Saturday, 20 October 2018


Hello again friends ,
This is really a few  busy months for me , I am trying with hubby to close down the garden with cutting back plants and planting bulbs . I have a Christmas party to set up at club for next month yes that's right a Christmas party , cards and gifts to get ready . Shopping for family more gifts and lots of family Birthdays coming up .
So I really need lots of me time.
The clocks go back next week so that should help , I say every year I will start early for Christmas but never do.
Anyway this is going to be a little post for me this week , it's been a fun week and a busy one .
So first up a little Christmas stitch to show you and I will show all my finishes nearer to Christmas .
So here is this one I just finished .

Let it Snow by Sugar Stitches 
                                                          Using blue 28ct fabric from my box of bits .
                                                    My SAL is starting to grow.
                                                         Noel  2018 village by Maryse


                                                           close up.

Most the flowers are gone now but here are a few I brought into the house .

Thank you all who left me those wonderful comments my friends .
Enjoy your week and have fun , see you soon.


  1. What a delightful snowman...and yes I also never get ready early for Christmas either....we all need more time.

  2. cute your snowman!
    I think too late for many things for Christmas but, sincerely, how do we think about Christmas when we still have 25 ° out ?? =)
    a hug

  3. Oh I love your stitching projects June. I know. I am trying to prepare for Christmas!!

  4. Your snowman is a cutie and nice progress on the SAL.

  5. How cute is your Christmas stitching. Love that horse with the boy. I hope you get your me time soon and get lots of stitching time too. Happy stitching!

  6. Hi June,
    Yes, so slowly you can start working for Christmas. Your little snowman looks cute. Even the small sled in the SAL is so cute.
    I too will cut off my last rose petals and get into the house. Before they wither outside, I can still enjoy them for a few days.
    Thank you for your comment at my blog,
    Have a nice sunday, Hugs, Martina

  7. Bons préparatifs pour les fêtes ma chère June.
    Je t'embrasse et te souhaite un beau dimanche.
    Ici, nous sommes dans le brouillard pratiquement tous les matins.

  8. The little snowman is very cute.
    I like your SAL stitching very much.
    Enjoy the Sunday and Hugs, Manuela

  9. Your snow man says let it snow well, we had some snow on thursday and I am glad it did not stay. I like your snowman better than the real stuff. soon enough, enjoy your sunday hugs

  10. You are always so busy hope you do take time out for you to recharge xx

  11. Lovely stitcheries.I always say I will start making things for Christmas mid year but it doesn't seem to happen, the things I want to make now haven't a hope of achieving. Warming up here down under, lovely new lot of roses in bloom and Rhododendrons.Have a good week. Hugs.

  12. bellissimi, dai che con un'ora in più avremo più tempo per ricamare :)

  13. More time is top of my Christmas wish list! I'm really behind with blogging and blog reading. Just wanted to say hello and beautiful stitching. The SAL piece is very pretty!

  14. I just love your Christmas Finished Piece - this is so is so darn cute.

    I love your WIP - the colors in this is so pretty...I love the Design of this one as well.

    I hope that you take time out for yourself. Everyone needs time to themselves.

    Have A Lovely Day

    Happy Stitching

    Linda K, Buttercup

  15. Your stitching always looks so nice, and I love the colors in your WIP. I bet the border on that takes some time for sure. Your flowers are beautiful and it makes me want to remember to pick what we have left as well to bring in and enjoy.

  16. Oh no, you said the "C" word, I'm not ready for that!
    Adorable snowman and wonderful start.
    Get your me time when you can, it never seems to be enough!

  17. Dear June,
    your new snowman is so cute, the embroidery looks great on blue fabric. And your SAL, wonderful!
    Have a nice day, Jutta

  18. I don't want it to snow, but do enjoy your cute cross stitches. I have really cut back at Christmas. As a family we decided to stop buying for each other........huge plus. It was getting boring buying gift cards anyway. No one needs anything. So we buy one gift and play a game's fun. We have 2 youngin's we all buy for, but that's about it. I love it. Just nice to spend time instead of buying.

  19. So sorry to be so very late with my comment, June! I am with you--I need more time in my life, too... Have had very little free time as my mom is still needing a lot of extra help.

    I love your sweet snowman--what a cheery little guy! And your SAL is so pretty. I wish you good luck with getting ready for Christmas--I feel like I'm already behind. Every year, I tell myself the same thing--I'll start earlier, but life happens and I just don't follow through.

    Hope you have a wonderful November ahead!

  20. What lovely festive stitching. I do hope we don't get any real snow just yet!

  21. June your snowman stitch is so sweet...cute, cute, cute. And I love your new pretty. Have a great week. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  22. Beautiful stitching! I am never organised for Christmas either - I write lots of lists of what I will do but then I never get around to sorting them! x

  23. Let it Snow is such a sweet little finish. I wish you some more time to do all the things for yourself you want to do.