Saturday, 3 February 2018

Snow Drops

Hello Friends ,
Wow another week passed by so fast and now we have February.
It's been a funny week here , and lot's going on .
The weather is kind one day with beautiful sunshine , I almost wanted to start working in the garden I could see more lovely snowdrops every where .
Then a bitter cold day and windy , then more rain lots of rain and more rain and yes more rain . No wonder people get down this time of the year. 
So no photos of flowers today it's far to wet.
I had a few nice days out with hubby and then out with my friend Sally .
I have been busy stitching and trying to tidy up my sewing things then gave up . I have so much and want to stitch it all , so will sort it out again when I am in the mood.
Not to much to show because allot what I am stitching is mostly gifts at the moment.
But first up is a little sewing card I sent to our friend mouse for her birthday .

Rose Scroll from  Cross Stitch & Bead weaving 
Issue 81 by Jill Oxton.
I wish we had more Perforated paper charts out there .
I love stitching on paper it's such a lovely change.

I started a new SAL with Lesley Teare 
I love sunny bonnet sue designs , and have a few in my box to start   but I love this one, this little boy is for January I want to stitch them onto my bread cloth , all around the edge facing out then I will back it and use as a table topper , that's if my GDs let me keep it ha .
Lesley is running two SALs the other one is Floral and yes I will be stitching both of them , SALs are so much fun .
Thank you Lesley .

We went out to do some shopping and lunch .
And it was so dull but look what we spotted they just walk around .
 (I know I always show these pretty guys when there is nothing to show in the winter months.)

And below you really have to look hard to see a geese and a robin who is not there ! but was when I took the photo.

Thats what happens when you get older to slow he flew away.

I really need to get a little house work done .
So I can sit and relax for an hour later with out feeling guilty ha.
Thank you again sweet friends for your lovely comments 
Have a lovely weekend. 
Oh the sun is out now I need some sun , see you soon.


  1. Oh wow, June, what a nice card, the motive is gorgeous, and there are needles in it, perfect.
    I collect the motives of Lesley too, they are beautiful and at some point I want to embroider Sunbonnet Sue as well.
    Have a nice weekend,
    Hugs, Martina

  2. Lovely needlework June and I do love that peacock, they are such exotic birds.

  3. That is a lovely gift for Mouse. :) It is snowing here presently!

  4. Hello June,
    I love your header. Wonderful snowdrops.
    A lovely gift for your friend.
    I love Sunbonnet Sue, too. I collect the patterns.
    Have a nice weekend.

  5. What a pretty sewing card for Mouse, June! I love the one you sent me for Christmas--such a great idea! I can't believe the peacocks just walk around--how fascinating! Does someone care for them or do they live in the wild?

    We are expecting snow tomorrow. I was supposed to drive up to my mother's, but will have to postpone it for a day now... Enjoy your spring-like weather :)

  6. I like your stitching. I like the invisible geese and robin. Mouse will like her gift. hugs

  7. Your stitching is very refined and I find the colourful pictures of nature on your blog bring a little sunshine on such dreary days as the ones we are having at this season, here in France too.

  8. Pretty card for Mouse.
    Your table topper is going to be beautiful. Such a pretty first design to start it off.
    DH goes to a customer with peacocks and peahens in his garden, they are magnificent birds even if some say to have their feathers in the house is unlucky.

  9. June, you made such a lovely stitched card for Mouse. I know she will love it. The table topper is lovely...I love the design you are working with. The peacock is amazing...those colors! Have a lovely weekend. RJ

  10. What a pretty card:) When I subscribed to stitching magazines a long time ago I was always drawn to Lesley Teare designs,your SAL's look good fun.

  11. Loving your stitching on paper :-) and your table topper will be lovely xxx

  12. You are right, June - if you want to tidy up your stitching stash you must be in the mood for it. It's the same here. If I am in the mood for it I can more easily decide what to keep and what to throw out.
    You made such a lovely sewing card for your friend's birthday. A sweet gift.
    Two SALs by Lesley Teare, that's a lot of great stitching. I have seen the floral one in a preview, it had such wonderful motifs.

  13. I too need to do a crafty tidy up, but yes you do have to be in the mood, much better to stitch than tidy threads, lol
    Lots of wet days here too, although yesterday was lovely and bright, but cold, this morning it's been trying to snow!
    Have a good week

  14. Hi June,
    oh, I love your new header!
    The card is very pretty and many thanks for the link of Lesley ;-)
    Hugs from Berlin, Jutta

  15. Have happy week...with lot of a lot rain too!!

  16. I love having a stash tidy up but then I just want to stitch everything too! I love the card for Mouse. Do you need special charts for perforated paper? I've never tried but I would have thought you could stitch any chart on it.
    I love your little January boy too, your table runner is going to be so sweet!

  17. A lovely gift and your SAL is going to look wonderful. Have a good weekend.

  18. What a lovely card - and I love that there are peacocks just wandering around! x