Friday, 2 March 2018


 Hi friends ,
Well we are staying in because we can't go anywhere .
Our road is a no go area right now due to snow and Ice.
It's just started to snow again , on top of ice will be so dangerous .
No schools and no work for many .
But they are all in the park having a great time on their sledges even coming down our road .

All my plants look dead , so looks like I will lose allot of my best plants , never mind I will look after what is left.
Ok lets get to my stitching , I have a few things to show .
The next two I stitched but never got to finish them so they will go in my box until it gets warmer , too cold in my craft room.

             This chart has been in my box for ages .
     Someone gave it to me I think it was a freebie.

        Stitched on a dusky pink 28 evenweave using
                           variegated thread.

This one is a LHN called "Loving you "
I used var threads on a Salmon pink evenweave .

 Next up my SAL 
 February  .

I also Stitched  a little more on one of my UFOs 
Sarah Kay. 

And another UFO from my box 
A pillow from New stitches mag 48 

Well the weekend will be our 51st Anniversary .
And last year we both had flu on our 50th and now we are snowed in would you believe .
But we will make the best of it.

51 years together .
My lovely friend Nancy no blog sent me this lovely gift .
thank you my friend .

              lovely flower books to stitch from.
                     Ok last week we saw this .

 And now this !

                    I put Apple out for the birds

My poor pink Camellia 

This is my craft room and they are not frosted window it's ice .

Every window in my sun room is frozen up

Thank you once again for all the lovely comments.
Stay warm and safe dear friends Spring will be here soon.  


  1. Hi June
    Oh dear, it got you there. My snowdrops are also very much affected by the cold weather.
    Oh wow, what beautiful little motifs, Sunbonnet Sue, I love, and your daffodils, beautiful.
    Congratulations on 51 years - I'm still there for a long time.
    Big Hugs and a little bit of sunshine from here,

  2. So many cute WIPS. 51 years, amazing.🌻. Have a great weekend.

  3. BIG congratulations on 51 years to you and Ron!!
    What sweet, sweet stitching you have shared today June!
    Oh my! Now I don't even have snow on the ground here! :( Your poor beautiful garden.

  4. June, Congratulations on 51 years!! What a handsome couple you are!!

    Such lovely stitches, love all the little smalls but my favorite is your beautiful daffodil pattern!! I hope your plants survive, big snowstorm in NJ too.

  5. Oh my, June, now the snow and ice have also reached you. It's snowing here as well but on top of the old snow. I hope that not all of your wonderful flowers will freeze.
    Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. Make the best out of it in spite of all the ice and snow.
    Wonderful stitching, June. Very nice smalls and great progress on your WIP.

  6. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! Do be careful in the snow and ice and I hope it goes away soon!

  7. Happy anniversary! Wow 51 years...thats Very impressive. You were a beautiful bride with a handsome groom!
    Lovely Valentine stitching and the daffodil design is so pretty.
    Sorry to read about your lovely garden and hoping everything will survive.

  8. Your stitching looks wonderful.
    Happy Anniversary to your 51 years.
    Have a nice weekend
    Hugs, Manuela

  9. oh! what a big amout of snow! we had snow too, and it is very rare to have snow in the South of Italy! the Northern wind is strong! stay safe and warm, and have a wonderful 51st anniversary! prepare a nice meal, a lovely handwritten card for your beloved, a heart-shaped will be a nice anniversary! kisses! titty

  10. Oh, my what happened to your lovely garden, flowers are hardy so I am hoping you don't lose to many flowers. I hope you have a grand anniversary and enjoy your weekend. Big hugs and lots of love from me and Dave. We had a bit of snow yesterday but it all melted with the sun today. Take care.

