Friday, 30 November 2018

Almost December !

Hi Friends ,
That's another week that flashed by far to quick.
Well I am doing good so far , I seem to be doing all my Christmas jobs in order .
I have started to decorate the house inside and it's looking nice and cosy .
I had time to do two quick designs but no finishing until the new year apart from one gift I want to get ready , but still no pressure , I am loving my new approach to Christmas I am writing a few cards a day and wrapping a parcel up each day.
I wrote hubby a food list for Christmas  and he seems to be doing this  in order ok.
So we will see what next week looks like .
We even had a leak in the drive way and had a nice man come yesterday to fix it and he had to turn the water off , but no problems there , and we are back up and running again.

I did do a happy dance yesterday all around the house , our friend mouse sent me a gift and wanted me to open it , and wow it's a bag holder for my SAL it's so pretty , I have seen them on some blogs but never had one myself and I was thinking about treating myself to one soon, so little mouse must have heard me talking to my hubby , see you never know where this little mouse gets to.

Also today and the next few weeks I have some paper charts from my Gold magazine to give away .
If you like it let me know and I will put your name in a hat and sees who wins .

So first up my two little quick stitches.

                                This was from a magazine cross stitch crazy designed by Lesley Teare 

Sorry the light was not good when I took the photo of this one called " This is my Joy "
                   By LHN , I stitched it over one on a 28 ct it is very tiny.
                                                                        And My SAL

                       Not much stitching on my SAL this week but it's growing each week.


                                                             My lovely gift from Mouse

I love the colours .

It holds my large hoop and all of my SAL  items 
and look at how pretty the inside is.

                                                And the inside of this little bag '
                                            This also holds all of my stitching tools.
                                           Did I already say I love it ? Thank you so much Mouse.    


                                                            Give away .
Now from the gold magazine this chart is for cat lovers  a  Christmas pillow the chart is in full colour
and will be a dream to stitch  "Called A  Very Cosy Christmas " by Carol Thornton
I just won't have the time to stitch every design from this mag , but this is too nice to throw away .
I have a couple more soon to give away. Let me know if you want to stitch it , I will post it anywhere
so it's open to all who follow me on my blog ,  I will let you know the winner next week.

                                         And here is my dresser still a little to add yet .

Thank you friends for your comments and hope you have a smooth run into Christmas.


  1. What a lovely gift. Those bags do look like a great idea. The SAL is looking so pretty.

  2. I love what mouse sent you. Your stitching is lovely. I like your decorations. hugs Lynda Grand baby is coming on the 5th of December.

  3. What a nice gift from Mouse! I know you'll love them, June. Your little finishes are darling and your SAL is growing nicely--love the little deer.

    Your hutch looks wonderful--did you paint it white? All of your decorations show up so nicely and I'm happy to see my little trio on your top shelf :)

    Hope things continue to run smoothly as December progresses, June! Sounds like you are very organized!

  4. Such a lovely, and useful, gift from mouse. Your Christmas pieces are very nice and I'm enjoying seeing your SAL progress. Your organized Christmas preparations sound very relaxing and rather enjoyable - well done, you.

  5. Love your gift lucky lady. You are so organized, this year I'm all over the place but that's ok not much to do. Love your little stitching finishes. Happy stitching!!!

  6. Hi June,
    The small motifs are pretty, and can certainly be processed into different things. Mouse has given you pretty bag, I like her fabrics well.
    Beautiful and atmospheric your dresser looks just nice to look at.
    Wishing you a great first advent, Hugs, Martina
    And Thank you for your comment on my blog.

  7. Mouse is so kind,this really is a perfect present for a stitcher. x

  8. Hello June,
    wonderful little stitching pojects.
    A nice gift from your friend.
    Your dresser looks great.
    Have a nice weekend. Manuela

  9. Oh welcome back to your beautiful Christmas dresser :-)) , thank you!

  10. What sweet stitching June. I love what Michelle gave you June. An excellent gift. Your dresser looks wonderful June!

  11. Very thoughtful gift from Mouse, the fabrics are so pretty and I love your dresser, full of interesting Christmas details.

  12. Soo pleased you love your gift and that it is perfect for your SAL :) your dresser is looking good too :)
    Love mouse xxxxx

  13. Your dresser is dressed in Christmas Glory!! WHat a special gift you received from Mouse. Love how she lined it too!

  14. Your dresser is looking very festive and pretty.
    What a great giftie Mouse sent, very useful and such pretty fabrics.
    Good news the water leak is mended - one worry less.
    Great to read you are on top of Christmas sortings, and stress free and relaxed too.
    love and Blessings dear June x

  15. Love your new stitches June. I especially like the tree. That is a beautiful gift you received and I know how much you love it. Sounds like you are doing great getting ready for the holidays. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  16. You always seem so organised when it comes to Christmas June :-)
    Your dressers looks amazing and the little bag Mouse made is fabulous, no wonder you love it :-)
    Have a great week x

  17. I like the "little bit at a time" approach rather than the "leave it all to the last minute" I seem to favour these days.
    Two cute smalls and a lovely bag from Mouse. She really is very talented with her little paws!

  18. I love your Christmas dresser! So sweet! You've already accomplished so much to prepare for Christmas, I feel so far behind! Your little stitches are lovely.

  19. The bags that Mouse gave you are fantastic, very pretty!
    Your two little pieces are cute, I really like This is my Joy. The SAL is coming along nicely, I love all the little extras!
    Your dresser is looking very festive and colourful with plenty of room for more.

  20. Lovely projects and that pillow is beautiful also thank you for visiting my blog.

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