Sunday, 24 June 2018


Hello Friends ,
Once again the sun is shining and it's just another lovely day , this is already our best summer for many years .
So today I am going to have a bit of a lazy Sunday .
Hubby is going to paint the decking and at lunch time we are going to watch England play in the world cup , after lunch this afternoon I have some ice cream and will take my sewing up the  summer house sounds good to me.
We have been out to two cream teas over the last couple of days so need to watch what I eat today .
I have more lovely Birthday gifts to show you  from sweet friends I feel so blessed. 
Thank you .
Also thank you for your many comments on my last few posts and at last I can email you back .

Here we have another wonderful design by our lovely Danny.

                             Renoncules by Danybrod.

Again I play about with a few colours and leave it out in my craft room until an idea springs in to my head for a finish.

          And now more gifts from my lovely friends .
                                Thank you Ann 

                Beautiful rose and garden theme gifts.
        Love this book so many wonderful charts inside.
               I will be stitching from the book very soon.

        From Barb , Oh what a lovely gift Thank you .

From my dear friend Karen more beautiful gifts, how do you like my gold garden tools . Thank you Karen for the fab gifts.

My friend Mary made me this lovely display from her garden
                    Thank you Mary. 

And my dear friend Liz came all the way from Wales to call out our bingo at our cross stitch party this last week and brought me this lovely gift.  Thank you so much Liz .

Sweet peas cut from the garden , you need to cut them every day ' to keep the blooms coming.

Just a few veg from the green house and outside , we have already given 6 cucumbers away with loads still hanging in the green house.


More flowers blooming around the garden but it is so hot they will be gone early this year.

And more sweet peas cut fresh from the garden , I wish you could smell them.

Some one stopped their car yesterday outside and said to my hubby how much they loved our garden and wanted to let him know .
    How kind was that ! it made his day bless him.
I almost have a new finish for next week.
Ok that's another week gone passed far to quick , so wishing all  a lovely week , until next time enjoy your summer days .




  1. Oh June, it is always so nice to read your posts! Thank you for sharing those beautiful photos, so many lovely gifts and flowers.
    Have a fantastic Sunday

  2. What a nice thing for someone passing to do June, gardens give everyone so much pleasure when they are kept beautifully. I agree that it's an amazing summer - even for us up here it's been much better than usual. Today is sunny and warm:-)

  3. Happy Belated Birthday, you have received so many lovely gifts! Such a sweet Danny stitch and I lay out my coordinating fabrics like that also and wait for inspiration. How nice the man stopped to compliment your gardens. Never heard of a cream tea before, can you share what that is for a clueless American?

  4. What gorgeous gifts June! Your floral stitch by Dany is perfect. So is your lovely garden.

  5. Love the fabric selections your are deciding on. Of course your garden blooms are beautiful as are the gifts.

  6. Your stitching, flowers, and veggies are look wonderful. Congrats on such wonderful gifts.

  7. Hello June,
    all the fabrics are wonderful to your little flower stitching.
    Beautiful gifts from your friends. All the motivs on the cover of the book are very pretty.
    Have a nice new week.
    Hugs, Manuela

  8. Such lovely flowers, the sweet peas remind me of my Gran as she always had them in her her garden when I was younger. x

  9. Happy belated birthday to one of my favorite bloggers. What lovely gifts you received from your sweet friends. I love your stitch and all of those pretty fabrics. You flowers are always so pretty. Have a wonderful weekend. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  10. What a nice chap to stop and compliment you on your little plot, how wonderful.
    Pretty little stitchy finish.
    Gorgeous gifts for a lovely lady
    Scorching sunshine here too, we are harvesting sweet peas and veggies too, the cucumbers have loved this heat.
    Hope you enjoyed a lovely restful afternoon in the summer house.

  11. Love your little stitch, very spring. I must look up the book you got as a gift. Looks like a really good one with lots of sweet charts. Happy stitching!!

  12. Hi June, Oh yes, the new pattern of Dany looks so great, and you've picked gorgeous fabrics again.
    And again today wonderful flower pictures. Thank you very much.
    Big Hugs, Martina

  13. Tes articles sont toujours très colorés et emplis d'amour.
    Chacun et chacune de nous aimerait avoir un coin de jardin aussi joli que le tien.
    Merci pour ton amitié et ta gentillesse ma chère June.
    Je t'embrasse et te souhaite une agréable semaine.

  14. Isn't it wonderful when folks take the time to let you know how much they enjoy something, June? I'm sure many, many people love walking or driving past your gardens :)

    Love the colors you've selected as possibilities for your finish. I do the same thing--pick fabrics and trims and let the possibilities percolate in my mind for a few days.

    Enjoy all of those lovely gifts--you received some wonderful, thoughtful gifts. Hope your birthday month continues to be amazing, June!

  15. What lovely gifts and your flowers are amazing! Hope you managed to get lots of stitching done in the summer house....sounds wonderful!

  16. Always post that cheer everyone up!
    Thank you, big hug,

  17. Beautiful gifts yet again. Your flowers and veg are looking great. It's nice when people appreciate a lovely garden.

  18. Making blog rounds, so popped in to say HI