Wednesday, 7 November 2018


Oh dear November is here and I am still playing catch up .
I wonder if I can catch up before December , time must be moving faster or maybe I am getting slower.
Our calendars are full until after Christmas so any free time is a real bonus, and I will make the most of it
After the frosty mornings the weather is so mild but we do have more rain.
Today was our day for going out and lunch we do this once a week since my hubby retired , we never know what day of the week it will be , but it is when we don't have so much on that day .
I noticed when we were in the car that the trees are really beautiful more colourful this year and so pretty. I wonder if we will have snow this year two people have already said we are going to have a bad winter , so we will see .

I have done a little stitching but need to start some finishing very soon.
So here is one I stitched the last week .

 This is one of Dany's  designs,  little baby Jesus is so sweet , stitched on 28th evenweave using
Var Six Strand Sweets called Blueberry Pie .
                                               PEACE 2017

                                                           My SAL with is growing slowly

A tiny little robin I in a old magazine.

She sleeps all day  in one of my bedrooms .

I pulled out these books of many to look at this week .
So many lovely things to make , it always gives me lots of Ideas.
                                Look at the picture below from one of the books it is so pretty .
                         It would be nice to include your cross stitch on there too.

 I brought this Poppy to wear on Poppy day , I have so many different poppies now I can't stop buying them.

Well a big  thank you to all my friends for your lovely comments .
I hope you all have a beautiful week full of love and fun .


  1. I love your header, reminds me of when you where stitching it. love your stitching and hope you have a great day. hugs

  2. Oh, I stitched that Nativity scene for a gift last year! I love it so much. I need t make it for us!! Love your SAL June.

  3. I always like to see a catch up with your stitching, the winter SAL is looking great. x

  4. The peace nativity is so very pretty, I like that one.
    Your SAL is growing well.
    Lots of lovely poppies have been crafted this year, I see many wearing them, both DH and I have a hand knitted one made by a friend.
    Have a lovely week x

  5. Your stitching is wonderful as always.
    Hugs, Manuela

  6. What a pretty nativity.
    Love that SAL!
    What great looking books to choose from.
    Love the Header pic, it's beautiful.

  7. I like the pretty nativity you have stitched with the colour thread you chose and the tiny stitched robin, so cute.

  8. Lovely colour thread on the Nativity stitching June.
    We have been having lots of rain here too, although it is really mind, bring back the frosty mornings is say :-)
    Have a good rest of the week and enjoy your lunch 'date' :-)

  9. Your nativity stitching is the colour you used.
    Enjoy your lunch dates with your hubby - what a great idea to do this every week.

  10. Merci ma chère June.
    J'espère que vous allez bien profiter de votre temps et occupations diverses jusqu'à Noël.
    Mille bisous et à bientôt de te lire.

  11. I love that border on your Sal but it looks to be a pain to stitch, love your little finished ones too that bird is so cute and tiny. Glad you got same stitching in with your busy days. Looking forward to your next post. Happy stitching!!!

  12. All lovely stitching, I really like the Peace one.
    One can never have enough Poppies!

  13. Hi June,
    The time until Christmas is getting tighter, so much to do, and then so many dates, Christmas parties and meet with good friends. There is not much time left for other things, but you can do that.
    The birdie looks cute. And I really like the poppy flower.
    Thank you for your comment on my last post.
    Happy Weekend, Hugs, Martina

  14. A great post, dear June,
    have a nice time in November and have fun with your preparations. My favourite today is the little bird, so cute, but I also like the photo of the SAL very much!
    Hugs, Jutta

  15. The Nativity scene is beautiful. Love your other stitching too. I saw on the news and in the papers, there have been lots of poppy exhibitions with many people crafting them and sending them from all over the wold.

  16. I haven't visited in a while. You have several very pretty projects in the works. I really like that little cardinal.

  17. Lovely stitching - I love the little robin especially x

  18. Love your SAL it's looking's hoping you get some free time for lunching, reading and stitching. Take care.

  19. Nice cross stitch works as always , even if I have missed your cupboard with all your little pillows, cards and other things :-))

  20. June your stitching is so lovely. I especially love your nativity. Your poppy is so pretty too. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever