Sunday, 15 April 2018


Thank you friends for last weeks comments .
I do love to read them and keep in touch with my many friends.

Well I hope you all  had some sunshine this week, we had a few days of beautiful sunshine and now we have April Showers , but I don't mind I brought a few plants this week and yesterday I planted them in the garden so the rain will water them in well.

I saw two butterflies already and my little Robin is back and keeps coming to my window looking in , so I have put a little food on my table outside. Robin is so tame I am hoping to take a photo but little robin is so shy and does not like it , so we will have to give him/her time.
Last week we opened the sun house up  for the summer and DH put down some new carpet down we had over and it looks really cosy , now we are waiting for the warmer weather to arrive ( should be this week ) !

We have been very busy again this week , but had a day out , once a week we always go out for lunch and we do what ever we want to do. We call it our date day so every week we get our calendar down and book our week out .

Like our friend Carol I too packed all my Easter ornaments away but kept a few little rabbits out which I love.

I am stitching away where I can but I am trying to do a finish a week to empty my basket . 

                              So this week here is my finish .

Designer is 123 Citrouille ' stitched on a cream 28ct dmc threads.

 Our friends gave us two bunches of one of my favourite flowers this week, here they are just starting to open.

So pretty.
My daughter came to visit last week and she brought me a little gift for the garden look how sweet this is.
A lady gnome.

Well it's that time again if you want to join me in the garden , remember the snow just a few short weeks ago,
Well this is for all my friends who still have cold weather , and in a few weeks you will have some Spring .

Pretty leaves coming out.


Spring flowers , not sure of their names I plant them for their beauty. 


Have a beautiful week my friends.


  1. What lovely flowers just popping with colour. Beautiful stitching as always. Well done on your finish xxx

  2. Your garden is always so beautiful and I love your finish on your stitching. big hugs

  3. Hi June,
    Oh, I like your little rose embroidery very much. And so magically processed, very charming, the motif looks in the frame.
    I had to smile at the little garden gnome I've never seen, it looks cute.
    Gorgeous your spring blossoms.
    Thank you for your visit to me and your kind comment, unfortunately I can not answer you directly, but I'm always happy.

  4. Reve des Roses is so pretty! Your garden is blooming June, I am so glad everything survived the snow.

  5. Hello June,
    wonderful finish and the frame is perfect.
    The little garden gnome is very cute.
    And wonderful flower photos from your garden.
    Hugs, Manuela

  6. Pretty framed finisb, so lovely.
    We had 1 day of sun and it's back to showers again today.

  7. A very pretty finish. Those flowers are beautiful ....thank you for sharing them. I am sure you will find just the right spot for the lady gnome.

  8. You always have such pretty designs to show. Dream of Roses is a new design to me, very pretty and summery. x

  9. What a darling finish June. Your garden is lovely. We are getting snow and ice for 24 hours straight now. yuck.

  10. Having a day a week to do what you want sounds ideal June. Lots of lovely garden colour, lets hope that Spring is here at last.

  11. Sweet finish but I love the murmaid gnome lucky lady and nice of your daughter and love all the flowers. I've sent your linen so I hope you will get it in a week or so. Happy stitching!!!

  12. Rêve de roses so sweet! And all your flowers ...I can become crazy!

  13. What a good idea to finish one item a week, June--I should really do that with some of my stitching from long ago. These days, I try to finish my smalls as I stitch them, but I wasn't always that way :)

    Lovely finish--such pretty colors you chose... And I always love seeing your flower photographs, but especially this year since we are so far behind. Our forsythia is just blooming along with a few daffodils, but nothing else. And I've heard rumors of more snow tomorrow :(

  14. Lovely work and beautiful pictures!

  15. Oh wonderful, June, to see the latest pictures of your garden. So many lovely flowers, it's just amazing. Here too we have primroses and violets all over the place and the forsythia re blooming like wild. It's such a colourful place right now. And a rainy day or two every now and then is in order.
    You always find the sweetest designs, June. I love Rêve de roses and how you finished it.

  16. Lovely stitching and finish. Such beautiful blooms from your garden and the cute gnome will be another wonderful welcoming sight in your garden.

  17. Pretty Stitching. Your Finish is so cute and adorable. I love it. I love looking at your Garden Pictures. Your Garden is so pretty....I love Gnomes. I think they are so cute and adorable.

    Happy Stitching XX

    Happy Gardening

    Linda K, Buttercup

  18. Pretty stitching June and I love the finishing touches, perfect. Great to see how your garden is coming to life. After weeks of cold-rain-wind-rain-wind, at last we have some wonderful real spring weather - hope it lasts.

  19. Beautiful finish of your crosstitch and your flowers are fabulous. Happiness is----:)

  20. Your rose piece is a very pretty finish. Love the flowers inside and out. Back to the cooler weather now after the past few days. Better get my vest out again!

  21. Lovely finish on your Rose piece. The mermaid gnome is so much fun too!
    It was nice to see you stitching Nest Egg recently, I started that one for Easter too.

  22. Gorgeous finish, my dear - just right for Spring - and look at all those gorgeous flowers!!!!