Sunday, 11 March 2018


Hello everyone,
Well what a difference a week makes the snow is gone and spring is here .
The birds are singing and making nests I can see them carrying twigs around , also the blue tits are looking inside the bird houses .
The garden seems to have made a recovery just lost a few plants but all in all not to bad.

Thank you for all the lovely comments from the last post , we did get out for a nice lunch this week to celebrate our Anniversary.

Today is Mothers day here in the UK  so have a happy day to all mother's , my daughter sent me a lovely card, she is working but we will get together soon.

Well I have put some of my paints to use on a frame and the other paints I will show next week , something I made for my sweet friend Sally when we get together very soon.
So first up -

Gourmet Garden.
Stitched on 28ct in cream 
DMC threads.

The frame was just a touch small but the other one was just a little to big .
This paint you just dab it on to cover.

Do you like my painted frame 
It was a white frame 

Lovely card from my daughter .
We are going to lunch soon and meeting with my GD .

Garden is picking up again . 

My Camelia is budding again.

Enjoy your week everyone .


  1. Glad to see your garden is coming back. I love the purple frame, nice paints. Guess what. I am a grandmother. My daughter Carla had a baby boy on the 9th of November last year. He is healthy and 4 months old as of last Friday. He how weights 17 lbs and love to chatter. I spoke with Carla yesterday and she is so happy to have a baby. She sounds like she will make a great mother. We had a phone fight the year before last and we where not talking but Matthew gave me her phone number and we talked. I could hardly sleep last night. It's too bad we live in different parts of Canada. I am just happy for her. hugs

  2. Oh it's lovely to see your garden in bloom. I think the gliterry lilac frame offsets your stitching loveliness perfectly xx

  3. Wonderful flower photos from your lovely garden.
    The frame is perfect.
    Have a nice new week.

  4. hello, june! happy mother's day!!! and your garden is looking very good!!! have a very nice week. titty

  5. June: beautiful frame, I like the color you chose to paint it, plus the words are perfect.
    Thankfully your garden made a beautiful c9meback.


  6. Spring has sprung so pleased for you June, the flowers and bulbs are amazing, so glad the blanket of snow did no serious damage. Your purple frame looks beautiful.

  7. Happy Mother's Day. I had a lovely day of stitching and love from my boys!
    Your garden seems to be recovering from the snow.

  8. Happy Mother's Day June! What lovely stitching in that beautiful frame. Your garden is coming back well.

  9. Happy Mothering Sunday June, your garden is blooming now the snow has gone and the temperatures are increasingly warming the soil. you did a great job on the frame, it looks pretty.

  10. Same to you June, have a good week. Lots of lovely things as always, I enjoy stopping by for a "bit of sunshine".

  11. Love your garden and it looks like the snow did not hurt it in anyway, you have lots of flowers. Nice stitching too.

  12. As always your garden is lovely.Happy Mothers Day to you.

  13. Happy Mother's Day to you, June! I'm so glad things are warming up and the snow has melted. Your garden doesn't look like it suffered any ill effects from the snow. As always, everything looks so healthy and spring-like.

    Love your LHN piece in that frame! I stitched that years ago, but never finished it. I remember that I changed the word nutmeg to chives. Need to pull it out and finish it up.

    Hope your coming week is a good one, my friend ♥♥♥

  14. Happy mothers day. I love your garden pictures

  15. Hope you had a relaxing day yesterday :-) Loving the LHN pattern I've got a couple to do I need to get some 28 ct - I've only got aida at the moment. House is a bit upside down at the moment - so when I've got organised I'll get some stitching sorted. Have a lovely week xxx

  16. Happy Mothers Day June! I'm so pleased to see your lovely garden bouncing back after all the snow you had last week.

    Your lilac frame is beautiful, you did a great job and it really lifts and complements your stitching.

  17. Your garden is looking lovely, Spring is certainly in the air. Happy late Mothers Day. Here in Spain, the day is celebrated in May. Pretty stitching and great paint on the frame.

  18. Happy Mothers Day June! Oh my I love that stitch. I have thought of doing it many times over the years. It reminds me of when we spent time in France with the sunflowers and lavender. And look at your gorgeous is so beautiful. You definitely have the green thumb. RJ

  19. Hi June,
    Oh yes, even with us you can hear the birds chirping early, I like that a lot and I would like to stay outside. But it is still cold.
    Wow, yes, your frame looks perfect. A good idea.
    How beautiful it already blooms in your garden, it takes me a few more days, so far only the coca are in bloom.
    Hugs Martina

  20. Happy Mother's Day! How nice that your flowers are blooming for the day, your gardens are beautiful as is your pretty stitch.

  21. Oh so good to read that there wasn't a lot of damage in your garden when there was that cold and that snow. Those flowers really look good again and it's such a pleasure to see how they grow. Thanks for sharing all the great pictures, June.
    I love the painted frame, it goes perfectly with the stitched piece.

  22. Hello!

    Your stitching is beautiful. I love the purple frame on Gourmet Garden. I'm gload your garden has recovered well. Here we have yet another bout of snow and I worry about my Magnolia!

  23. I love the soft colours of your frame and your garden is exquisite. I can't resist your page heading with Peter Rabbit, he is on my list for next stitching!
    Have a nice Sunday, Sandrine.

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