Monday, 23 April 2018


Hello friends ,
What a lovely week we had, can't get over how hot it has been the last few days , it makes you feel so good that bit of sunshine.
Well here we have been busy , never much time to do all the things I would love to do, but I do try to take a few hours from the chores for myself and family .
I have been doing more in the garden this week with the weather being so good. 
So just a little sewing to show this week , and some beautiful gifts sent to me and the garden that is going mad with blooms .
Our tomatoes and veg are all growing away too.
So lets start with a bit of sewing first .
I stitched one more little girl on my SAL and here is one from my finish to do box that I am back stitching before I make it up , most of you have seen it before.
I am trying to back stitch all the squares then I will make into a little pillow.

If you look close you can see my thread so a few more to do then it can be put together.

My SAL I  need to start miss April next .

 And this last week I recived some lovely gifts I still say I am so blessed with wonderful friends.

What a wonderful Easter package every thing is just wonderful the chocolates are so good Hubby keeps asking for more .

Thank you Titty for the lovely goodies  every thing is on display right now around the house.

Beautiful little rabbit is hanging on my inside tree , I love rabbits .

Your little top is under my flowers.

And from the lovely STITCHING ANGEL 
I won a give away of some materials and she sent me loads of extras 
Thank you so much sweet friend.

It is so exciting when gifts come through the post .
I am one lucky lady .

Lovely gifts from Australia 

Thank you so much Angel 
And do you remember only a few weeks ago we were under more than a foot of snow.
Well take a look now.

Blue bells are out

Love this new double tulip.

Ok that's all from me this week , will be back with more very soon.
Enjoy the sunshine when you can .
Thank you too for your lovely comment's , I always love to read them .
I have to go and sort out what we are going to have for tea tonight  .
Have a good week every one.


  1. I just love your garden it is so beautiful with all those lovely flowers. You got some lovely gifts. Enjoy your week hugs

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  3. We had a wonderful week with sunshine,too. Tomorrow it will be rain. It is good for the garden.
    Oh yes I remember at the Square stitches. I have the pattern too.
    Your little girls are very cute.
    Your garden looks amzazing. So wonderful flowers.
    Have a nice week and Hugs, Manuela

  4. Lovely flowers, great stitching and wonderful gifts! I think the cover page of the magazine has a great framed piece of art, that one with the bird!You should make it.AriadnefromGreece!

  5. Wonderful post! My English isn’t enough to explain what I mean ! :-)))

  6. Your garden is a riot of colour June, we still don't have the cherry blossom out yet, it's so slow.

  7. I do remember that project with all the squares that you have pulled out once again. It is so sweet! Your garden is just bursting with beauty!

  8. Such a lot of gorgeous goodies:-) I can't believe how your garden looks compared to mine lol ours seems so bare and not a lot of action we had 3 days of nice weather and now it's blowing a hoolie and trying it's hardest to rain :-( xxx

  9. I'm glad you liked everything I sent to you June. Love the little squares it will make a great pillow and your garden is so pretty, full of flowers. I'm still not getting much rain but put in a few bulbs in tubs so we will see how it goes. Happy stitching!!

  10. June: What wonderful gifts you have received, you know you are loved.
    Your stitching is lovely, I am looking forward to seeing the finished pillow.
    And again your floral photos are beautiful.


  11. Wonderful post! My English isn’t enough to explain what I mean ! :-)))

  12. Your ardent is literally bursting with blooms and colours. It must be so great to go out in the morning and have a look air all these beauties.
    Your little monthly girls are so sweet. And yes, I remember having seen all these little blocks with beautiful motifs. Can't wait to see the finished pillow.

  13. Hi June my friend, Well thankyou for the visit to your lovely garden , and to spend it in sunshine is a bonus. We are back to grey and drizzle today deep joy. I did manage to cut both lawns yesterday again so it does look a little tidier, still needs loads doing though. Your stitching of course is beautiful and goodies from friends are a joy to receive and you are so deserving of them . Have a good week you too ,and I hope the weather cheers up again soon. xx

  14. Your stitching is so pretty....those little motifs are wonderful and the colours are perfect, it will make a sweet little pillow.
    You received some lovely gifts....and I even spotted my little puppies and kittens design on the cover of that magazine!
    Your garden is a riot of looks wonderful, thanks for sharing those flowers with us.

  15. The pattern looks really great, with all its little different motives. And Sue Bonnet - dreamlike the little patterns. What are you doing out of it?
    The little Easter patterns are really cute.
    Wow - your garden has really exploded in the short time - how beautiful the sun lets the flowers shine. How I would like to sit in the garden with you now.
    Thank you for your visit to me and your kind comment,
    Big Hugs Martina

  16. What a beautiful post June - your gifts, your garden and your stitching, all gorgeous! Hope you have a good week.

  17. Gorgeous stitching and such thoughful gifts.
    Your garden is a picture.

  18. Oh, June! Your pillow is going to be so sweet!

  19. yuppie!!! I am so happy you like my gifts for you! Your stitching is wonderful, just like your garden! I do love tulips in your garden! Have a wonderful day! titty

  20. Wow! Lovely stitching and great new stash, what more could a girl ask for?

  21. Beautiful inspiration for spring! Gorgeous stitching!
    Your garden is bright and colorful!
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend…
    María José

  22. che bello, è arrivata la primavera e tanti regali! Bellissimi i ricami!

  23. Beautiful stitching, beautiful garden.... perfect!
    love and (hugs) x

  24. Oh, your garden certainly brightens my day on this rainy day we are having, June (at least the snow has stopped!). What a delight it must be to walk outside each morning and enjoy all those blooms and colors!

    Beautiful stitching--the backstitching really adds so much, doesn't it? Hope you enjoy your weekend and all of those lovely gift you received in your mail :)

  25. Great article..I am looking so forward to your blogcomment and
    I love your page on your post.. That is so pretty..

  26. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful,thank for sharing good i dea !