  11. Congratulations to you and your husband on 51 years of marriage June. I love your wedding were so beautiful and he so handsome. Time sure flies when you meet the right one! Your stitches are all wonderful...I really like the Loving You by LHN and of course the one with the daffodils. Sorry about your plants but your magic touch will bring back alot of them I'm sure. Enjoy your time indoors this your anniversary weekend. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  12. Je vous souhaite un bel anniversaire de mariage avec beaucoup de chaleur dans vos coeurs.
    Mille tendresses. La photo est merveilleuse !

  13. We are snowed under in Lincolnshire too. Happy anniversary, your wedding picture is beautiful. x

  14. Oh...happy anniversary! You were very nice! Next August we will be 25!
    We have had the snow and low temperatures at the beginning of the week too, here in the South of Italy. Hopefully your camelia didn’t “suffer “ too much.
    Nice cross stitch and the book with all the flowers too.
    Tanti auguri,

  15. Happy anniversary. Nice stitching. I like the two girls in your Sal, the loving you one, so cute. So much snow. I think it would be amazing to look out your window one day and see that. I don't get any snow, just rain maybe hail. Happy stitching!

  16. Beautiful stitching. I love the daffodils. I too am worried about my plants after so much snow. In particular my magnolia. My camellia hasn't any buds yet so I'm hoping it will be alright. Happy anniversary. x

  17. Sorry for the late reply, hope you had a lovely anniversary and the snow is clearing down there :-) The big thaw is happening up here. Gorgous stitching as always and your garden will soon be back to its blooming self xx

  18. A belated Happy Anniversary to you both June :-) I hope you had a great day despite the snow.
    Everything in my garden looks a little sorry after the weather last week, oh well, hopefully it will look better in a month or so.
    Pretty stitching you have going on, I love the Sarah Kay one, my eldest daughter had Sarah Kay wallpaper when she was little :-)
    Have a good week. x

  19. Belated anniversary wishes to you and Ron June, I hope you were able to celebrate even if a little late with the Brrrr cold weather.
    Nice new header pic when your blog opened.
    You've been busy with needle and thread during the cold spell, the daffodil cushion is very pretty.

  20. I'm so sorry another anniversary celebration got postponed, June--what awful weather you are having. The east coast of the U.S. is due for another bad storm this week. Some of those poor people haven't had power since the last storm hit four days ago--I can't imagine.

    I LOVE the photo of you and Ron as newlyweds--what a beautiful bride and handsome groom :) Anyway--Happy 51st and I wish you many more happy years together!

    Lovely stitching--especially like the little LHN piece. That would make a cute anniversary card.

    And, I do hope your snow has melted by now and that your plants didn't suffer too greatly. Hope the rest of March is warmer and spring-like for you :)

  21. Well my friend it looks like our weather last week but when we woke on Saturday it had all gone ice and snow. Very strange few days. We have bright sunshine today and the washing is blowing nicely. Your stitching is lovely I like the Sal piece. I will have to get out and inspect the damage at some point but the garden is just so boggy.
    Your wedding picture is lovely and congratulations on your 51st,ours is next week ,it does not seem like a year when we celebrated the 50. Time flies.
    Take care of you both and I look forward to hearing your next post news.xx

  22. June: I am so sorry you are getting crappy weather, we have had 14 inch's of snow not including the rain and ice we have had the last two weeks, I am so
    You my dear have some beautiful stitching going on.
    Congratulations on 51 years of Blessed Marriage.


  23. Oh June that wedding photo is beautiful. Congratulations. We are having opposite weather to you and I'm going to complain.It's been so hot and sticky, I don't cope with humidity at all well. So glad for Autumn coming which there has been slight tinges of. I do hope you get a great Spring and Summer after your tough Winter. The crosstitching designs are gorgeous.

  24. felice Anniversario!
    tutti bellicose sempre, i tuoi ricami =)
    un abbraccio

  25. Happy Anniversary, we got married in July so the worst we get is rain!
    I popped a photo of our snow up on my blog this weekend. It got so bad here we started feeding the deer, pulling down leaves they couldn't reach.
    Love the Valentine stitch and the daffodil sampler.

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