Monday, 2 April 2018


Hi Friends ,
Hope you all had a really wonderful Easter.
I had a lovely one apart from the rain.
I also got to meet up with some of my family in Exeter and it was so much fun.
I have not had much time for stitching or my blog . My PC went wrong again , well not really it's me not knowing what I am doing ha.
I am slowly still getting there , one moment I love it then I hate it . It is faster but if you push the wrong button , I don't know where I am . 
I have been trying to sort my photos out into files but when you have so many it takes forever .

Things are moving on outside birds are making their nests and pulling away at fibber's in our pots,
it is so much fun to watch.
Yesterday my DD came over for dinner and she could not get over all the different birds that come to visit the garden.
Mind you their food bill is almost the same has ours ha.
Well lets move on to my stitching I have started more flower designs but will show you soon.
First is a little Easter ornament .

         Spring Eggs by Homespun Elegance .
It was a nice easy stitch on 28 count dmc threads.
 And one of my WIPs Nest Egg below.

                     A little card for a friend.
My DH brought me a hare for Easter how cute.

My first  Devon Violet out.

         My white Camila is coming to bloom 

Thank you , for your lovely comments from my last post . I wish you all a happy week and will leave you with a few Easter rabbits.



  1. So glad you had a lovely Easter despite the rain. It was dry until 3 yesterday afternoon in Plymouth and then it never stopped until early this morning. I blame DH as he said he was going to cut the grass when we got back from BIL's. Beautiful stitching and I love your rabbit collection.

  2. June, your Easter tree is darling. Sweet finish on your new stitch on the heart, I like how the edges are frayed and you sewed it onto the heart. How nice of your husband to bring you a "permanent" hare to your garden! I spy pretty daffodils out your window, I have 5 inches of snow out mine and still snowing!

  3. Lovely Easter flowers and bunnies June, your garden is looking pretty again as the colours appear.
    The hare is a nice addition.

  4. Love your Easter Bunnies:) and your flowers are so pretty,June

  5. Love the hare and the Easter tree. Your finishes and WIPs are great.

    The other day Mrs Blackbird was collecting so many bits and bobs for her nest, I lost count the number of times she went in and out.

  6. June: your chick finish is positively adorable.
    Your new stitch design is fabulous, thank you for sharing your love Easter and floral photos.


  7. What a lovely post and I like your new hare! Xx

  8. Good grief June will it ever stop. I think we will need webbed feet soon. I darent get on the garden it is so squelchy. However enough of the wet stuff.Your post as usual so lovely, the hare is gorgeous and your bunnies all so cute. Love your tree with its eggs.I know what you mean about the birds costing so much to feed, however the delight they give is worth every penny. your flowers hmmm , love that little violet I see some just by my lounge window but they do not last long indoors so they can stay there.Have a good week my friend.

  9. Wonderful stitching, June. The little heart is very cute.
    I like your photos from your flowers and your easter rabbits.
    Hugs, Manuela

  10. June, I love all your bunnies especially the last one on the pillow. I love all your flowers and the Devon violet is my fav. I can't wait to see your duck finished. I love the pink cloth. Have a great day. hugs

  11. Lovely Easter photos June, I do lone the little floppy eared bunny cross stitch, it's so cute, can you tell me the designer please, i would love to stitch this one :-)

    I've noticed the birds collecting the twigs in our garden too, I do love to watch the birds coming and going.

    Lots of rain here too but at least we did not get the predicted snow!
    I hope you have a lovely week. xx

  12. What a beautiful post June. Your porch with the egg tree is gorgeous, and I love all your stitched bunnies and the garden hare from your husband. I do hope it stops raining soon. Our elder son is on a residential trip to Anglesey from Wednesday and I will be worrying that he is wet and cold all week!

  13. Lovely new addition to your spring bunny collection.
    Spring has certainly sprung in your garden.
    Bird feeding costs us lots too, but it's so worth it to see such variety.
    Love and hugs xx

  14. Love the Easter stitching and the gorgeous spring flowers. We still need rain send it to us will you. They say even in April we will not get much, everything is so dry. Sick of watering.

  15. Hi June, I also had a nice Easter, and it was rainy even here, but only slightly. Very nice progress in your work, the little chick on the heart I like very well.
    And the little Easter pillows are cute.
    I wish you a nice week, the weather should be better.
    and thank you for your comments on my blog.
    Hugs, Martina

  16. That of attractive embroidery of Passovers and beautiful day to you.

  17. Aww gorgeous - cheers me up seeing lovely pictures when it is and has been so grey and miserable. We were away for the weekend and it feels like I've missed Easter lol - I'm all to pot lol xx

  18. It's so nice seeing your pretty pastel flowers in bloom, June! We've had a lot of rain, too, and yesterday we woke up to 2 inches of snow!! On April 2nd--ridiculous. Things just won't warm up around here and our daffodils are not even blooming. Sigh...

    Loved your little heart finish as well as the bunny parade. I do hope your computer problems get ironed out. Hang in there :)

  19. June as always beautiful flowers and stitching. Thank you for sharing with us. Remember April showers bring May flowers, can't wait to see yours. The weathermen are calling for snow showers for us this weekend.

  20. What a lovely post June! your flowers are so beautiful and the little hare is really cute.
    Love your stitching too
    Have a very good week

  21. Mother Nature is amazing. All that snow in your last post and now, beautiful flowers. I am so far behind in my gardens. Like you, we have had unseasonable snow. Expecting 3 to 6 inches this weekend again. Someone must have made Mother Nature mad on my side of the ocean. Your stitched bunnies are adorable as is your Easter ornament. I always plan to stitch ornaments but never seem to get to doing them......and you little hare is too precious. Robin

  22. che bell'angolo Pasquale/floreale hai creato!
    Complimenti June!
    buona giornata

  23. Lovely post June, Pretty stitching and Easter display. Nice to see the signs of spring in your garden and gorgeous thoughtful detail from your husband

  24. Oh no, so much rain again. Not very funny and you can't go out into the garden when everything is wet. But at least it was no snow.
    Wonderful stitching, June. And I love all your little bunnies, the stitched ones and all the other other ones. Seeing pictures of your flowers and your garden is always a delight.

  25. Hi, June! I'm new to your blog. Wonderful Easter stitches - I really like the bunny in the pink pinafore (one of the later photos). So cute!

    Would love to have you visit my new blog,

    Have a wonderful day!

  26. June, what a lovely post! I love all of your Easter/bunny stitching and such gorgeous ornies and the spring flowers - so beautiful!.

  27. I like the pink bunny , I love the little teapot and the camelia. I would like to buy one too.

  28. The little heart is so sweet! I am drooling over the pink fabric for the duck and his dapper hat cracks me up!