Saturday, 30 June 2018


Hello friends , well it's so good to be back to normal on blogger and  at last get each others comments .
Thank you for all the lovely comments from my last post .

Ok why have I called my post daisy chain ? you will see soon. While stitching my mind took me back to years ago when I was a child , running through the wild meadows and finding these beautiful daisy's and sitting with friends making daisy chains we would wear them on our heads and around our necks .
We would also pull out the petals to find out if the boys we liked loved us , by pulling out each petal saying he loves me he loves me not until the last petal when you knew.
Then the Butter cup we would hold it under each others chin to see who loves butter the most , then the dandelion to blow the seeds away the quickest . What simple fun we had in those happy days .
Now it's hard to find these meadows on your doorstep today
And our weather at the moment is so much like the weather we had when I was a little girl day after day of wonderful summer days.

Now I must say it's a little to hot for me , but I do love summer.
Ok lets get back to my stitching and more birthday gifts from sweet friends it really has been a happy birthday month.
The garden is just holding on in the heat,  just hope we can keep up
with the watering . 
So first up my daisy stitch .

So talking of daisy here is this weeks stitch , a friend sent me this from a magazine called  I think it was called Grilles & fxpications !or something like that.
I had seen it before and always wanted to stitch it.

 I stitched it on 28ct white with dmc threads.

A finish set on another box 
to hold my flowers for my crafting.
Flower shop.

                          Now I have three boxes and they are 
                           so useful I know I will make more.

              Oh how lucky am I  another lovely gift from
             Our lovely friend mouse Thank you so much 
               Sweet friend , I love every gift and I am using 
               The needle pillow right now.

                                      Love the colours . 

                                    And Chris and the boys 
                               From the Boxing club sent 
                                 me these .


                                            They are great  , I never use to like Boxing
                                          but what Chris teachers them is wonderful .
                                           discipline ,  confidence  and lots more
                                           it's so good for them and keeps them off the streets
                                           Both boys and girls go , they are really lovely.
                                           We support them as much as we can .

                                           We had time to go for lunch twice this week .
                                         Right on the sea front we had a lovely meal .
                                           Then walked along the sea front in this beautiful hot weather.

                                      The garden is feeling the heat too .
                                          Every where is so dry .
                                            So here's a short walk around the garden.

                                         The veg is growing like crazy .
                                         I think we are keeping our family and friends in food ha.


                                            Tomatoes are not red yet but my
                                                   little ones are red out side .

                                          This is one of my favourite roses now
                                           The sweet smell is just beautiful .
                                            It was a cutting from a friends garden a few years back .
                                            So I am not sure what it is called.

Have fun this week .
Enjoy your Summer .
I will see you in July.


  1. Stay out of the heat. I love your stitching and the garden is as lovely as always. big hugs

  2. Oh the daisy chains and buttercups and dandelions and the memories June - it takes me back too.
    Lovely post as always and lovely stitching too.

  3. Oh goodness, so glad I stopped by. Lovely stitching, and gifts and those magnificent blooms!

  4. What a lovely post! I remember playing those flower games too when I was a little girl. We used to have so many daisies in the school fields, I don't remember seeing so many since I've grown up. Your daisy stitch is so sweet.
    I love your boxes, how clever! That latest stitch is lovely.
    Glad to see your garden is still green!

  5. I love your stitching and the flowers are beautiful.

  6. June, you brought me back to some fun days. We played all of those flower games too and had so much fun in the summer months. I love your daisy stitch and your stitched boxes are perfect. Love your continued gifts...lucky girl! And your flowers are beautiful as always. Looked like a perfect place for lunch...I do love the shoreline. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  7. Your daisy stitching is very pretty. I do like your set of three special boxes. x

  8. tee hee! We played that too with flower petals. ;)
    Love your flower stitching June. Oh my! So many egg plants. YUMMY!

  9. I too remember daisies, buttercups and dandelions and like you June summer days were hot and dry all school holiday.
    I do remember my dad diverting the bath water to water his plants one summer ... DH commented this week that we might have to do the same if the heat continues.
    Pretty little finish, such a beautiful little gift from Mouse
    love and {hugs} x

  10. Hi June,
    Yes - I also remember these games with the flowers - or we tied small wreaths out of the flowers.
    A really beautiful pattern. You have found the perfect use for your flower shop, great finish.
    Thank you for your beautiful garden pictures.
    Best regards, Hugs, Martina

  11. Je viens de mettre un message mais où est-il passé ?
    Je reviendrai plus tard ma chère June.

  12. The little daisys are very beautiful.
    I like your finish with the flower shop. Great idea for a box.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful flower photos from your garden.
    Hugs, Manuela

  13. Oui, je me souviens des petites marguerites dont nous faisions des couronnes ou des bracelets. Les renoncules aussi que nous mettions sous le menton pour savoir si nous aimions le beurre. Que de bons souvenirs d'enfance passés à la campagne. Merci pour ce joli message empli de tendresse. Mille bisous ma chère June et bon dimanche.

  14. Ooh I'm doing this on my kindle and it disappeared so I'll keep this short in case it shows later - love the idea of the stitching on the case I might hAve to pinch that idea xxx Enjoy the rest of the weekend xx

  15. Wonderful stitching! LOVE your garden!

  16. June: You flowers are beautiful.
    This design is adorable.
    I love the finish on the box it id perfect.
    I long for the simpler times when children played outdoors, it has been very warm here but I love the heat even 100 degrees suits me.
    So sorry I have to post as anonymous due to blogger, I am Catherine from I Love To Stitch.


  17. Oh you bring back same great memories with daisy chains, I used to do that when I was a kid at school. Now the grass gets cut before they can even grow. Pretty pink daisies you have stitched.

  18. fiori meravigliosi e un orto stupendo, che brava! Adoro le margherite!

  19. That was so lovely June and can so relate to the flowers and their meanings for us as young girls. Doesn't matter where you are in the world soes it, we are all the same and think the same. Would love to know if there's a trick to getting such perfect clematis flower. We have a hybrid like that but it is not giving me my flowers I want.Loved your daisy crosstitch.

  20. So enjoyed those memories of our simple summer games, June--a very different era we grew up in, wasn't it? Now, it seems you don't see children playing outside very often. Anyway, your daisy stitching is lovely and the boxes you've created to hold your supplies are just wonderful!

    What a pretty part of the world you live in, June--it must be so nice to just sit and dine by the sea whenever you want to :)

    Hope July is off to a lovely start for you!

  21. Beautiful garden flowers June - our summer still hasn´t arrived, stormy again. All your box tops are gorgeous and I love your daisy stitching. Sweet gift from Mouse.

  22. Oh I love the daisies and the thoughts of daisy chains - though they used to drive me mad making them without mangling the daisies! Beautiful pieces; your boxes are amazing x

  23. Ohhh...I am going to faint for the beauty of the flowers in blu and sweet lilac of the two pictures, but I like the cross stitches too.

  24. What a lovely post. The daisy stitching is so sweet. I love the way you have finished your box tops too, a great way to see your stitching all the time.
    Hope you are keeping on top of the watering the garden. I had to throw a bucket of water over my clematis today, it looked very limp!

  25. Oh, I also remember the chains we used to make with daisies, but also other wild flowers. Such lovely daisy stitching you made.
    I love the boxes you used some of your stitched pieces for. Very creative.

  26. I remember those games too and I find it fascinating that from reading the comments these past times occurred around the world too.
    Wonderful stitching and a lovely box finish. The fabric you have chosen for both pieces are perfect for them.