Sunday, 18 March 2018

No not again , it's March !

Here we are and another weekend in the month of March and we have more snow . 
Last week it was so spring like and flowers were blooming everywhere.
We are going to be snowed in again we can't go any where today.

It's been another crazy busy week , we went out to look at some PCs and now  I have a new one , this one is so different to my last one , but I am starting to find my away around it and slowly started to love bunny that's the name I am calling him/her with Easter not far away. 
I have been naughty and started a couple of new things , why not its such fun.
But first I can show you more painting and stitching this is a little gift for my friend Sally she does not blog so I can show you.

I painted the back ground and hoop to match.

And next just a few peeps at my new starts more to info to follow soon

This last week was lovely spring weather and here are photos from my garden.

                And now we are back to winter again ! 

                     Just hoping it won't last to long .
I put a few Easter decorations up yesterday.

Easter and winter ! 
Thank you to all my friends who follow me  for your lovely comments .
This is my first blog on my new PC , so hoping I will get better at it next time , have a happy week .


  1. The snow visited yesterday and overnight. No new snow today, I would like it to go away by tomorrow though. Wonderful stitching and finishing. Love the 'egg' tree.

  2. I am glad you got a new computer, I did email you hope it went thru. Yes, we have been getting lots of snow too. Dave went out Friday for the first time and blow the snow away. He did pretty good. He thinks he will go back to work the start of the new month about the 3rd since Easter is April 1st. Is that a joke. big hugs love Sis

  3. I can't believe the difference in your photos - gorgeous spring flowers and then the next minute snow again! I hope your garden stays safe. Your embroidery and painting is very pretty, so delicate. Looking forward to seeing all your new starts progress.

  4. I am already fed up of the second round of snow! Pretty stitching for your friend, and I really like the look of your new start, especially the coloured fabric. x

  5. Enjoy your new PC June, you'll soon get used to it. I am so fed up with this endless winter. Yesterday in Edinburgh was baltic and today we had to drive to the north of England and it was very unpleasant with snow and strong winds. It's MARCH!!

  6. What lovely Peter Rabbits and Easter tree too. It’s turning into a long winter, our snow is starting to thaw now, so hopefully a nicer week in store xx

  7. Lovely stitching as always. Here is it very cold but we have not snow.
    Have a nice new week.
    Best wishes Manuela

  8. I think that I better get out my Easter decorations now. Your Easter tree has inspired me to get mine up too. I don't think I did last year. Your stitching is so pretty. I look forward to seeing all those projects when they are completed. It is so sad that all those pretty flowers are going to be ruined by the snow. It is too early here for anything to be in bloom, but the leaves are starting to emerge. We have a threat of snow this week too. I hope it stays away. Keep warm.

  9. June I love the painted embroidery that you made for your friend. It is so pretty and she will love it. And we got a good peek at your new stitches and they look great. I'm shocked to see all that snow after seeing such lovely flowers in your garden in the last post. Congrats on the new computer. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  10. Oh the fairy is gorgeous - the painting you have done really adds to it! We haven't had so much snow on this side, but missing the sunshine and relative warmth we had gotten to last week. Feeling very sorry for all the Daffodils growing currently x

  11. Your Easter decorations look lovely xxx wow - your stitching and painting looks great. Have a lovely week xx

  12. I love,love,love your fairy, all your stitching is so nice. I just put my new Easter tree up too.

  13. June: I am so sorry you are having snow, I hope it melts quickly.
    I am in love with the bunny and blue frame, it is a beauty, your Easter display is lovely.
    Thank-you for sharing your lovely floral photos.
    Your Fairy is lovely, I have never tried painting my fabric, you have inspired me to try sometime.


  14. The little elf looks cute, so finely worked. Even the beginnings of your new work are interesting, I'm looking forward to more pictures.
    We also had some light snow, but maybe we are lucky and the sun is shining at Easter.
    Big Hugs, Martina

  15. We had lots of snow here again at the weekend too June.
    I love the painted fairy stitching, so pretty, and your little bunnies, the Peter Rabbit standing on the books is so cute!
    Have a good week

  16. Pretty fairy in the hoop, I like her.
    We had snow too, I hope your sweet bulbs survived the wintry weather and are looking pretty again in your garden. First day of spring tomorrow, hope mother nature is listening and sends some sunshine.
    love to you June x

  17. What a beautiful hoop piece you made for your friend. The Easter displays are pretty.

  18. Oh June, it's the same here, snow, snow and more snow everywhere. And ice-cold temperatures. I am so longing for spring to come. So bad for your flowers in the garden, I hope that most of them will survive.
    Yes, why not start new projects when you feel like it? I'm looking forward to seeing more of your new projects. The painted and stitched gift for your friend is so lovely. Very creative.

  19. The painted embroidery is amazing! Love the colours you chose.
    Hope your flowers survive with all that snow.

  20. I have never seen anything like the painted embroidery, June--it is lovely and I know your friend will be so pleased! Love the fairies little braids!

    Oh, my--more snow--that is so unusual for you! It is snowing here on the first day of spring, too. I wonder if we will ever get out spring flowers?

    Hope things warm up and you can get out in your garden again!

  21. Hope your garden will be ok after all the snow. The warmth still continues here down under although there is an Autumnal tinge which is nice.Today is quite humid again, I loathe it with a passion, it makes you so uncomfortable. Lovely painted stitched picture, such a lovely gift to give.It took us a while to get used to a new computer, but it doesn't take long to work some things out. I think we learn't something every day. Took ages to find the Address book then stumbled upon it one day.Exclamations of lots:) Didn't know how to print things off until I had to ask at a computer place but June you do get there. It takes patience too which was severely tested here:)

  22. It seems that winter is just determined to hang around everywhere. You project is so nice with the painting and those garden flowers are wonderful.

  23. Nice idea the painted embroidery! How is the garden and all the plants Afterhours the last snow?

  24. very beautiful work :) i like your good idea ,Thanks for the inspiration!

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  25. Oh my, where to start. Your flowers you grow are followed a close second by the beauty of the pretty photos you post. I hope this crazy weather hasn’t done too much long term damage. Your starts are teasing us just a bit to see what they are. I always like the patterns you choose. They always seem so happy and friendly. The piece with the little girl where you are painting the background is absolutely stunning. The braided hair is just awesome. What talent and patience you have. Robin