Saturday, 11 August 2018


Hi friends ,
It is the weekend and what could be better , a time to relax , and have some fun.
Well not really jobs still need to be done around the house and garden , but you feel a little better
doing them at the weekend don't you .

I love my afternoons the best , when I can put my feet up for an hour , and then again after tea I stitch for another hour so most days I get in two hours so that's 14 hours per week but then there are a few days out with  appointments and jobs that really have to be done so you could say that knocks into my stitching time  plus any visitors so that must be another -5 hours so I get on average 8-9
stitching hours in per week , so tell me how many hours do you put in per week is it more or less I would love to know.

So this week has been another busy week with doctors , shopping ,club and lunching out,  plus jobs around the house and gardening .Oh then there is the PC I try and cut down a little on here  I do an hour each morning with my cup of tea and then an hour when I have the tea cooking .
So maybe two hours a day so that's not to bad , a little more at the weekend.
Unless I am looking for something or a friend said you must look at this site .
So that's where my time goes !

Thank you all that leave me such lovely comments .

Ok well I stitched a little more on my SAL ,

Will I finish this one in time  ?    we will see once I print the name of this pattern out .

Well it is growing and I stitch a little each day so we will see.

Here is my first Christmas Ornament , I could not get a good photo , but I must say it looks lovely in real life ha.

It has four sides to it .

On the bottom a bell

The top 

Creations Mam' Soazic .

Well I can't leave you all with out a walk in the garden can I. 

The roses are flowering again.

Looking so pretty.


And now I need to get some lunch my hubby is trying to fix our toilet fingers crossed .
It's not the best of weather today it keeps trying to rain and is very dull .
I will be stitching later , and hope you all find some time this weekend to do the same .
Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Great progress on your pumpkin SAL and a sweet ornament finish for Christmas time :) Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Lovely stitching June and so nice to have some flowers still growing, ours are about over so hope the bit of rain that we had will liven them up. I do so love the stitching on your header, so pretty x

  3. I often view computer time as wasted time but is it really June, we connect with so many like minded people and see so many inspiring ideas.

  4. You pumpkin is so pretty. The flowers are beautiful.
    I am not sure how much time a week I get to stitch. I need to give that some thought this week and maybe tell you next time. I stitch in the evenings when my husband watches TV, so depending on whether I like the show which is not often is how busily I stitch. I also love to take breaks during the day and may stitch in 10 minute increments.

  5. Beautiful stitching June. I do not watch TV at all really, so I stitch most every day. I usually can get about 12 hours a week done. Your roses are so beautiful.

  6. Love your stitching June. Everything you do is always so pretty. Your pumpkin is and colors. I stitch in the evening for the most part and usually get in about four hours a night or more. I'm addicted I think because once I start stitching I don't want to stop. And sometimes I stay up way too late doing so. Have a great week. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  7. You need this time, where you can just sit down and do nothing. Great is your little house so far. Even the little Christmas decoration looks cute.
    Your flowers are perfect, I hope you had no bad weather. We had very little rain and I still have to water myself.
    Hugs, Martina

  8. Your autumn house looks so wonderful. Nice colours.
    Your first little christmas ornament is beautiful.
    Your flowers are wonderful as always.
    Have a nice new week.
    Hugs, Manuela

  9. Well, I try to stitch every morning and evening, I can't go for long periods at a time so it's hard to tell exactly what I put in.
    I'm so impressed with your square ornament!! It's lovely and your finishing skills as well as your gardening skills are superb. Your little pumpkin fairy house is adorable! I'm sick of rain but feel bad about complaining as so many are having droughts.

  10. Pretty stitching. love your flowers not much in my garden right now with winter and all. Happy stitching!

  11. What a sweet ornament finish! And great progress on your stitching. I don't have an average amount of stitching - I do more in the holidays and am lucky to get an hour a week when I am working and it is busy x

  12. Wonderful stitching.

    I manage about 1 to 1 1/2 hrs on weekdays and then weekends I fit in most of my computer time, papercrafts, sewing, stitching and finishing. Perhaps not all every weekend. Average of 3 to 4 hours of stitching on a weekend per day.

  13. I have the summer off, but even so I rarely get more than 1 to 1 1/2 hours a day to craft. Some days there is hardly any crafting going on. I am happy to get 1 1/2 a week once school starts again. That Christmas ornament and pumpkin are really pretty. I love the flower pictures too.

  14. I am sure that I have already seen that lovely pumpkin design but can't remember what it is and where I saw it. So let's the puzzle go on :
    I spend about the same amount of time on stitching and on the computer. Just sometimes I sit and stitch 5-6 hours a day. And sometimes I only read the whole day and there is no stitching at all.

    I love your little ornament. It must have been a bit difficult to assemble. You were doing a great job on it.

  15. Your autumn cottage is so cute! I love your ornament and how you finished it! Your garden is lovely! Mine is looking a little bedraggled right now, we have either had massive amounts of rain or super high heat.
    Right now I am probably stitching 3 to 4 hours a day, sometimes more if nothing is going on. But we start back to school next week and I probably will only get about an hour maybe 2 in the evening.

  16. What lovely stitching! Your flowers as amazing....wish my garden flowers looked like yours!

  17. Hello, June,
    your pumpkin stitching looks wonderful, just like your first Christmas pendant, very filigree.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, I like your garden photos too,
    kind regards, Jutta

  18. Your garden is so lovely! Mine has been so neglected this year, the weeds and grass are trying to take over. Luckily the roses bloom anyway!! Love your stitching, as always. :)

  19. You are very organized and careful with the cross stitch. I like this, because I am not! I am curious to see the little autumn house, June. Your flowers then are always spectaculars!!!

  20. Pretty stitching as always June and a Christmas ornament finished already, I like the added bell and neat finish. Love seeing your garden flowers, my roses are poor this year due to black leaf which I have been treating without much luck. My stitching is done in the evening or at any spare moment. Thank you for visiting my blog,

  21. Lovely Christmas decoration. Beautiful stitching, and especially on your header!
    Some days I spend hours stitching and others I don’t get time to pick up a needle!
    More often reading blogs rather than stitching!
    Lovely wander round your garden, such pretty flowers, our roses haven’t had enough water lately, we still need rain for them!
    Hope your Hubbie fixed the loo!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog.
    Barbara x

  22. Nice work on the four-side ornament, I love the little bell.

    My stitching hours vary so much. Today I will barely get an hour in as I've been at work all day. Other days I can manage 3-4 hours in bits and pieces throughout the day. It's unusual to sit and stitch for more than 20 minutes uninterrupted when the Small Boy is off school LOL

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