Monday, 21 May 2018

Love is in the air .

Hello friends,
Hope you  all had a lovely weekend ,did you enjoy the wedding ,
I loved it . What with the wedding and my little birds in the garden it's true , love is in the air. 

Well I have  not been so good the last few days a mixture of hay fever and ear infection , I hate not feeling well and hubby knew I was not so good , if I am not picking up my sewing , but happy to say I am ok and now back to normal.

The weather was really hot  here today .
I will be watching the Chelsea flower show this week on TV all the lovely gardens and flowers a real treat .

I have a new finish to show, a summer stitch for my inside tree .
Here is a peep.

Designs by Cheryl Mckinnon 
From cross stitch crazy magazine .

I stitched over one using dmc threads on 25ct 
The backing material is the yellow one which is a lot brighter than photo.
It did not take long for a bee to come along ha.

This was how my WIP
 looked last time.

And now .

So it's time for another WIP this week I wonder what one will jump out of my box to me  this week .
The sun has been out all week , so things in the garden are changing all the time and now we have roses out.

Hope you enjoyed my garden photos just one more of my tomatoes.

                   Tomatoes are just starting to form .

Hope you all have a wonderful week , another long weekend for us this week and we are looking forward to the Ram roast show .
Thank you all for your emails and comments always love to read them all .


  1. Pretty stitching as always June, love the little bee charm - perfect. I tuned in early Saturday morning with breakfast alongside to enjoy the wedding and sobbed with homesickness half the morning. Wonderful Windsor wedding.

  2. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful flower,thank for sharing good i dea !