Sunday, 10 June 2018


Hello friends just want to pop and see you all.
What a wonderful summer we are having , we are enjoying each day .
 But really can't stop time rushing by so quick.

Well I still have not got my blog how I like I keep playing about with it , but not sure if you can all comment.
I will still play about with it until I get it right.
I have lost a few friends I follow so hoping to catch up with you soon.

Looking forward to be watching Poldark tonight can't wait .

Well this week is my Birthday week, and today would have been my mothers Birthday so its happy and sad for me .

I have started to do a little knitting and work on a few WIPs 
 but first here is a new small not finished but will be soon , I am thinking how to make it up, so I will leave it out and an idea will soon pop into my head.

So here we go first up Main Street by CCN stitched over one on 25ct  Dmc threads.            
                             The flower shop.

Backing materials .

Below Tulips and Ornaments new added WIP.

Below is 
The Time For Myself.
Soda stitch.

I shall work on this WIP  this week
And this week Pat at my Stitching club was wearing a lovely cardigan .
I told her I loved it so she sent me the pattern so out I went to buy some wool and started it.
It is an easy knit so I will get it knitted up in time for the Autumn
Do you like the colour ?

  Back to the garden oh dear it's all go but fun and that's what life is about . 
We are eating our first cucumbers and they taste wonderful

Some photos of a few lovely pink roses 

Lots of green fly on here but with the birds nesting we will hold back on spraying a little longer.

I have noticed that bees are going into the roses which I have not noticed so much before .

Well that's all for this week my friends .
Hope you all have fun and a wonderful week what every you are doing .
And thank you for the lovely comments.


  1. Hi June, nice blog glad's are finally popping up in the garden. Love all your stitching. I put up a blog alittle while ago today. It usually pops up on your blog but have not seen it today or a few days now. Anyway enjoy your lovely weather. Garden beautiful as every hugs.

  2. Man Street is so pretty. I am always in love with anything in aqua, I particularly like the backing fabrics too, just perfect colours. x

  3. I hope you have a good birthday week June - I agree that the summer is flying by this year. We've had dry weather for several weeks with only the odd shower - it's set to change but I've really enjoyed it.

  4. I am thinking of you at your birthday time dear June. Your stitching is so sweet. Oh my, your garden is just bursting already. Just gorgeous.

  5. Love your little flower shop. I got this soda stitch chart after seeing you start stitching it. Looks great. Pretty roses we tryed growing them but the wild possums eat the buds so no flowers, we gave up on roses sadly. Have a great stitchy week!

  6. I love your blog title this week. And I hope you are having a wonderful birthday week.
    Your new finish is so lovely and I know you will soon come up with a finishing idea. Lovely stitching on your WIPs as well.
    The colour of your new knitting yarn is just awesome, this will be a wonderful cardigan.
    Great pictures of your roses, June.

  7. Ma chère June,
    Je te souhaite une belle semaine d'anniversaire et t'envoie mille tendresses.
    Ton jardin est merveilleux ainsi que tes broderies.
    J'adore la teinte de la laine choisie.
    Merci pour ta gentillesse.

  8. Hello June,
    a wonderful post.
    Your Flower Shop from the Main Street series looks so beautiful and the stitches are so tiny. Tomorrow I will post a house from the Main Street Series by CCN, too.
    I like your WIP. The little girl is very cute.
    Beautiful roses in your garden.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  9. What a wonderful time of the year to celebrate a birthday, June! I hope tomorrow is very special for you :) (All week, really!).

    LOVE that tiny flower shop stitched over one--so adorable in those bright, cheery colors... Anything flower related is always perfect for you!

    Enjoy your gardening time--the roses are stunning ♥♥♥

  10. Love everything on the blog in every picture.

  11. Your blog is always full of pretty stitching and beautiful blooms, what's not to like? :)

  12. Hi June,
    Oh, well, you also embroidered a cottage by CCN. The flower shop will be my turn soon.
    Your soda stitch motif has become so beautiful. You have chosen a nice color for the jacket, and with the light pattern you will certainly have it ready by autumn.
    I love your flower pictures, and I can tell you - the grosbeak was visiting us again this morning.
    Thanks for your kind comment to my post.
    Big Hugs, Martina

  13. I didn’t know the flower shop pattern . I like too the little pillow in the chair “me to you”. And you roses are wonderful.
    Happy Birthday,

  14. Happy birthday week June! Everything on your blog is pretty as always today. I love the sweet Soda Stitch girl with her embroidery and your finished Main Street stitch is going to be perfectly finished with that gorgeous blue fabric.

  15. June: Happy Birthday.
    Wow your flowers are beautiful.
    The yarn you chose is a stunning color.
    I love the designs you are working on.
    I am going to have to hit anonymous due to I cannot post a comment otherwise.
    I am I Love To Stitch Catherine

  16. Happy Birthday week dear June, wishing you lots of fun and happy times with those who love you.
    Such pretty stitching as always.
    Your cucumbers look fabulous, ours are still only as big as your finger... they'll grow!

    1. Thankyou Julie,
      You too have a wonderful weekend .

  17. I love your cross-stitch and your knitting. I am so jealous of your cucumbers. I can't grow anything but cherry tomatoes. Sigh. Your flowers are so pretty too. Happy Birthday! I hope you are celebrating. As far as you blog. I can comment, but I know that there have been a whole lot of Blogger issues lately.

  18. Your flowers are gorgeous, love the yarn color and look forward to seeing your sweater progress. Share what easy pattern you're using...easy, got my attention, lol. Pea Green with Envy that you get to watch Poldark. Eventually it will make it's way here to the States. Main Street is adorable. After adding the trim what will it be, a wall hanging, pillow? Thanks for the visit, always appreciated.

    1. Thank you Sandy ,I don't have a photo I will ask my friend if she had one but I don't think she has.

      She brought the pattern from a knitting show and I think it was one they gave away if you brought the wool.

      It is an easy knit and looks lovely when knitted up into a smart jacket.

  19. Happy Birthday week June, What lovely stitching you have done, love that Time for Myself piece and the flower shop progress. The wool for your cardigan is very pretty as are the flowers of your garden - We are still awaiting sunny warm days, nothing but rain, rain and more rain. Isn´t Spain meant to be sunny?

    1. Thank you Sheryl,
      I think we have had your summer it's been very hot here .
      Today it's a little cooler.

  20. I'm so happy I made it here for your birthday week June. I have missed you and all my blogging friends very much. I see I have a lot of catching up to do but I look forward to seeing all of your pretty stitches. Have a lovely weekend. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

    1. Thank you RJ, it's so good to have you back

  21. A wonderful post, beautiful stitching.Hope your birthday was a great occasion and that you are having fun on your birthday week.:) The flowers are well and truly blooming at your house. Have a good weekend.

  22. June, I Hope you have a wonderful BD week. The Main St piece is charming and I never saw Time for Myself before...just love her! Lovely cardigan colors and your roses are just exquisite!! Thanks for visiting us and I certainly hope to be able to eventually catch up with everything that I missed. Have a lovely weekend. Mary

  23. Love everything on the blog in every picture.