Saturday, 17 February 2018


Dear friends,
Hope you are enjoying you day , it's been very nice here this morning and I worked in the garden for an hour this morning . It's a bit early but I needed to get outside in the fresh air and I loved it.
So this week has been a crazy busy week lots of appointments, our date day out for lunch and yesterday I went with a few friends to the craft and stitching show.
Not allot of cross stitching there but I brought some lovely bits and bobs.
Thank you for your lovely comments last week you really are the best friends. 
So first up a little gift I stitch for a lovely lady who is catching up with me, ha.
I stitched this one for Barb I know she just loves sheep .
little abc's sheep folk art pottery .
From Cross Country Stitching magazine Feb 25 2003 

Stitched on a 28ct cream even weave with dmc threads.
Just a few things I brought yesterday at the show.

I did buy some thing new that I can show you soon that's what the paint is for , so watch this space.

This book is lovely I had to buy it .
Here are a few pages from inside.

We had a lovely Valentines .

No red roses I wanted these daffodil's and they are fragrant 

  And here in all it's glory one of my favorite plants

 Have a wonderful weekend all I am ready I sit and stitch
now, or shall I knit ! one or the other.



  1. I bought that book many years ago June, it's got so many pretty designs. Your flowers are lovely as always.

  2. I love the sheep stitch, I just love all your flowers and that rose bush is amazing. Have a great weekend. hugs

  3. Wonderful post beautiful flowers and those Daffies!

  4. Wonderfu book you have baught.
    Your roses looks great.
    Have a nice weekend.

  5. Ooh lovely goodies can't wait to see what you have planned with your paints :-) xxx it's still sooo cold and wet up here still can't get in the garden :-( Enjoy the rest of the weekend xx

  6. That book looks wonderful - enjoy stitching.

  7. Looks like you still got some great shopping in June. I love the looks of that book...gorgeous photos. And I'm so curious to see what you are painting. Your gift to Barb is lovely. I know she will love it. Your garden is looking so beautiful. I'm with you daffodils are the best along with tulips! RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  8. I saw your gift on Barb's blog. So sweet. Your new book looks wonderful. So does your garden.

  9. Cute little gift, barb is a lucky friend. Love your flowers. I too was in the garden this week. Happy stitching!

  10. Hi June,
    this is a cute subject for Barb. Since you have made a great purchase, now you can get started right. And the book is really great.
    What kind of weather is there with you that your flowers are already blooming so beautifully?
    Hugs, Martina

  11. Pretty stitching,lovely acquisitions and gorgeous daffodils and roses.

  12. What a lovely gift you created for your friend. I am sure she was delighted.
    The book looks great, looking forward to see your new projects!!
    Your garden is always so beautiful, enjoy the fine weather

  13. Yes I loved my sheep ornament June and the parcel with all its goodies. I had a lightbulb moment seeing your book, I thought oh that is lovely perhaps I should get that,then I thought better check first, hmmm have already got it and where it was placed on the bookshelf I have had it a while. Oh dear better stitch from it soon as it really is lovely. Your goodies from the show look fab but I was a little disappointed last one I went to as lots of papercraft but not much stitching wise.You do seem to pick up some unusual bits though. It was lovely here yesterday too in fact after all the wet stuff it seemed like spring is on its way,back to grey dull and damp today ,an afternoon with needle and thread I think.Have a good week my friend and thanks once again.xx

  14. The piece you stitched for Barb is lovely. Was the show Craft for Crafters in Exeter? You found some nice bits, all I came home with was some wool and fabric

  15. Lovely designs in the new book, the little tin stitch project is really cute.
    A perfect gift for Barb.
    Nice new goodies from the craft show.
    Have a lovely week dear June x

  16. Ciao June ,
    I like your habit for exchanging cards for every occasion. Tipically English , very nice. <3
    :-)) Miriam

  17. What a cute little sheep! Nice acquisitions for future projects and a book full of inspirations, I love Kazuko Oaki's designs, they are so natural! Hugs.

  18. The sheep is wonderful, a perfect gift.
    Love the book too, especially those beaded berries.

  19. Oohh the Daffodils are beautiful. Love all your haul. It's fun going over all of them when you get home from craft shows.

  20. Очень красивая вышивка!!!

  21. I love daffodils, they're so cheerful! What a gorgeous gift you made for Barb, perfect for her with her love of sheep. Looking forward to seeing what you make from your new boom. Have a lovely week.

  22. What a great haul from your craft show trip!! Quite a variety!! Such a lovely gift you stitched for Barb, perfect size frame for it too! I'm looking forward to my daffodils blooming, that means Spring is here!! Not for another month of two though! I love seeing your garden photos. Mary

  23. Hi June: That sheep is adorable.
    You have some great goodies you bought, its always fun to get stash.
    Beautiful plant, pink is such a lovely color.
    I wish it were warm her snowing and only 15 degrees.


  24. A lovely book and you are going to have fun with all of your newly acquired stash. :)

  25. Looks like you purchased some great things! I look forward to seeing what you do with them! Daffodils are a great choice (though I am biased as I love them and am Welsh!) x