Saturday, 7 July 2018


Hello everyone ,
This is going to be the longest Summer we have had for many  years .
It keeps going on and on.
We are trying to keep cool with lots of cool drinks and ice creams .
The butterflies are now awakening and many are flying around outside in different sizes and colours , even the hummingbird moth .
The bees are so busy  and so many different ones this year lots more tiny bees . 
That brings me on to my new stitch from the little book Ann brought me for my birthday.

                                       From this book
                                     Which I am loving .

I will be starting another design from here over the weekend.

 I have not had the time to finish anything this week .
It's been far to hot  and I have been watching the world cup which I am loving .
But will get back to it soon.
Look what I found when out shopping the other day found it in a thrift shop and fell in love with it


   In the garden plants  are drying up and some are loving the summer. So a few photos after a good watering.

Just want to say a big thank you to every one who left me a comment.
 I must start looking at Autumn and Christmas charts soon ready to start after this month. 
But first need relax and enjoy the summer before it is gone .
Also looking forward to Jo's Summer post card hop coming very soon and this time I found time to join.

 Have a lovely weekend sweet friends and have fun.


  1. Oh how I really love your blog and your stitching! Your work is so beautiful and your finishes are gorgeous. I love your garden pictures too, I strive to have a garden like that but mainly, I grow weeds. Maybe in a few years when I stop working, I can find the time to garden properly. Thank you for posting such beautiful pictures!

  2. Oh that pink daisy you stitched is just so sweet! What a find that tea cup and saucer are. Your garden is thriving June! A LOT of work to keep it watered in this heat though.

  3. Your garden is still looking lovely, mine is pretty much dried to a crisp. x

  4. that is one lovely tea cup, looks like a flower. we have had temps of 36 degree c here this last week and a big thunder storm yesterday. We got the car show this weekend but due to my back issues I am staying out of the heat and home resting. love your garden mine is coming along. big hugs love

  5. Floral Summer Days seems to be the perfect book for your summer stitching. I love all the beauties that you have already stitched from it.
    Great flower pictures from your garden again.

  6. Gorgeous garden pictures June, it’s always such a pleasure to look at them. Thanks!
    Love the little design you stitched, very sweet. And the cup... great find!

  7. What a sweet design from the lovely book.
    Your little pillow goes so well with the new teacup and saucer too.

  8. What a cute pattern. That book looks like it has a lot of cute patterns for you to do. Your flowers are beautiful.

  9. I love the fairy pillow and your new stitch is cute happy stitching

  10. Hi June,
    The little pattern is really cute. Oh yes - this cup looks interesting.
    Beautiful again all the flowers in your garden. Luckily for us it is not that hot, so summer is a great time to endure.
    I have also reported to Jo's summer bloghop once, is my first bloghop and I am already curious what is coming.
    Big Hugs, Martina

  11. Merci pour ce bel article coloré ma chère June.
    Je te souhaite un beau dimanche et un bel été.
    Mille bisous

  12. Another wonderful little stitching. The book looks interesting.
    The cup looks nice.
    I'm enjoy your flower photos from your garden.
    Hugs, Manuela

  13. You have stitched a lovely little design! It will look so pretty when you will finish it off. Best enjoy the great summer weather we're having at the moment though :)

  14. June, What a sweet stitch you found in the book from Ann, I just love all the fabrics you surrounded it with and can't wait to see what you chose to finish it. Oh, that teacup is the perfect place to sit your little garden fairy!! What a find!! Your flowers are amazing!!! I would love to see more photos of your garden. Stay cool!!

  15. I love that book! Such sweet designs. Your little flower is so pretty. Glad to see your garden is flourishing, you must be working hard to keep it watered. It makes me sad to see all the grass turned yellow.

  16. Wonderful stitching and that fabulous tea cup! Love your garden blooms.

  17. Thanks for visiting my blog :) Your teacup is so precious! I have a little teacup collection. So exciting to find the cups and matching saucers at thrift stores. Love your flower stitched piece. It's so pretty. My Mom was a plant whisperer, too. She loved her flowers and plants!

  18. What a great teacup! Such an awesome find. Lovely stitching - very fitting with all the bumblebees around at the moment x

  19. Your flowers are soooooooo pretty. We've had such strange weather, ours don't seem nearly as pretty..not as vivid in color as they have some years. Your tea cup....gorgeous, what a find and your cute x-stitch to go with it perfect.

  20. Such lovely stitching and gorgeous finishing as always. Oh its sooo hot but saying that its a bit grey today so nice and cool although its trying to rain. Your garden must be blooming (see what I did there) gorgeous lol. Enjoy the week ahead xx

  21. I hope it cools down for you soon.
    What a cute little stitch!
    Your teacup find is so pretty.
    As always, gorgeous flowers.

  22. A nice teacup for your beautiful cupboard and a lovely cross stitched daisy with a cute bee...and yes gorgeous flowers!

  23. I guess when it is so hot, you just have to force yourself to sit inside and stitch, right, June?! Your little finish is darling--that does look like such a pretty book of designs. And I LOVE the teacup and saucer you found--the colors are so "you!" Enjoy your week and your beautiful garden, my friend!

  24. Lovely little stitched design and looks like the book has a lot of interesting patterns. Gorgeous flowers as always and I love the teacup and saucer you found, just perfect.

  25. Hi June: I love the heat I am always cold even in summer, I was born that way.
    Your book looks very interesting, I am looking forward to seeing what you will be doing next.
    That cup and saucer are beautiful as is the lovely little stitched design.
    Again such beautiful photos of your flowers.
    I have to post as anonymous due to blogger, it will not let me post as Google.
    I Am I Love To Stitch


  26. Adoro Durene Jones, ho tutti i suoi libri! E anchìio sto progettando qualcosa per Natale :)

  27. Oh I love that little stitch so much June. You did such a lovely job stitching it. What a really pretty teacup! And your flowers are always wonderful and cheer my day. Have a great week and hopefully get to cool off. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  28. Beautiful stitching! LOVE your garden!!!