Sunday, 25 March 2018

Almost Easter.

Hi everyone ,
Have I had fun this week or what  , NOT at all , I am still trying to find my way around this PC . I am not the kind of person who likes to play on here , I just want to know where the basics are that should be easy right , well this PC has too many things on here for me .
It just took me an hour to put my photos on last week it seemed so easy .
But I got there in the end
 Hope you all had a good week . My week has been a bit of a messy one can't seem to get going . I am looking forward to the new week ahead hoping this will be a better week.
I will be busy for a few days this week but once Easter is here I am going to enjoy it.
Well after all the snow and then the rain , the sun popped out today to see us and I have started to work in the garden just for an hour , the garden seems to have recovered .
We had so much snow it broke all the guttering so a job for DH over Easter. 
I have been stitching on and off this week so this is where I am so far.

            Nest egg by Satsuma Street stitched on 30ct Red Pear .
This is so full of colour and I just needed to stitch something bright .
                   Another WIP is by our lovely Dany .

Another bright colour .
And my third WIP
 Summer by DMC 

It's such a nice change to stitch on something bright .
Here is what last weekend looked like.

And now just a few days after.

The flowers must be strong to come through 2 heavy snow falls.
They don't look so good as they could have been , but they are fighting back.
 Thank you again for the lovely comments I read every one of them but if you didn't get a reply I did send you one the PC may still be playing tricks on me ha .
Well have a lovely Easter my friends , I will be back soon .


  1. I can't believe how resilient your garden is, two snow falls and it is still going strong. Love all your stitching. Have a great week. hugs.

  2. Your stitching is wonderful as always.
    Can't believe how many snow in your garden.
    Have a nice week and a Big Hugs, Manuela

  3. Such pretty photos xxx I'm no good with technology - I've just signed out by accident when leaving my comment and now I'll be amazed if this works lol have a lovely week xx

  4. ooOoo! I love Nest Egg! Maybe those fabulous colors and the lovely linen?!

  5. The brighter Colors are pretty. We all need spring.🌻🌻🌻

  6. I was looking at the nest egg chart just the other day, I love the bright colors but I have so many to stitch that I didn't get it. Be watching yours grow. Wow what a change in weather you have been having with the snow and then lots of pretty flowers. Happy stitching!

  7. Hi June,
    Very nice are the beginnings of your projects, the little goose I like very well.
    Oh, but you had a lot of snow, how nice that he is gone again - so can show your flowers in full splendor.
    Have a nice week, Hugs Martina

  8. Oh my, oh my, June, you had a lot of snow last week. Good that most of the flowers are stronger than we think and can survive it. Yesterday we also had warm weather and a lot of sun so my DH and I had a great walk. It feels great to walk around without having an icy wind to cope with.
    Your stitching looks gorgeous, June. Three great WIPs, and all of them so bright and colourful.

  9. Oh so lovely to see some flowery and bright pics,although bright and sunny here today ,the windows need cleaning and the dust wants dusting.Hey ho its supposed to rain later. Your stitching is so pretty as usual and hope your head gets itself round the technology soon, I am a technophobe and it is all beyond me lol. Have a good week ,it will be gone before we know it. Take care too.

  10. Amazing to see lovely blooms from under all that snow. Very pretty stitching too.

  11. Oh! It's stunning how nature changes in a week! your flowers are very nice now, and they are strong enough!! have a nice Easter, my friend, and enjoy stitching time!!! kisses. titty

  12. Beautiful stitching. I like the Satsuma Street wip. So glad your garden survived too.

  13. I cannot imagine going from that Winter scene to all those beautiful flowers in bloom with no snow in sight. Your flowers are so pretty and I love your colorful new starts. Your bunny vignette is so sweet!! Love him holding the heart. Have a Happy Easter. Mary

  14. Thanks God the garden is safe after the snow. I like your cross stitched flowers too.

  15. Oh, June, I'm so sorry you've had a time adjusting to your new computer. Mine is almost 9 years old and I'm beginning to worry that I'll have to get a new one, too!

    I hope that is the end of your snow and your garden continues to grow--thank goodness there was not more damage to your beautiful flowers.

    Love your stitching--what a pretty fabric that Red Pear is! Don't think I've seen that before.

    Wishing you a lovely Easter and a better week with your computer!! ♥♥♥

  16. Wow how amazing is that with the snow there one day then another lot soon after, then the beautiful bright vibrant spring flowers.Love the xstitch on the pink fabric.

  17. Buona Pasqua a te! Fiori sui ricami e nel giardino, bellissimi

  18. What a difference in your garden June! So glad to see that your beautiful flowers have recovered. You're surrounded by spring with the lovely new growth and your pretty stitches. I love the Satsuma Street design too but have so many things to stitch. I've been shopping Lizzie Kate designs like mad in case they become difficult to find!
    Hope you've had a better week than last week and you're getting used to the new computer now.

  19. Well, that is what I call a snowfall!! We had plenty of snow here too, which was a rare thing and beautiful in a way. I am happy your flowers did not suffer too badly for the cold and snow. They look so pretty.
    I love your new projects, the fabric you chose for the Satsuma Street chart is really beautiful. Look forward to see it finished

  20. So much snow! And so many surviving flowers - I'm impressed. I'm enjoying all the colourful stitching that you are doing x

  21. Love your colourful stitching June,and your glorious flowers.

  22. Way behind on blog reading the pink fabric for the little Satsuma Street design.
    You did get a lot of snow didn't you?
    Wishing you a very Happy Easter xx

  23. I like the Nest Egg design and the pretty fabric you have chosen. Amazing changes in the weather and delightful to see the flowers once again.