Saturday, 28 April 2018


Hi friends and fellow bloggers .
Thank you for your lovely comments from last week , it's always lovely to hear from you all . 
I go around your blogs any spare time I get and I must say so many wonderful designs out there and beautiful stitching .
I get the stitching bug all other and want to stitch more . 
I have a couple to show you this week that I stitched but still to put together and see how my WIP is growing or not!
So much frogging on it I almost set it aside but no it won't beat me .
Its a easy stitch just too many colour changes.
Well we have had more rain than sunshine this last week , but I have been out allot so it was not to bad.
So another couple of Dany's designs I do love the simple tones of Dany's designs first up is this lovely Lily of the Vally my ones are just coming out in the garden so if I find the time to finish this one next week you will also see my real flowers.

                             Muguet 2016  by Dany
               I used a variegated grey and dmc white.
Not sure what material it may be 28ct from my spare box.

I loved stitching this one by Dany on 25ct one thread over one .
Called Jardin Mythique by Dany.
I may stitched more like this over one I so enjoyed stitching this one.

 Here is a peep of WIP so far,  lots of frogging been going on here but I will stay with it , if I don't it will be lost in my dark cupboard for a long time . Lots of colour changes .

Look at my baby blue tit I found him while out shopping and he was tweeting buy me so I did.

Well we are having so much rain again but the garden loves it.
 The smell of the blue bells are just wonderful.
When I was a little girl I use to love to go to the blue bell woods it was just magic .

Most of these blue bells are from my Grandfathers  and my Fathers gardens , I have white , blue and pink ones some of them are the same stock that was in the garden when I was a little girl.

Yes that's me with my GD you can see where I got my love of the garden from . 
Sorry if you have seen this photo before but it is the only one I have with my GD 

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  1. Pretty projects and great idea,Thank you for the tutorial and for sharing !