Saturday, 12 January 2019


Hello all , 
Well the reason for my title I just looked out of the window at our grass space across the road and it is covered in Buttercups and Daises you would think it was Spring . Not sure about that I still think we have more cold weather to come yet  , but it does look pretty.
Well I am still not 100% yet but each day I am feeling a little bit better , this must be the worse virus cold I have ever had . I hope none of you get this one.

Well  I started a new SAL with Maryse again it's going to be a very pretty one .

This is my  new start so far ,  using Belfast 
 Linen cream 32ct 

Called " Instants Precieux "
It is going to be a nice romantic square .
All the little moments and delights that relax us .
Embroider , taking tea , picking roses from the garden .
So you can see why I was ready for this SAL.
I am already thinking pillow but we will see has it grows .
 Not forgetting  my Winter SAL with Maryse .

Slowly growing .
 Also a little Birthday stitched gift  for Lynda .

A freebie by the little stitcher 

   I  had booked to go for a meal with the club .
But I was so unwell I couldn't go

And my dear friends had brought me this beautiful Orchid that my sweet friend Margaret dropped off to hubby for me , what wonderful friends I have, I love them all to bits .
So that made my day , bless you all.

So pretty , I have now put it into the porch I think the house will be far to hot for it .

Hubby brought me yet more beautiful daffodils ,

And today I went outside and look what I found growing out there in the garden.

I brought them in before the rain could catch them.

Thank you my friends for your lovely comments and good wishes to get better .
I am back almost to my full stitching .
Have a wonderful week and stay warm .


  1. There's a lot of people up here who have been very poorly with it too June, it takes ages to go away.
    Lovely seeing burst of colour in the flowers but I think we're due to have some colder weather. Stay warm.

  2. I had it and was on high dosage of meds. So thankful I feel so much better. Take time to rest as that helps. I was wondering what the name of that freebie is as can`t find it in her link. Thanks. All the best on your recovery and hopefully some stitching time.

  3. I am so sorry to hear that you are still not 100% June. What a lovely gift you have made Lynda. My what lovely flowers! Take good care now!

  4. Hope you get to your 100% very soon. Lots of houses you are stitching. Nice gift you stitched for your friend. Get better soon and I'm glad your able to stitch again. Happy stitching!!!

  5. Hi Jume glad to hear that you feel a bit better,love your beautiful work.
    What a lovely gift you made for your friend and love the flowers,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  6. Hi June,
    The salsa of Maryse are always beautiful, and the current one seems to have a romantic theme, but I already have some plans for this year, so I'd rather watch your progress.
    All the best for your, Hugs Martina

  7. Dear June,
    your start is great, this will be a wonderful new SAL.
    I also like the winter of Maryse better and better.
    You already have spring on your blog, beautiful photos, thank you very much.
    Happy Sunday to you, Jutta

  8. I hope you get rid of that nasty bug soon!
    Pretty SAL's you're working on.
    The Orchid is beautiful.

  9. Glad to know you are feeling better. Beautiful stitching as always and lovely blooms.

  10. Love your new project, it looks so delicate. Hope you will soon be feeling better: colds are so nasty this year! Lovely flowers, as always, thank you for sharing

  11. Buttercups and daisies? Sometimes I wonder if we live in the same country LOL.
    Glad to hear that you are feeling a little better now.
    Love the gift you made for Lynda, perfect for a fellow stitcher.

  12. That"s a lovely looking Spring post June. Yellow always brightens things up. Love the SAL's you are doing.hope you feel a lot better soon.

  13. Lots of lovely stitching here! It all looks so cheerful and pretty. I hope you feel better very soon XxX

  14. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear you're still not well! More rest and stitching for you then.
    Your SALs are lovely, I really like the winter one.
    Sweet gifts for your friend, so petite! And such beautiful flowers.

  15. Hopefully you feel better today, June! I like the little cottage that you are stitching: it reminds me the pumpkin cottage of a few months ago.

  16. Buttercups and daisies ... goodness..... not here - today we woke to a light sprinkling of snow, the sun soon came out and melted it away but its certainly very cold today.
    Hope you are feeling mch better and well on the way to being 100% again and enjoying time with family and friends.
    much love xx