Monday, 23 April 2018


Hello friends ,
What a lovely week we had, can't get over how hot it has been the last few days , it makes you feel so good that bit of sunshine.
Well here we have been busy , never much time to do all the things I would love to do, but I do try to take a few hours from the chores for myself and family .
I have been doing more in the garden this week with the weather being so good. 
So just a little sewing to show this week , and some beautiful gifts sent to me and the garden that is going mad with blooms .
Our tomatoes and veg are all growing away too.
So lets start with a bit of sewing first .
I stitched one more little girl on my SAL and here is one from my finish to do box that I am back stitching before I make it up , most of you have seen it before.
I am trying to back stitch all the squares then I will make into a little pillow.

If you look close you can see my thread so a few more to do then it can be put together.

My SAL I  need to start miss April next .

 And this last week I recived some lovely gifts I still say I am so blessed with wonderful friends.

What a wonderful Easter package every thing is just wonderful the chocolates are so good Hubby keeps asking for more .

Thank you Titty for the lovely goodies  every thing is on display right now around the house.

Beautiful little rabbit is hanging on my inside tree , I love rabbits .

Your little top is under my flowers.

And from the lovely STITCHING ANGEL 
I won a give away of some materials and she sent me loads of extras 
Thank you so much sweet friend.

It is so exciting when gifts come through the post .
I am one lucky lady .

Lovely gifts from Australia 

Thank you so much Angel 
And do you remember only a few weeks ago we were under more than a foot of snow.
Well take a look now.

Blue bells are out

Love this new double tulip.

Ok that's all from me this week , will be back with more very soon.
Enjoy the sunshine when you can .
Thank you too for your lovely comment's , I always love to read them .
I have to go and sort out what we are going to have for tea tonight  .
Have a good week every one.


  1. I just love your garden it is so beautiful with all those lovely flowers. You got some lovely gifts. Enjoy your week hugs

  2. Wspaniały ogród jak z bajki.Pozdrawiam.

  3. We had a wonderful week with sunshine,too. Tomorrow it will be rain. It is good for the garden.
    Oh yes I remember at the Square stitches. I have the pattern too.
    Your little girls are very cute.
    Your garden looks amzazing. So wonderful flowers.
    Have a nice week and Hugs, Manuela

  4. Lovely flowers, great stitching and wonderful gifts! I think the cover page of the magazine has a great framed piece of art, that one with the bird!You should make it.AriadnefromGreece!

  5. Wonderful post! My English isn’t enough to explain what I mean ! :-)))

  6. Your garden is a riot of colour June, we still don't have the cherry blossom out yet, it's so slow.

  7. I do remember that project with all the squares that you have pulled out once again. It is so sweet! Your garden is just bursting with beauty!

  8. Such a lot of gorgeous goodies:-) I can't believe how your garden looks compared to mine lol ours seems so bare and not a lot of action we had 3 days of nice weather and now it's blowing a hoolie and trying it's hardest to rain :-( xxx

  9. I'm glad you liked everything I sent to you June. Love the little squares it will make a great pillow and your garden is so pretty, full of flowers. I'm still not getting much rain but put in a few bulbs in tubs so we will see how it goes. Happy stitching!!

  10. June: What wonderful gifts you have received, you know you are loved.
    Your stitching is lovely, I am looking forward to seeing the finished pillow.
    And again your floral photos are beautiful.