lovely stitching - all quiet here again on the stitching front lol but I will get started honest :-) enjoy the little bit of weekend left xxx

  4. Lovely gifts, and such a cute finish. So happy you had a wonderful time and some yummy dinners during the holidays :)
    Have a very relaxing evening

  5. I always envy you the fact that you are so far ahead of us when it comes to the seasons - everything here is very grey and bleak and with snow to come this week it's going to get worse:-) Have a good week June.

  6. Oh the little girl and her snowman are just darling!! What wonderful gifts you received June. Look at your garden! Oh my. Nothing but bitter wind and cold here.

  7. Hi June: I had a tough time hiding the stocking I did for Mike, he was so curious.
    Love that pillow it is so beautiful, the trim and linen fabric are perfect for that design.
    I love your gifts, you are very well loved.
    As always your floral photos are beautiful.


  8. Love your pillow and the picture on the corner of your magazine, the lady looks pretty to stitch. Happy stitching.

  9. Hurray for spring! I love your pillow with the spotty fabrics. Lovely gifts from abroad, I know what you mean about the card and wrapping, it's so much fun.

  10. Le primule, è già primavera! Belli i regali e il tuo ricamo

  11. Nice cross stitch and flowers and much lovely colors :-))

  12. Always nice when gifts arrive and they are so very nice. Love your sweet finish. The garden looks promising with it's new growth appearing...feel good feelings.

  13. Lovely gifts and your Casa Mia project is very pretty.
    It is good to see some colour in your garden,I am looking out for signs of growth,it's colder here so I shall have to be patient.I will enjoy your photos:)

  14. A sweet finish and lovely gifts from your friends.
    We have daffodils starting to grow in our garden and pansies are already out.

  15. Pretty ornament finish and lovely gifts from your friends

  16. June, Your Casa mia stitch is charming and beautifully finished. So nice to see cheerful flowers!! Such thoughtful gifts you received!

  17. June I love your new stitch and how you finished it. I've been wanting to do that stitch for a long time and you totally convinced me how pretty it is. Lovely gifts from your friends. Hope you are enjoying the new year. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  18. Sweet finish, the spotty fabric is lovely
    Your bulbs are coming up lovely, mine would be too if the squirrel didn't like the taste of them!
    Have a lovely week June xx

  19. What a wonderful finish and the spotty fabric is gorgeous! You received such lovely gifts too.

  20. Cute stitchy finish, I love dotty fabric too.
    Your bulbs are a little ahead of mine, although i did spot the crocus just peeping through yesterday.

  21. Love the cushion at the top- I really must make an effort to do more Christams themed stitching this year.

  22. Looks like spring has sprung in your part of England, June! Lucky you :) We are still under 9 inches of snow with frigid temperatures... I don't ever remember a winter this cold!

    Love your little girl--I stitched her, too, and she is one of my favorites. So glad the lace I sent you has come in handy :)

    Nice gifts--you are certainly well-loved, my friend! Hope your garden just keeps popping out new little green shoots day after day--what fun that must be :)

  23. Love the pillow, the lace and spotted fabric set it off perfectly. Wonderful gifts. Doesn't look like Spring here, we've had sleet this morning!
    Have a good weekend.

  24. Such a wonderful little finish, June. I really love the motif. And I also love dotted fabrics, the ones for stitching on and the ones for backing.
    It's totally amazing for me to see the pictures from your garden. And compare them to what I see when I look outside the window - everything snow-covered here, and the first spring flowers at your place. Enjoy the lovely flowers.