Saturday, 14 July 2018


Hello friends ,
It is still very hot here I am living in shorts most days .
Well where did this week go ?
Not much stitching this week , I am working on a few things for the garden and craft show , which is coming up soon.
But I have started a new Autumn stitch  , I have had this chart for some years now and just love it.
So I have put in a few stitches and I will spell the name out each week with one letter and hoping it   will get finished by the last letter Ha we will see how I get on.

We have been very busy with lots of things going on in our life,  so time has been a little short but hoping to show more stitching next time, so I will show a few past stitching photo's , another birthday gift from our friend Lynda , they just keep coming , great for me I would love to have birthday gifts every week what fun.
Also we are just about keeping the garden going we have not had very much rain this summer so it's been hard to get every thing watered and again with the garden and craft show around the corner , what flowers will still be left ! we are wondering if any will still be in flower , I am outside every day cutting off the dead heads , the roses are just starting to come in to bud so that's good but I have to keep my eye on them .  it's all a matter of timing to put anything into the show.

 Ok here is my new stitch and the first letter is P 

                                                           And now stitching past 

 I like to show you my stitching past every now and again , It does me good to see what I have stitched over the years , many of my stitching pasts are given out to friends and a few I keep myself.


                  And look at my great gifts that came from our sweet friend Lynda .

Even gifts for Ron thank you so much my sewing Sister 

Lots of holiday bits that will come in so useful

Lovely stitching Thank you so very much sweet friend.
Ok those of you who love my garden photos come with me for a moment into my garden.

Well my friends that's it until next week I need to do some lunch and then I have a few jobs to do , and maybe I can get chance to sit and stitch a little .
Tomorrow afternoon is another cream tea in the countryside 
Then back to watch the world cup.
Thank you for your lovely comments , I always love to read them  It makes blogging well worth doing knowing that I can give a little enjoyment to others and it's good for me too .
Have a happy weekend all .


  1. Your garden is so beautiful June, it must give you both so much pleasure.

  2. Another gorgeous post! Lovely to see some past finishes, I remember stitching that snooty looking lady in the blue/red a few years ago, no idea what I did with her! I love the Summer stitch with the strawberries and cherries, and the Atelier one too but they are all lovely.
    Great gifts from Lynda and a great walk round the garden!
    We have had torrential rain in Cheshire Thurs night and Fri morning but it's nice again now.

  3. Loved seeing your work my friend. And your GORGEOUS garden. Keep cool now. I am sure you are glued to your seats with the World Cup right now!!

  4. I would love just to sit in your garden and smell the flowers and watch the birds. Glad your birthday gift finally arrived. Glad Ron likes his gifts from Dave. Enjoy the World Cup match today. big hugs

  5. Wonderful new stitching start.
    I like your stitching past. All are so wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful flower photos.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Hugs, Manuela

  6. Lovelly,lovely flowers June.I did enjoy seeing your past stitching,you have done gorgeous projects..I hope the Garden and Flower Show is a great success.
    A lovely selection of gifts from your friend too.

  7. June this is a lovely post that I enjoyed very much. I love the Jardin stitch and the one with the strawberries. And your gardens are just wonderful. You can almost smell them across the pond. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  8. I love the colorful little bird 'I sing good cheer, on Christmas Day'.
    Could you please tell me the designer and also, if you used the suggested
    floss colors? I continue to enjoy your blog.

  9. Love all your past stitching, I love your just nan bird, it's one that keeps getting put in my cart and then taken out again. One day it just might stay in there ha ha. Happy stitching.

  10. Hi June,
    Actually, you do not look at the work of the last few years, the more I am glad that you show them to me again and again, and again and again I am thrilled. I should do it that way and show my older embroidery again.
    You have such a magnificent, blooming garden, because the Queen could celebrate her garden party with you.
    Big Hugs my friend, Martina

  11. Je te souhaite un beau weekend ma chère June, parmi toutes tes jolies fleurs.
    Mille bisous

  12. Beautiful stitching and beautiful garden.

  13. June, I just LOVE seeing your garden photos!! You certainly have a green thumb. YOur garden is the perfect setting for a cream tea! More lovely gifts you received. I enjoy seeing all your older stitches, the Atelier one is fantastic and I love the Summer one with the strawberries, well, they are all great but those are favorites. Have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy your latest cream tea. Mary

  14. Dear June,
    here too it is very hot and paralyzes many activities. Your garden photos are wonderful. . . . I also like all your beautiful embroideries very much.
    I'm looking forward to autumn, Jutta

  15. So hot here too, but a walk through your garden is so very refreshing!!
    Wonderful stitching, as always :)

  16. I can't guess what the new start is! I thought it might be Autumn by the Cricket Collection, but not with a P in it LOL.
    Lovely to see some older pieces again, I enjoy making those posts too.

  17. Your garden looks more and more beautiful! So does the summery cushion Lynda made!AriadnefromGreece!

  18. Dear June, thank you for showing your wonderful stitching past and the great deserved result that you have with your garden.
    It is very hot here in the South of Italy too.
    Have a nice week,

  19. All your stitches are awesome, but I really LOVE the pansies!!! Don't know why I don't plant them they're so pretty. Your garden......Oh WOW, you spend hours out there to make it look so nice. I remember the sewing machine sampler...that pattern used to be on display at my x-stitch shop. It made me smile.

  20. Such lovely stitching and finishes! What a great gifts from Lynda, lucky you!
    Your garden is beautiful, the flowers are so colourful.

  21. June: What a lovely post from you, your design choices and fining are perfect.
    Lovely flower photos.
    I love the heat, here in Minnesota it gets cold early fall and stays cold till late spring or into early summer.
    Had to post as anonymous I am from I Love To Stitch.


  22. I enjoyed seeing your stitching, both old and new, June! Whenever I give a stitched gift, I always tell myself that I'll stitch it again to keep, but I rarely do. I love having my blog as a record of all that I've stitched and kept as well as those things I gave away :)

    Hot, here, too, but we really need some rain. I hope it comes this weekend! Enjoy your time in your garden!

  23. Another lovely post with great stitching! Love the goodies you've received too.

  24. You sound very busy, June. There will be time for stitching again.
    I always love to see your "old" stitching, there are so many pieces and finishings that are so beautiful..