Saturday, 21 July 2018


Hello friends ,
Already the weekend  is upon us , they seem to roll by so fast .
I am still working on a few things for the show , so again it will have to be things from the  stitching past this week .

I did have another two cream teas this week so yummy .
Lucky I don't put weight on,  I have lost some the last few years it's all the running around we do.

We had a little rain last night so that is good.

I had club this week and one of my lovely friends came back to join us,  she had cancer and has had a very bad year , but to see her she looks lovely . She has to have a little bit more treatment in a few weeks time , but it was so good to talk and hug again.

Well I made myself a goal last week to finish my new stitch for Autumn before I spell out all of the name , and hoping I will keep to it . I have started a few Christmas and birthday gifts too

So here is my Autumn stitch this week.


So I will carry on spelling the name out each week until I have finished it , so still lots of work to do yet, I wonder if I can hit my goal ?

And now some more stitching from my past . Then next week I should be back to normal.

Well so many of my cross stitch work goes for gifts so it is nice keep photos.

Well with this long hot summer we are having it's been very hard and difficult to keep the flowers looking their best ,we do put lots of work in to it I put an hour of my time every day no matter what the weather.
It is so good for me to enjoy and it relaxes me when I work out side , The garden changes every day and new flowers are always coming in to bloom .

Do you know we were on the road last week and saw lots of trees already changing colour !

Thank you all again for taking the time to send me comments , I do love to read them all .
So I  will leave you with a little walk in my garden  , have a fun week end .


  1. Great projects and stitching and beautiful blooms from your garden...what a treat today.

  2. The hydrangea looks fantastic! Mine have suffered a bit with all the warm weather. It has rained quite a lot overnight so it going to do good in the garden :) Lovely stitching progress.

  3. We've had a little bit of rain this week which the gardens needed, but it hasnt really cooled the temperature down tho - its still mafting lol. Gorgeous stitching as always and such pretty flowers. Have a lovely weekend xx

  4. Wonderful stitching. All your past stitching are so beautiful.
    Enjoy the weekend my friend.

  5. Your garden is doing well! We had lots of rain yesterday and the grass is already looking greener.
    Your new stitch must be Pumpkin something?
    I love seeing your previous finishes. The last Autumnal one is beautiful. I'm not ready for Autumn yet though!

  6. The time you spend in your garden most definitely shows June. So many pretty colours to admire and enjoy.

  7. Love all your past finished cross stitch, my fav is the bird with the basket of threads. Nice flowers too.

  8. Hi June, It's also hot here, and the flowers need their daily shower. Especially the hydrangeas make the sun very hard.
    But we are happy about it, because we would only annoy over weeks of rain.
    Have a beautiful Sunday.

  9. Great finishes!
    Love the little bird carrying the basket of loss, so cute.
    Beautiful flowers!

  10. Merveilleux article très coloré !
    Merci pour tout ma chère June.
    Je te souhaite un beau dimanche parmi toutes les belles fleurs du jardin.
    Mille bisous

  11. June, So many pretty stitches!! The Birth memento stitch is just precious. How sweet is the cat among the lily of the valley. I'm sure the BD recipient was thrilled to have such a pretty heart. And, the only pattern I have seen before is the Easter Bunny. The Autumn Girl pulling the wagon is another new one to me, love it!
    I hope you get some rain soon for your beautiful flowers!! Have a great week. Mary

  12. As always your garden and your stitching are beautiful. I love the autumn girl I want to do her sometime. have a great day.

  13. Loved seeing your previous finishes, the bunny is lovely :-)
    Your garden is still doing really well even in this heat, my lilies have yet to flower, I don't know what i'm doing wrong, lol.
    Enjoy your week. x

  14. Thank you for showing your previous works. As you don’t have the “Labels” in the blog, sometimes I go back for watching them. I like too much the little pillows that you create.
    Ohhh...the with hydrangea is a dream!!!

  15. So many lovely projects June! Looking forward to see the progress you make on your Autumn your WIP. Looks good so far :D
    And the flowers... stunning! The lilies are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing
    Enjoy your week

  16. June: It is so much fun seeing your works from the past.
    The floral photos are beautiful.
    I look forward to seeing your progress on your Autumn project.
    It is good to hear your friend is back to your group.


  17. Oh, such lovely finishes!
    Beautiful flowers in your garden in spite of the hot summer.

  18. Your Autumn start looks lovely, June.
    Also your many finished embroideries, one is more beautiful than the other.
    Here wie have a very hot and dry summer, too. Your flowers are beautiful.
    Hugs, Jutta

  19. So many pretty projects. LOVE the clothesline! Truly adorable. Stay cool and drink lots of water.

  20. June such lovely stitching. One is prettier than the next. But I do have to pick that lovely birthday heart as my favorite. I love it. Such lovely, lovely flowers as always. You have such a green thumb!!! RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  21. It's always fun to see your finishes, June--whether old or new :) I see the cute little framed birdie that you gave me. I have it out on my hutch and so enjoy it!

    I hope your friend continues to do well with her cancer treatments. It is so hard to watch as our friends get older and go through these horrible diseases, isn't it?

    Hope your last week of July is a good one--can't believe we are almost to August!!

  22. Great stitching - I can't wait to see your Autumn piece progress. It's always lovely seeing your flowers x

  23. Spectacular stitching!!! Love your garden! Wishing your friend the best.

  24. I'm guessing Pumpkins too! It's looking great so far.
    Nice to see some older finishes again. I really like the little cat with the Lily of the Valley, I'm guessing it's a French design?

  25. So nice to see some of your older stitched pieces. They are all so beautiful.
    I'm curious to see more of your autumn piece, good luck with it.
    Good to hear that one member of your club has come back after her not so good year with cancer. Wishing her all the best for her future treatment.
    Here it's also very hot and my husband has to water the flowers in our garden every night. Particularly the hydrangeas need a lot of water. I hope that the heat wave will be over soon.

  26. What a lot of beauty in this post! I love all your stitching! And your flowers are gorgeous!

  27. Thank you for sharing with everyone. I know everything about you. It's great and it's great.