Friday, 3 August 2018


August is already upon us , so a few more weeks of Summer time to enjoy , I wonder if this beautiful weather will carry on into September and October I hope so .

Thank you all for the lovely comments on Katie's postcard on my last post and also to Jo who
 is the organiser . It was a lovely stitch piece I loved how fine the stitching looked.

Well it's been another busy week here, trying to fit in our family , and all that we do , but some how we seem to manage it all .

Well last weekend was our local Garden and Craft fayre ,well we have had some lovely weeks of sunshine but alas it changed for that day with showers and sunshine no problem but then the wind came , it was ok but some of the stores were almost blown away , but we kept going and we had a great day .
Hubby and I entered lots of flowers veg and craft items , and won many 1st 2nd and 3rd places
Hubby won two cups which are being engraved at the moment .
There were so many wonderful plants flowers and veg and many beautiful crafts and paintings there.
It is always lovely to see such beautiful stitching and craft's ,there are so many talented people out there. It was a real treat to see all the beautiful work .
I am sorry to say I didn't take any photos this time , but I did take a couple of mine before we went to the show.

But first I will show you my WIP .

I missed last weeks so today we have two weeks WIP's




It is starting to grow now so  I hope to finish it before I spell the  title fully out .

A couple of things I put into the show.

 Say hello to my Teddy I knitted for the show 

                                                          The back    



This is one of my UFOs  I  put the last few stitches into it and then I set it into a simple white frame .
If you look close it's the four seasons wild flowers .
By the late Sheila Hudson .
I really love Sheila's work and I am so lucky to I still have a few more of her designs to stitch 

The garden is still alive after working hard keeping it going  de-heading , feeding and watering
Below is a cutting I showed you the other year, we have loads of new rose bushes to add to the garden I think we had about 7 new ones  , a year ago we took the cuttings and they  have all bloomed this year so we will be taking more this year .

Happy birthday to my friend Reba today .

We have had so much veg and salad from our garden this year , and have given allot out to family and friends .

Time now for a rest and to enjoy our weekend 
Hope you all have a lovely weekend .


  1. Your wildflower stitch is so pretty June and teddy is just lovely - so neatly put together too. The tomatoes you've grown look very tasty. You certainly keep busy:-)

  2. Beautiful stitching and love the cute bunny too! Great harvest too, yum :)

  3. Is the stitching you are doing called PlumPudding Cottage? I love the flowers wreath you finished it and it looks lovely. Love all the vegetables, I just got a handful of yellow beans tonight when I watered my garden. I have peas coming too. Lots of pods. I am going to make Mustard Yellow Beans this weekend. My neighbor made some the other day and I liked the taste so I went to Scoudouc today to get some yellow beans from the farmer's market up there. Have a great weekend. hugs

  4. That bunny is precious. Your flowers are so beautiful. Congratulations on your wins.

  5. Hi June love your new pic at the top and that teddy you did wow he's so cute. Looks like your wip is close to a finish its looking great. Happy stitching!

  6. Hi June,
    Nice progress in your embroidery work. The teddy looks great, I love Teddis, and yours is a true sweetheart. Also, the flower wreath is so beautiful, all the different flowers.
    My flowers have suffered a lot from the heat during my vacation, but now I am trying to save what is to be saved.
    And it's supposed to stay so sunny and hot for a while.
    Big Hugs, Martina

  7. So nice to read that the Garden and Craft Fiar was so successful for you and that you and your husband won so many prizes. I love your knitted teddy, he is so sweet and has a real personality, I think.
    Your mystery WIP has something to do with pumpkins, now we can see that from the letters. Looking forward to seeing more of it.
    What a great wreath you stitched, it's wonderful with all the flowers and colours. Just as your garden, June.

  8. Toujours des choses merveilleuses à admirer !
    Je te souhaite, ainsi qu'à ton mari un beau mois d'août.
    Bisous ma chère June

  9. J'ai oublié : toutes mes félicitations pour le concours !

  10. Oh your bunny is too precious for words June!! Love your garden my dear.

  11. June: Wow your Teddy is a beautiful sweet Teddy.
    Congratulations to you and your husband on your winning, please show the cups when you get them back.
    Sweet little design you are stitching.
    Your Floral finish is beautiful, you picked the perfect frame.
    Lovely floral photos.


  12. Your stitching is gorgeous!! That teddy is adorable. Very well made. Love your garden! Ours didn't do much in this years heat.

  13. Wonderful stitching on your WIP.
    Your little teddy looks great. I love teddies and he is very cute.
    Your flower wreath are so wonderful.
    The flowers in your garden are so nice.
    Enjoy the new week.
    Hugs, Manuela

  14. What a cute bunny - I love its dungarees! The flower wreath is beautiful, and very suitable for you to do as you have such a wonderful garden x

  15. Teddy is just the sweetest, love the dungarees, colours are delicious. The flower wreath is fabulous too. Glad the show was a success despite the weather.

  16. Nice progress on your stitching, it's looking good and your wild flowers look lovely. Your Teddy is absolutely adorable, what sweet knitting!
    The flowers are beautiful, and the veggies look delicious, no wonder you won!

  17. Hello from very hot Italia!!
    I find always beautiful stitch flower and vegetables in your blog...and lovely bear!!
    Have happy week

  18. So many pretty stitches but this time the teddy bear steals the show. He is just about the sweetest teddy ever. You did such a wonderful job. As always your garden is looking so beautiful. Those tomatoes loos so wonderful. I would love to have one for my lunch tomorrow. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  19. Great photos, from the embroidery pictures my favorite is the beautiful wreath of flowers. And the teddy, wow!
    And your garden pictures are also sooo beautiful and delicious.
    Kind regards, Jutta

  20. Congratulations to you both on all your hard-earned wins! The flower wreath is beautiful and your teddy is very sweet. Beautiful flowers as always. You must spend hours in your garden!

  21. I've been traveling again, June, and am trying my best to catch up with my favorite blogs :)

    Oh, that bear--he is just precious!! Love his little outfit--all the details are so special. I'm so glad your hard worked earned you and Ron honors at the fair! Do you give away a lot of your produce! I'm amazed at how many tomatoes you have. We only get a few so my husband eats them all (I only like tomatoes in sauce and salsa).

    Enjoy your August and your special garden--it's your own little paradise :)

  22. Your garden goodies look yummy. Adorable projects you're working on. Your Teddy is so cute. The xstitch lady in your banner in the white frame is lovely. You've been busy.

  23. I am glad the show went well despite the weather!
    The floral wreath is gorgeous, such a pretty design and perfect for a gardener too

  24. Congratulations for the results of the show. Cute, nice, little bear.

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