Sunday, 2 September 2018

September Time .

Hello every one,
Here we are again and September is already upon us.
My mind can't keep up with  how fast this year has flew by .
But every season has it's own beauty .
We have had some cool weather but the heat has come back this weekend that's so good for me I just don't like cold weather .

I was so lucky this week to win a gift from Heather she is so sweet and has a lovely family and is a great needle worker .

This won't be a very long post today I am busy cutting beans up for the freezer , then I have a couple of jobs to do for Ron , and we have the builders coming in this week . So don't worry if I am not about much this month.
I will post but not so often ,we are also back in the garden closing things down for the year and replacing bulbs and Spring flowers so a busy month ahead .
Ok I did stitch this little design by our friend Dany this week , and I will make time to start finishing my stitching from this year now the Autumn is here.

 A beautiful summer stitch by Dany running through the corn fields 


I used DMC threads and a mustard colour 28cnt evenweave .

                       Pumpkin C
Looks like I will have it ready by the time I finish it .

 And a lovely gift from the lovely Heather .

Thank you Heather I love every thing and they have been used this week .

A beautiful rose .
To not so beautiful .

Thank you all again for the lovely comments . Have a happy week .


  1. Yes the summer has flown by. Why do the summers go so fast and winters drag on? Anyway cute pieces great job on them.

  2. Beautiful stitching and flowers but you are right whatever the "thing" is it is not very attractive!

  3. I love your new stitch, it's so pretty June. The moth isn't so pretty but amazing just the same:-)

  4. i like so much...Thanks for sharing the good information!

  5. Pretty flower finish, the mustard fabric is just so perfect for it.
    Happy gardening in the sunshine x

  6. Beautiful stitching, beautiful flowers. Don't work too hard in garden.

  7. Love your flowers you stitched by Dany.

  8. A pretty flower finish. And whoa, what a moth!!! Your rose is beautiful x

  9. Pretty finish and nice progress on your wip. Happy stitching!

  10. Hi June, The pattern of Dany is great again, and your fabric color fits perfectly, the flowers are great.
    Even the pumpkin house looks pretty, it fits the beginning of the season-
    Hugs Martina

  11. Hello June,
    the flowers are so wonderful. Beautiful stitching.
    I love your pumpkin cottage very much.
    Hugs, Manuela

  12. You are so right, I felt it the same way - the year has been running by faster than usual.
    Now is the time that there is a lot of produce in the garden that has to be picked and cut and processed. My grandparents also has a vegetable garden and during August and September everything was ripe and my grandma was preserving vegetables and fruits nearly every day.
    That pumpkin cottage looks s o lovely. And so do the summer flowers designed by Dany.

  13. Je te souhaite un très beau mois de septembre avec de belles journées ensoleillées.
    Merci pour tout ma chère June et gros bisous

  14. June, your new flower stitch is so pretty! Pumpkin house is charming!! This year has flown by but unlike you, I'm itching for cooler weather! Your rose is perfect and lovely gifts you received from Heather.

  15. Your summer flower stitching is just lovely, June--I like the darker fabric that you used, too! And your pumpkin stitching is perfect for the transition to cooler (I hope!) fall weather.

    Enjoy your September, June--I hope you have lots of time to relax and stitch :)

  16. Yes, days and weeks go very fast, but you are quicker then them with all the beautiful cross stitch and flowers that you show every time to us.

  17. A beautiful post June. I love the colours in your Dany design, and the Pumpkin house is really coming along. I am flitting from one thing to another at the moment, I wish I could settle to just one project.
    That moth is incredible! My younger son is so jealous as he loves all creatures and would love to hold a moth this big. Me, not so much. Do you know what breed it is?

  18. Lovely stitching and flowers! You can keep the moth lol I am so glad you like my sewing! Thank u for your lovely, kind words xx

  19. che belli, e che falena meravigliosa!!!

  20. Lovely stitching June. I really love the colors you used in your Dany stitch and the Pumpkin House is looking fabulous. That moth is incredible ... so big!!! Enjoy your time away. Look forward to your posts whenever they may be. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  21. Beautiful corn field flowers, just like the colours in your garden.
    That moth is incredible too!

  22. Such beautiful stitches as always June.

    It is feeling rather Autumnal in the morning and at night. It is supposed to be very warm again next week but we shall see!

  23. That is one BIG moth! Lovely stitching as always, June. We are moving into Spring here and all my bulbs are starting to bloom - so lovely

  24. June: I love your header photo so pretty.
    Lovely designs you are stitching.
    The butterfly moth is amazing.
    Beautiful flower photos.
    You have some lovely gifts.


  25. Thank you for visiting my blog, June,
    your new stitcheries are lovely and the titel "running through th corn fields" is really funny!
    Have a nice autumn, Jutta

  26. Pretty flowers and pretty stitching. Glad you'll make the Halloween deadline!! Congrats. Good luck with the catching up, it's always a thing after travels for sure.

  27. Pretty summer stitching, the little flowers are so bright and colourful and I like the pumpkin house design. Yes, a lot to do in the garden this month tidying and preparing for the cold months to come.