Saturday, 16 June 2018


Thank you friends for all the lovely comments last time , I read everyone , and where I can I do say thank you .
I just wanted you all to know how much I love everyone of them.
This blog is all about THANK YOUS this week.
As you will see on the way down when you read it .
First up my stitching .
                              Here is Lilas by Dany .
                                Or lilac's to many of us .
                I stitched on 28ct white and Dmc and Dragon thread 
          Called "Saying it with Thread Lasting Friendships."

 I have put together a few items together and like I said on my last
Blog I will think about how I will finish it.
I have started to finish lasts week and will show you soon.

            My new WIP this week is Winter Stamp by Vervaco.

I do love to change my WIPs  about  every week in the

    summer , last weeks I only managed a few stitches so will

 My Video is not working so sorry I will it next time  here are some of my gifts that friends have sent me.

                            From Julie thank you          

                           From Nancy thank you

                            From Natalie thank you    

                           From Shirl thankyou

                            Lovely card 

                           From Vickie thank you

From Carol thank you

From Titty thank you

Thank you to all my wonderful friends.
               Come with me into the garden things are changing
                      every week.

Even my sweet peas are coming out and if you cut them every day you will have more and more.

 Well I am off into the garden now for an hour then I will make a coffee and work on some stitching , after another busy week it's nice to sit and stitch.
Wishing you all a wonderful week .
 I see we have some friends
 retuning  back to us,  always great to see friends retuning and keeping in touch again , with the busy world we now live in


  1. Such a lovely new stitched piece, June. But you can never go wrong with Dany's designs, can you? Now I'm curious to see how you will finish it. All these accessories would look great on it.
    Very nice progress on your WIP.
    Somehow the video didn't work when I tried it but I will try it again later.
    Thanks again for the wonderful pictures from your garden.

    1. Thank you Brigitte , are you still working on your WIPs.
      Have a fun weekend.

  2. I love the pretty lilac shades you’ve chosen. Your garden is looking wonderful too xx

  3. Lots of lovely things to see June. Yes the garden is changing rapidly at this time of year - we've had heavy rain and high winds so things are looking a little bedraggled just now.

    1. Thanks Ann, sorry about the rain and wind , we had some bad winds too.

      Wishing you sunshine .

  4. I love the lilacs June. What lovely gifts you have received for your birthday my friend. Oh my. Your foxgloves are so wonderful!

  5. Lovely birthday cards and gifts, your garden is looking good, love the sweet peas :-)
    Have a lovely week x

  6. Love the purples in your stitching this week. Lucky lady with all the birthday wishes and gifts, happy birthday. Your garden is so pretty. Have a great stitchy week June.

    1. Thank you Angel , yes I am so lucky Friends are wonderful ,I am so blessed.

  7. Hi June,
    Oh wow, I love theses lilacs.
    And with your choice of fabrics and ribbons, it's not so easy to decide.
    Thank you for your beautiful garden pictures.
    Happy Sunday, big hugs, Martina

    1. Thank you so much , enjoy your new week.

  8. The colors chosen for lilac are very pretty.
    I really like the pea flowers in the vase.
    Kisses my dear June and good Sunday

    1. Thanks Dany ,
      Your designs are so beautiful I love to stitch them hugs.

  9. Lovely gifts and great pictures. I love the fabrics you have chosen for your stitching you have such a great eye for putting things together :-) Enjoy whats left of the weekend xxx

    1. Thanks Ali ,
      It is always fun to match things up.
      Enjoy your week.

  10. Hi June,
    happy Birthday to you, oh, your lovely gifts are so beautiful.
    And the first photo with the lilac colors is really perfect!
    And your garden .... wow!
    Hugs from Berlin and thanks for your comments, Jutta

  11. Hello June,
    a wonderful post with your beautiful flowers from your garden. I like them.
    Lovely stitching finish an so many beautiful gifts from your friends.
    Have a nice new week, Manuela
    Thank you for your comment on my blog.

  12. WOW WOW and WOW!! Your flowers, your stitching all so pretty. And all your lovely cards. YOu made out like a bandit, girl!!
    Thank you for your visit.

    1. Thanks Sandy , for your lovely comments .

  13. Hope you had a wonderful day you got some lovely gifts ...and gorgeous flowers you have got too … postie will be a wee bit late from the mouse house this year … love mouse xxxx

  14. Wonderful post! I can't wait to see the finishing to your lilacs!! many kisses! titty p.

  15. A pretty lilac stitch, and lovely finishing items you have chosen, looking forward to seeing your final finish.
    Lovely gifts you received
    Your garden is looking so pretty, its been lovely to be able to enjoy a prolonged dry spell hasn't it.

    1. Thanks Julie , yes what great weather we are having .
      The weekend was cold and wet but hot weather is back this coming week.
      Enjoy a good week.

  16. Lovely gifts you received. The Lilac stitchery is beautiful and so dainty, it will look lovely finished with the fabric and lace. the foxglove is fabulous.Have a good week June.

  17. Wonderful birthday gifts and cards from your friends June. Love the beautiful lilacs and matching fabrics and threads. Your garden always a joy to contemplate.

  18. A very nice post about friendship and beautiful things and flowers.

  19. I love the lilacs June. What lovely gifts you have received for your birthday my friend. Oh my. Your foxgloves are so wonderful!


  20. June: Your Lilacs design is beautiful, the color pallet is perfect, I will look forward to seeing how you finish it.
    Beautiful gifts.
    Love your garden photos.
    Have to post as anonymous blogger is not cooperating.
    I am I Love To Stitch.


  21. quanti bei regali di compleanno, da invidiarti!
    tantissimi auguri
    un abbraccio!

  22. I have been traveling again, June, so am very late reading this post. It looks like you were spoiled on your birthday--as you should be! You are such a sweet, caring person :) Enjoy all those goodies and I pray that your next year will be filled with love, laughter, and good health! Sending you a belated birthday hug, my friend!

  23. June you have received some wonderful birthday cards and gifts. The garden looks glorious.
    Have a good weekend.

  24. What lovely gifts, and your garden looks amazing! x